Park Foundation Funds Fascist “Beyond Extreme Energy”

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Beyond Extreme Energy is a fascist group intent on shutting down any speech with which it disagrees and the Park Foundation funds it through Earthworks.

Extremist environmental protesters who don’t want to hear any viewpoints other than their own (i.e., fascists who love to suppress free speech), got a bit violent and ugly on Tuesday and shut down a meeting at Duke University (headquarters for insane environmentalism) where the Acting Chairwoman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Cheryl LaFleur, was scheduled to speak. Beyond Extreme Energy was one of the groups behind the illegal action. They’re funded by the Park Foundation and Earthworks, among others.

Beyond Extreme Energy is a very bad joke. The radical group has dogged FERC Commissioners for years. Perhaps some in the crowd were the same Beyond Extreme Energy lunatics who Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commissioner Rob Powelson previously called “jihadists” – because they show up at FERC Commissioners’ homes and threaten them.

The lunatics at Duke forced their way into a meeting where LaFleur was going to speak, blathering on about FERC being a “rubber stamp” for the natural gas industry, which shows their complete and utter stupidity. The Beyond Extreme Energy extremists specifically object to bringing “fracked Marcellus and Utica gas” via Dominion’s proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline to North Carolina.

After shutting down the meeting using banners made in part from fracked natural gas, wearing clothes that come from petrochemicals, sneakers made from petrochemicals, arriving at the meeting via fossil-fuel powered vehicles, they went back to their dorms and homes – heated with natural gas. Pretty extreme, wouldn’t you say? Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

Here’s the lunatics bragging about shutting down the meeting (emphasis added):

On Tuesday, March 28 activists with Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) and NC Alliance To Protect Our People And The Places We Live (NC APPPL) successfully shut down a lecture to be given by Cheryl LaFleur, the acting chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision, which oversees permitting for pipelines. The activists wanted to send the message that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is not a done deal.

While security was busy restraining one protestor who attempted to get in, two others managed to sneak into the room and take the floor with a banner reading, “Rubber Stamp Rebellion.” Lee Stewart of Beyond Extreme Energy explained to the room of students from Duke’s Nicholas School For The Environment the meaning of “Rubber Stamp Rebellion”. Stewart said, “The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission does not operate independently of the gas industry it supposedly regulates. FERC has only rejected one permit application in the past thirty years. This is simply unacceptable and FERC’s rubber stamping of gas industry projects has to end.”

Rather than facing the pipeline protestors, LaFleur decided to hightail it out of the building and cancel her speech, allowing the ACP opponents to declare victory.

Greg Yost of NC APPPL elaborated, “Today is a chance to learn about the people and the communities that FERC would harm with an Atlantic Coast Pipeline permit: people like Barbara Exum of Wilson County, Francine Stephenson of Johnston County, and Marvin Winstead of Nash County. These are just a few of the thousands of North Carolinians who would be directly affected and have their lives endangered by the pipeline.”

If built the ACP would bring fracked gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale fields of West Virginia down through Virginia and into North Carolina. In addition to threatening thousands of acres of National Forest, wetlands, farms, and woodlands, the ACP would destroy burial grounds and other sacred sites belonging to the Lumbee and Tuscarora tribes. The amount of gas the pipeline will bring to market would equal the greenhouse gas emissions created by 20 new coal plants.

This action comes on the heels of a two week long march along the pipeline route in NC and builds off of a multiyear campaign by BXE activists against FERC’s complicity with the fossil fuel industry.

Here are some pics of these numbskulls at the meeting:

Beyond Extreme Energy Beyond Extreme Energy

Stupid knows no age limit, sometimes they’re young and stupid, sometimes they’re old and stupid.

Editor’s Note: I agree with Jim; this is nothing less than fascism. These cowards are unable to debate on the facts and seek instead to shut down everyone who disagrees with them. Beyond Extreme Energy is a fascist group. But, who’s surprised? This is standard operating procedures for radicals and extremists today. What needs to be exposed is the fact they are directly funded by elitist special interest foundations operating on a tax-exempt basis. 

