Cabot Celebrates Decade of Milestones in Susquehanna County

dimock verdictGeorge Stark
Director, External Affairs at Cabot Oil & Gas


It’s been a decade of milestones since Marcellus Shale brought Cabot to Susquehanna County. WNEP’s Power to Save looks back at the benefits to the community.

Earlier this month we announced something pretty incredible: since beginning operations in Susquehanna County, Cabot has paid its landowners more than $1 billion in royalties. And that figure doesn’t even include the nearly $500 million paid out in signing bonuses for their leases.

Susquehanna County


For our latest WNEP Power to Save segment, we took a deeper look at what has been accomplished in ten years and to celebrate these milestones with the community. Donna Williams, a farmer and Cabot landowner, shares her story of what the natural gas development on their property has meant to her and her family. Not only are the royalties benefiting their current farm, but her sons were able to purchase additional land for future expansions.

Susquehanna County Commissioner Alan Hall also shared that in addition to the new economic activity in the form of jobs and businesses, it has helped to keep farms within communities and to preserve the rural aspect of the region. And thanks to the additional money from the Act 13 impact fee dollars the industry pays, the county will save local taxpayers an estimated $30-40 million over the next 30 years.

Click below to watch the full segment:

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3 thoughts on “Cabot Celebrates Decade of Milestones in Susquehanna County

  1. George forgets to mentions that Cabot is only one of seven companies that have been operating in our county
    and that Southwestern Energy has drilled about the same amount of gas wells as Cabot and has instituted safer practices than Cabot has still failed to institute,
    like a better, dust-free fracking process that captures the silica dust better and doesn’t expose the workers to health risks from silica dust and that Southwestern has built water pipelines instead of trucking in thousands of water trucks like Cabot does and still does…
    He forgets to mention that Cabot holds first place with the most DEP Violations and the most water contamination cases verified by the DEP in my county with over 500 DEP Violations in our county…
    George forgets to mention that Cabot only donated 2 million to our new hospital and that it cost 48 million to build and monies from others came into building this hospital…but Cabot takes extra credit for the new hospital…by just giving about 5% of the total cost..
    George doesn’t mention that Cabot is still banned from 9 sq. miles in my county where they can not drill or frack because of impacting/contaminating our aquifer.
    George doesn’t mention all the settlements in the millions to landowners for damaging their property and water and all the non-disclosures/gag orders on our citizens, and
    the millions in fines to the DEP for their mishaps..
    and the lawsuits and legal mediations ….
    we now have over 1300 gas wells, gas holes in our county, and 50 gas compressor stations in our county and over 500 gas pads with gas wells scattered throughout our county and hundreds of miles of new, high-pressure gas pipelines throughout and like he says
    we’re only in our “infancy” of gas development….
    would any of you like this “infancy” in your counties..
    I asked him about 8 years ago if he would consider living here and bring his family here and not have to commute from Harrisburg to our “lovely county” and he said he would especially if he could get some royalties …. so , we’re still waiting for that move…

    and I noticed that the video panned out from our business district and did not show the empty stores and truck traffic and dust and noise…and did not show the additional food banks we have since Cabot came and the long line of 150 people waiting for free food at the Methodist Church in Montrose about two weeks ago….
    since we’re so better off with all that money he claims Cabot gave…
    and the one billion….where does he get that figure…he says it, where is the proof,….he can say anything he wants…might as well say, 2 or 3 billion while he’s at it…

    • …and that it was a happy SWN lessor whose part of the county he made the big mistake of moving his picnic too close to, that hired that plane that apparently succeeded in chasing his picnic out of the WHOLE county.

  2. And that’s just Cabot in one PA county…

    In the most galling subjugation and abuse of taxpaying landowners in the country- crime boss cuomo has seen to it that we basically haven’t seen a dime from the shale revolution north of the border.

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