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Christmas in Upstate New York - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
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Natural gas supporters are a humorous bunch and, in the spirit of a Happy and Merry Christmas, some of them use humor to make the case for natural gas in Upstate New York.

Natural gas supporters, though they have much to complain about in Upstate New York, are generally a happy lot. Their sense of humor, in fact, is what gives them the ability to keep on going against the powerful forces arrayed against them and to sense the growing opportunity that may well exist in takings lawsuits.  (Yes, there is a Santa Claus, if you’re from Upstate New York, and he will deliver presents one way or the other.)

There’s also plenty of other things to smile about, including two hilarious (yet serious) Christmas contributions we received here at Natural Gas Now from Upstate New York folks.

Christmas Carol for Upstate New YorkThe first contribution comes from the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, which has been valiantly leading the charge to get New York State’s Governor Cuomo to follow the lead of other Democrat governors in California, Colorado and Illinois in moving ahead with hydraulic fracturing regulations that allow the development of their states’ natural resources.  It’s pretty funny, but illustrates the callousness and shallow nature of the Governor’s position as he panders to wacko and wealthy constituencies. It’s “A Natural Gas Carol” and is a parody of The Christmas Carol with Andy Cuomo playing Scrooge to Upstate New York.  Here it is:

The second contribution, from our regular Upstate New York contributor and natural gas stalwart, Vic Furman, is a poem that makes some equally good points, as only Vic can make them. Here it is:

Twas the night before Christmas
and Vic was home all alone.
Not to be discouraged
he decided to polish his throne.

As he polished and shined
and sipped polish wine
he was proud where he sat
would soon have a shine.

But alas came some chatter
that thought everyone mattered.
When Cuomo was finally to say
Drilling in New York is on the way.

There should have been laughter
There should have been Cheer
But old man Vic is a sceptic this year.

I have heard from Cuomo all of the talk
It’s a matter of record, it’s just empty squawk
So forgive me if I don’t believe on Christmas Eve
A Governor who no one he’s deceived

So as he polished and shined
and sipped polish wine
he was proud where he sat
would soon have a shine.

Vic looked back over the last 5 years
It was hard for him to hold back the tears
Friends and family who lost so much
The delays just mean NY is out to lunch

Jobs once so close prosper and wealth
not just for landowners but for all that apply
Another Christmas come 5th year in a row
The inaction of a governor seems all too slow.

 My Friends Jim and Ray, not here Christmas Day
There wives left alone, waiting for prosperity and good will
But it was NYRAD & VeRSE, Ruffalo and Ono
Who kept these landowners from paying the bills.

Friends That I love as friends should be
left with no place to put a Christmas Tree
Jobs lost by the thousands here in NY
Natural Gas was their last great hope.

Lies about air, babies, and the water
Lies, lies, and more lies in all the chatter
Why does Cuomo not follow the Country
Every shale state getting gas bounty

As he polished and shined
and sipped polish wine
he was proud where he sat
would soon have a shine

And when he’s finished Old Vic will flush twice
not to be naughty,,, not to be nice…
But as a salute to a State that does needlessly wait
We can only hope Cuomo wakes before it’s too late.

To all my friends and pro gassers too
I wish you a Merry Christmas to you and too yours
And for the New year soon to be here…
No more delays, Cuomo! Natural Gas This Year!

These two does of Christmas cheer should put a smile on the faces of all Upstate New Yorkers frustrated with Scrooge Cuomo’s delays.

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