CHP-Funder: A New Resource for Capitalizing on the Shale Revolution

CHP-FunderJim Scherrer
Scherrer Resources, Inc., Exton, Pa


CHP-Funder is new website designed to match up developers of combined heat and power projects with financing to bring these energy advancements to fruition.

I’m thrilled to announce CHP-Funder (, a web site we’ve helped develop to match those seeking funding for qualified combined heat and power projects with funders and investors who appreciate the economic benefits of this cogeneration technology and are willing to put money into those projects.

With the reduced price of natural gas has come a resurgence of interest in the cogeneration technology of generating electricity and using its by-product heat for process or space heating. Now known as combined heat and power (with the acronym of CHP) the cogeneration industry has developed ever smaller and more efficient gas turbines.


Modern CHP system unit

CHP-Funder is a web services technology that matches lenders and borrowers for qualified CHP energy projects. If you are seeking to attract capital to your CHP project, part of CHP-Funder‘s mission is to help you gain a better understanding of capital sources, and provide counsel on how to position your company and your CHP project to secure needed capital.

The CHP developer is the party that is seeking financing to develop the CHP system. The CHP developer could be the final CHP customer and end-user or a third-party developer that is installing the CHP system for an end-user. Where the CHP developer will also own the system, CHP-Funder can help identify sources of debt financing (e.g., loans, bonds, equity financing) to be combined with internal financing. Where there will be third party ownership, CHP-Funder can help identify capital and operating lease financing or contract financing using power purchase agreements or special purpose entities.

CHP projects improve business competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and managing costs. They also help businesses weather energy price volatility and supply disruptions. Combined heat and power deployments improve electric grid resilience and mitigates the impacts of extreme weather events by continuing to provide electricity and thermal service in the absence of grid electricity.

Further, CHP advances our climate change and environmental goals by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. Benefits from CHP more broadly include diversifying energy supply by enabling further integration of domestically produced and renewable fuels as well as to improve energy efficiency by capturing heat that is normally wasted.

If you are either a funder of CHP projects or someone building a CHP project, apply for match-making at using the easy-to-use “Form Fill” page.

UPDATE: has now built a powerful web-based marketing engine to match funders with qualified CHP projects, worldwide. With earlier efforts focused on the domestic USA market, the platform has now grown in international scope and can now match funders worldwide and has applicants in process from as far as Indonesia, Russia and the UK. For a broad range of funding, including lease financing, equity, debt and PACE, is a good source to fund quality cogeneration and CHP projects using natural gas and shale gas byproducts. If you have a prospective CHP project in the pipeline, apply for funding at

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8 thoughts on “CHP-Funder: A New Resource for Capitalizing on the Shale Revolution

  1. Gas is a toxic form of energy to extract and develop in our country , rural counties…
    This is something that you don’t want next to your homes and farms and schools.
    We have over 500 sites so far in my Pa. county and more coming daily..
    We are surrounded with gas pads, 50 plus compressor stations, endless pipelines in my county so far..

    here is my video of the endless traffic and activity at a gas fracking site …in my county, Susquehanna County, Pa.

    • Endless line of Trucks ? Three Trucks in a row has a beginning middle and end to it. Endless amounts of traffic can be said for Wind Turbine installation and maintenance if one wishes to play your childish hyperbolic game. The frac is over in a couple of days and one hardly knows where the gas well is. As to Toxic forms of energy go to China and find out how toxic the environment is where they mine the rare earth metals for solar panels and wind turbines !!!

  2. The lines of traffic are just as bad, if not worse, for the continuous pour of hundreds of cubic yards reinforced concrete for each of how many wind turbine towers. Now lets get some video of them snaking three 70 meter (215 feet) turbine blades for each generator down the road and around corners. Then I going to need 4-6 tower segments, each about 50 feet, depending on the height of the tower and a huge crane with a 300 ft. boom to put it all together.

    Silly me, I forgot to mention the excavations for each concrete base, the access road to the site and all the trees that will be cut down so those blades can make it around curves and turns.

    All utility scale energy development is an industrial process. I can imagine the push back you’ll get from the locals, if you ever get around to putting a wind or solar installation.

  3. The push-back on a wind-turbine project to be just SE of Ithaca, NY, (the hub of “progressivism”!) got so strong that I’m told the project was cancelled. I understand the developer is moving to have the last laugh though, as he’s purchased a good-sized property at the top of the hill just east of Ithaca, where the students at Cornell U. and Ithaca College will be able to see the big towers and blades well! And the commute in/out of Ithaca to the west on Route 79 will surely be interesting during the construction period!

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