Cabot & Williams Donate to Columbia-Montour AVTS Welding Program

natural gas industryBrittany Thomas
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Thanks to Cabot & Williams the students in the welding program at Columbia-Montour AVTS now have the opportunity to practice on actual pipeline material.

On Wednesday afternoon a large truck rolled up to Columbia-Montour Area Vocational-Technical School carrying $30,000 in materials for students of the school’s welding program.

WNEP was on hand to capture the delivery:

SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP — Students in a vocational welding program have something to look forward to when they go back to school this fall. Two natural gas companies gave the school in Columbia County a big donation which directly helps the welding program.

Welding program

The materials are normally something you’d see on the way to a natural gas company. Instead, it was all delivered to the Columbia-Montour Area Vocational-Technical School near Bloomsburg.

The materials are a donation from Williams Companies and Cabot Oil and Gas.

“This is a great opportunity for us to give them supplies that they can utilize to help their students learn how to weld,” said Williams Companies manager Mike Atchie.

The pipes and pipeline supplies are for the students in the welding program.

The two natural gas companies in Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties came together to donate the materials worth around $30,000.

“To get students interested early in welding is exciting for us because they see the opportunity they have.  When you look at this amount of pipe, this pipe will last for years,” said George Stark, Cabot Oil and Gas.

welding program

Dave Bacher is the administrative director at the school.  There are nearly 100 students in the welding program.

“This is creating opportunities for students that they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Bacher said. “It’s a gift that’s in excess of $30,000, and quite frankly, in the absence of this gift, we wouldn’t be able to put the kids on pipe like this.”

welding program

The gas company representatives hope the students will work for their companies one day.

“Welders are in high demand.  Do we want to hire them?  Absolutely.  Does Williams want to hire them?  Yes.  But what we also see is the career offers them the flexibility to go elsewhere,” said Stark.

The donation is not only saving the school money, it is saving taxpayers in Columbia and Montour Counties money as well.

“It’s material that we don’t have to buy,” Bacher explained.

The gas company reps say this is actual material they are using in the field so it is perfect for the students to learn on.

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6 thoughts on “Cabot & Williams Donate to Columbia-Montour AVTS Welding Program

  1. It must be nice to be able to afford to dump scrap metal without getting paid for it. Williams certainly has plenty of it TO get rid of now as a result of its having learned the hard way that it’s not very smart to use jack-booted government thugs to steal land in Pennsylvania with New York watching and still have New York approve your pipeline.

    • Scrap is not a very good material for instruction; it’s far too much work to clean it up for instructional purposes. The stuff in the pictures looks like pretty good stuff to me, but I’m no expert – my welding skills are amateur at best.

      As to ‘jack booted government thugs’, you are perhaps referring to Cuomo, who stole the mineral rights from thousands of New Yorkers without ANY compensation at all? At least landowners who would not sign a lease with the pipeline companies got some compensation – more than those who were rear-ended by Andy and his toadies.

      • leases are worthless without the constant retaining of a lawyer to represent discrepancies between leaseholder and drilling co’s .Sorry to state the truth but this comes from many years of experience .Individuals have little say without a legal representative .

        • Still better than no lease and no protections, unless you want to be a victim.You don’t buy a home, start a business, or write a will without an attorney; why would you not seek legal counsel for land related matters?

  2. The welder,s training program I attended 40 years ago had about 6-8 foot for the whole group!
    It,s great to think how much good will come from this!
    We had to buy our own out of scap yards if we wanted to practice for the certification test.


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