Cabot Oil & Gas Helps Build the Future of a Region

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George Stark of Cabot Oil & Gas talked with PA Live about the educational partnerships they have established to help build a great future of Northeastern PA.

Working to help educate children in our local communities about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) job opportunities is very important to Cabot Oil & Gas as George Stark explains. He recently sat down and talk with David Kuharchik from PA Live to talk about it. “It’s not just pipes or pads, Cabot wants to actually invest in human infrastructure,” explained Stark.


Cabot Oil & Gas is doing just that; investing in our kids futures. Recently over 3,000 fifth and sixth graders had the opportunity for some hands on leaning. The benefit of hands on learning is the students are having fun and “do not even realize they are understanding how to build robots or understanding distillation” he says; things that might be boring learning out of a book alone.

It is important to Cabot to make sure they are reaching future employees and helping them get the STEM education they need to prosper in the industry and the region. Partnering up with Junior Achievement has helped Cabot make a big impact in this regard.

Junior Achievement offers younger students a chance to work in a job in BizTown, for example. They are also taught things such as using a debit card or balancing a checkbook. High school students can learn about career readiness and financial literacy.

Cabot has, too, invested about $2.5 million in Lackawanna College. Lackawanna College is working with area high schools to show 11th and 12th grade students the equipment and have them speak with instructors to see if they actually want to get in the oil & gas field. “We see overwhelming excitement” said Stark when a student realizes they would like a career in this field. They “further get excited with the opportunities for growth in our industry and beyond.”

Cabot Oil & Gas is providing a model of how to build a sustainable community through these educational initiatives. May they continue and be adopted by many others.

You can view the whole interview on PA Live at:

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One thought on “Cabot Oil & Gas Helps Build the Future of a Region

  1. If your going to teach our children …you need to teach them also about the truth and mistakes. That we all make mistakes and accidents occur and that we accept them …fix them and do what’s right for the people that live here. Instead what you are teaching them is to say it’s not our fault …we didn’t do it and money will get us out of it. What happened to we want to be good neighbors? What happened to honesty and the truth? Why doesn’t ANYONE care about what’s happening to my property and home??? Why is DEP lying and covering for Cabot? Why can’t I get an engineer to look at my place so I know if I am safe to live here? Why hasn’t Govenor Wolfe OR George Stark replied to my emails?

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