Cabot Reduces Methane Emissions 85% As Production Soars

Shale Story methane emissionsGeorge Stark
Director, External Affairs at Cabot Oil & Gas



Cabot Oil & Gas like many other natural gas companies operating throughout the US is aggressively reducing methane emissions for both economic and environmental gain.

Let’s talk about methane emissions and what the natural gas industry is doing to reduce emissions through technology. There has been a lot said in recent months regarding fugitive methane emissions and what steps the industry can take to decrease these rates.

Methane Emissions Cabot Oil & Gas

In the podcast below, I highlight some of the technology and engineering steps taken by companies in the industry reduce methane emissions from equipment. Cabot alone has reduced its methane emissions by 85% during the same timeframe where our natural gas production increased 250%.

Editor’s Note: Original version of this post appeared on Well Said Cabot. Also, note we have spent a good deal of time at this site talking about the green completions and other technologies that are allowing these reductions in methane emissions. We even have a page dedicated to the subject – “Flaring vs. Green Completions.” Check it out. Also, read more about the subject of methane emissions and their regulation here. The EPA has proposed some totally over the top standards that are unnecessary and totally ignore both the huge progress made by the industry and the reality of already existing economic incentives, which are huge. While not every company has been as proactive as Cabot Oil & Gas in reducing methane emissions, the industry has done an incredible job without the heavy hand of government involved. The American Natural Gas Alliance, in fact, says this:

“Since 2005, natural gas producers have cut methane emissions 38 percent, while increasing production 35 percent. This impressive record has been accomplished through existing regulations and industry innovation. With further improvements certain to continue, we believe new and additional regulations are both unnecessary and counterproductive. This rule is simply not the best way to achieve our shared goal of methane emissions reductions.”

We agree!

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12 thoughts on “Cabot Reduces Methane Emissions 85% As Production Soars

    • Bill, why do you ignore the fact that once the well is completed all the equipment leaves ?? Why do you constantly make it sound like that equipment is there to stay once they start ?? You keep saying it will never be safe. It is being done safely all the over the country yet you continue to ignore that fact.

      You keep repeating a heavy industry should not be allowed near homes. What about areas where they have steel mills, car manufacturing, solar panel manufacturing and so on here near homes ?? Should all those industries also be required to build somewhere where there aren’t homes ?? Should they all be built out in the middle of the dessert ??

      My wells that I’m on were drilled on my neighbors farm in 2010. It was done right across the road from one of my houses. Can you tell me where in this video that it is still taking place ?? You can’t.

      You’re repeated nonsense is getting old Bill.

      • Look Donald …..the building and setup,and operations are enough o damage the health ,quality of life and environment .There so called ( short ) presence can leave permanent harm to locals and quality of the air ,soil ,water, and if facilities are built ( compressors etc ) pollution remain too …I guess it’s just hard for a person with limited ability to grasp that this happens .If co’s were responsible enough to clean up and take care of all issues created it would help,but they are just Past the Buck types so people and communities must suffer the damages their have caused .Let me know if this is to much for you to grasp and I will emphasis in broader terms !!!!!

          • To Bad …..cause it’s all true .It’s old because it still goes on ( NG co’s causing nuisances and pollution and passing the buck on being responsible to correct what they screw up ! ….Old ,NO just true !Then there is the manipulation and assignments of leases for profit ( the second and main interest most of the time in this play ) ..Lots to learn there Donald .It all not about greasing your palm .Try expanding your mind a little and think beyond your pockets .

        • Thanks Bill for showing it is all about money to you. You are obviously jealous because you are not getting your cut and signed a crappy lease. I am concerned about the environment. I live in a heavily drilled area and see companies addressing the issue. In the meantime continue to use natural gas and it’s byproducts as you whine about it. As I said YAWN YOUR CRAP IS GETTING OLD.

          • No Donald after my experience with what really goes on the money ( if any ) is insignificant compared to the nuisances and possible harm I have witnessed to my family ,friends and neighbors .Some have lost much more than others and their lives have been changed for the worse .Few make out most do not yet all experience the hazards and nuisances of extraction using HVHF in an area….PS if you have gotten any royalty you are NOT concerned about the environment .I had to learn the hard way of what trully takes place

  1. I agree with Bill in the sense that there are nuisances that have been created by the HVHF issue. The most annoying ones are called fractivists. There are no setbacks either. Doesn’t matter how far you are from a drill either. You may be impacted if you live on earth.

      • so are the ch4 emissions ,pipelines , compressor stations and all other facilities .Oh and all the water ,soil and more issues caused by NG co’s . I got a list of issues ,like people moving from their homes ,illnesses etc.

    • You don’t agree with me ,you just try to make smart comments to rationalize something ( from your statement ) know very little about .Got wells all around me as close as 1600 ft and 2 more at about 3200 .This is only a few of the others that were drilled or are planned within a 4 mile radius of my home .A total so far of approx. 35 ( or much more to come ) Pipelines as close as 1000 ft (and 4 more at from 1200 to 1600 ft .Changed an agricultural area into an industrial one …common to this process

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