Cabot’s Sporting Clay Fundraiser for Lackawanna Shoots Past Its Goal

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A Cabot Oil & Gas sporting clay fundraiser for Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum & Natural Gas shot past its funding commitment a full one year early.

Cabot Oil and Gas has always been committed to education. Each year Cabot has a sporting clay tournament as a fundraiser for Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum & Natural Gas. Cabot has committed to give $500,000 to the school over a period of five years. This year brought in a record breaking $200,000, allowing Cabot to reach their goal in four years; one full year earlier than expected.

sporting clay

Four hundred shooters came out to compete in the tournament this year and 67,000 shot gun shells were fired. Students from the college were on hand, volunteering and intermingling with the professionals in the field.

This type of event is a great opportunity for the students to network with industry professionals, giving the students a chance to ask questions and just talk with others in their chosen career. An event like this one can often lead to internships or employment opportunities for the student.

The money raised at the sporting clay shoot will be invested back in the students. It will go towards scholarships and buying equipment needed to give hands-on experience with th oil and gas industry.

George Stark, spokesman for Cabot Oil & Gas, said they want Lackawanna College “to have the best faculty, the best equipment and the best curriculum.” He further stated this is “how we are going to help the community and the next generation.”

Press play to watch the WNEP Power to Save segment of the Sporting Clay Tournament:

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