Bradford County LNG Plant Yet Another Example of Unstoppable Natural Gas

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If further proof were needed of unstoppable natural gas, a new Bradford County LNG Plant shows increased demand for shale gas is producing rural revitalization.

A little story in the Rocket-Courier the other day provides still more evidence how natural gas, and especially the shale revolution here in Pennsylvania, is changing everything and producing real economic opportunity for rural America. A new $800 million Bradford County LNG plant is being developed in Wyalusing that will allow LNG to made locally and shipped by truck and maybe rail to other areas (New England comes to mind) needing gas and previously unable to get it. The result will be real savings for gas customers and real economic development here at home.

Source: New Fortress, LLC.

Here are a few excerpts from the story by James Loewenstein:

On Thursday, Nov. 29, the Wyalusing Township Supervisors approved two conditional use permits that New Fortress Energy, LLC needs to construct its proposed $800 million plant in Browntown, which would convert locally-produced natural gas to liquefied natural gas (LNG).

“It was a pretty impressive presentation that they (New Fortress Energy) made” on why the company ought to be awarded the permits, Township Supervisor Chairman Marvin Meteer said following a three-hour public hearing on the company’s proposal to construct the plant. “What we’re doing here is to see that they (New Fortress Energy) went through (and met) all the requirements in the zoning ordinance. Their presentation achieved, in my opinion, what they were supposed to do (in making their case for the permits).”

The hearing took place in the Wyalusing Township Municipal Building, just before the supervisors voted unanimously to grant the permits.

During the hearing, three area residents spoke about why they were for or against the plant, which would be constructed on 40 acres of a 219-acre tract of land along U.S. Route 6 that the company recently purchased.

New Fortress Energy, a large company, has a “record for safety and reliability that is pretty outstanding for the size of the company,” Greater Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Homer testified at the hearing.

The 50 full-time jobs the plant would bring to the township would be a “huge impact on a small community like ours,” said Homer. And the large amount of school property taxes that the company would pay would help the Wyalusing Area School District, which, due to a lack of funding, has in recent years eliminated employee positions and made cuts in other areas, including to its arts programs, Homer said…

The plant will process locally produced natural gas that is taken off the Liberty Gathering System, which is owned by Williams, a company in the natural gas industry that owns pipelines, McElmurray said during New Fortress Energy’s presentation on its proposed plant, which was part of the public hearing.

The gas will arrive via pipeline at the plant.

The processing at the plant involves removing the heavier hydrocarbons from the gas, such as ethane, propane and butane, McElmurray said. The plant will also remove certain other impurities from the gas.

The gas will then be cooled so that it forms a liquid (LNG), which has 1/600th the volume of the gas, he said. Converting the gas to LNG will allow it to be transported by truck or rail…

The plant will produce up to four million gallons of LNG a day, and will have on-site storage for six million gallons of LNG.

This new Bradford County LNG plant demonstrates why natural gas is unstoppable. If the NRDC gang imagines it can stop natural gas from reaching New York and New England by enticing Andrew Cuomo to kill fracking and delay pipelines, the industry will simply convert it to LNG here and ship it there by truck or rail. The gas will get to where it’s demanded. That’s how innovation works. Fractivists and their demagogue patron Andrew Cuomo may think they’ve erected a great barrier to natural gas but they’ve stopped neither demand, nor ingenuity at finding ways to meet it.

The gas will arrive one way or another to those who demand it. This is how free markets work. Only the fools who supposed they could stop it will be frustrated in the end.

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6 thoughts on “Bradford County LNG Plant Yet Another Example of Unstoppable Natural Gas

  1. Calling those who oppose your polluting Industries “fools” ,
    may backfire soon one day
    on you and all the investors,
    who laud their profits and the 50
    full time jobs
    and get shocked who the real “fools”
    are ..!

    • Blah Blah Blah

      Don’t you ever get tired of being the town crier with faults information and fear-mongering innuendos, I see you follow Tom and our first 2 comment on most of his blogs, you must really miss shooting your mouth off at Town meetings in New York, this is just to say that you’re 15 minutes of fame have long been over

  2. Is Vera working for the PA -Gas industry. Seems like all she does is fight against NY drilling and drilling related projects. One example is she helped spread fear and misinformation in a small NY town about a natural gas transfer station [NG-ADVANTAGE], who is now building in her neighborhood in PA? Another example is she fought in NY against Leatherstocking Pipeline which now supplies cheap burning natural gas all throughout her county After stopping them in NY. I find it revealing, that she promised to move to NY should they ban fracking yet 4 years later she still lives in the lie she calls home.

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