One of these is the Park Foundation, which gave Earthworks $10,000 in 2016 to funnel to Beyond Extreme Energy. The Park Foundation,, the Rockefeller family (through the Sustainable Markets Foundation) and the nation’s trial lawyers (through U.S. PIRG) are all connected. Jay Halfon, the Fractivist Rasputin, is integrally involved with all these groups, sitting on the boards of Earthworks, the Park Foundation and and having served NY-PIRG and the Sustainable Markets Foundation in a professional capacity. They are behind this violence, this fascism. This is what I wrote about their relationships last year:

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11 thoughts on “Park Foundation Funds Fascist “Beyond Extreme Energy”

  1. Beyond extreme energy is one of the new “organizations” and I use that word very loosely that has emerged out of the antifracking scene. Do these people know what they are talking about? No they do not. Perhaps the group grew out of a meeting that involved catskillmountainkeeper a few years ago. The meme then was fracking was yet another for of extreme extraction. Ferc was targeted after the antifracking network saw some people visit meetings over the minisink compressor station. Those people however did not visit ferc commissioners at their home. As early as 2013 ferc doesn’t work and targeting ferc became a meme. This predates beyond extreme energy which obviously Ted glick is part of.

    The rubber stamp rebellion has been ongoing for some time.


    What is just one result of the sustained campaign of misinformation on the Spectra aim pipeline project which began in 2013? Confusion years later even after the project has been built and I’m sorry did a reporter actually cover this with zero context about the pipeline controversy? Lohud by the way appears to be a new organization that cannot cover pipelines properly even after being contacted about errors and their flawed sources and their lack of important knowledge. That is outrageous.

    The amount of misinformation and hysteria on the spectra aim pipeline is about as much as there was about dakota pipeline stretched out over years and years. There is a severe problem with reporters ability to cover pipelines, natural gas and more and this has only increased over time.

  3. Send them all north to Watertown in an apartment complex heated with solar from october to April and you will convert them to fossil fuels or bury them in the frozen tundras of NY.

    Unuseful Idiots

    • This comment shows your ignorance about renewable energy. Wouldn’t be calling others idiots when you could be potentially be considered the same in this arena. Name-calling is the last resort for those who have nothing of value or legitimacy to add to the discussion. Hence, this article rife with insults and no actual refutation of the issues presented by these decidedly unfacist activists.

  4. So I guess by your definition the Governors of New York, Maryland and many other states who’ve taken measures to stop hydrofracturing and gas pipelines are also jihadists bent on imposing fascism and destroying the US economy. You all make fools of yourselves calling this small band of grassroots activists “fascists” simply because they engage in protest activity supported by measly $10k grants, something like 0.001% the lobbying and advertising budget of the US gas industry alone. What it does show is that a small group of activists is sending shivers down the spines of massive corporations and their paid accolites who are waking up to the fact that natural gas is poised to become public enemy #1 after coal, even while the cost of renewables and storage is dropping dramatically. Keep it up though, it sends encouraging signs to the activists that their efforts are working and striking the right chord with industry shills.

  5. Wow ya’ll sure get rattled easily. A senior citizen and a couple college students get up on stage with a banner and you start screaming uncle! Your a bunch of babies if you ask me

  6. And look at those pictures, don’t those people look so violent? Particularly the elderly gentleman, absolutely menacing. Really? C’mon now. This is just a rant of frustration by a representative of an industry that was thwarted at that event by a peaceful act of protest and that has not been able to impose its’ will on whomever they’d like without push back. A temper tantrum, if you will….

  7. For the record, the author of this article has worked in junior marketing and communications roles for most of his career and who studied political science at Liberty University, a school led by Jerry Falwell Jr. that’s most notorious for teaching creationism. He has zero credibility among any serious energy analysts or market players.

    • And you do, Linda? And, have you ever worked in the White House?

      Oh, also, please take your bigotry elsewhere.

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