CNG Becoming A Fuel of Choice for School Buses

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CNG use to power fleets of vehicles is taking off as will be noticed many places in the US this years as new school buses hit the road.

August is the time for end of summer picnics, back-to-school shopping and early morning waits at the bus stop. In the coming weeks kids and parents will set their alarms earlier and roll out of bed and get dressed only to stand and wait for a yellow box to come rolling down the street. That yellow box may well be powered with Compressed Natural Gas or CNG, as it’s commonly known.

CNG Benefits for School Buses

Over 480,000 buses carry 25 million school children every year.  Which means more than half of America’s school children take a bus to school every day. Because school buses account for such a large portion of the transportation industry, the environmental regulations are relatively strict.

CNG Bus - Blue Bird

Blue Bird CNG Bus

Bussing companies across the nation are seeing the benefits of Compressed Natural Gas as a vehicle fuel. Blue Bird and Thomas Built Buses, two of the largest school bus suppliers in the country, have developed and operate buses run solely on CNG.

Blue Bird CNG Buses

The Blue Bird bus company has been utilizing natural gas as a fuel source since 1991 with their Type D All American Rear Engine bus. Since the the increase in domestic natural gas production thanks to shale, Blue Bird has expanded its CNG fleet.

On their company website Blue Bird lists their company’s reasons for taking advantage of CNG to power their buses.

cng - blue bird

Thomas Built CNG Buses

Since Thomas Built Buses released their Saf-T-Liner HDX 20 years, starting their company’s long history with CNG, they have added more than 2,000 buses fueled by it to the road.

cng - Source: Thomas Built Buses

cng - Source: Thomas Built Buses 2

On the Thomas Built Website they provide a detailed description of their model.

cng - tbb 1

Once again, notice the emissions benefits from a fuel still capable of powering a busload of students up and down our region’s many hills and at much lower costs.

So, in the next few weeks when the yellow buses start popping up, look for that blue CNG sticker indicating they’re powered by natural gas – the fuel of the future.

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  1. Look at the brighter side Bill, with the bad geology you have going under your place you wont have much to fear will ya? I feel sorry for people who would want little kids choking on diesel l fumes instead of using safe NG ! Or mercury from coal burning power plants . Maybe pro gass,ers should start exposing these anti,s for what they true,ly are, anti child health and safety! We have to save the children from these lost soles! They just cant seem to stop their dangerous attack on humanity? Any attempt to reason with them just seems to give them a strange thrill? Remember every one (if we have no permits we need no pipes) and most important of all ( All NY or NONE!!) Furman! Furman! Furman! Send Donna home

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