Attacking Critical Pipeline Infrastructure is Terrorism

natural gas industry

Keep It Grounded In Fact
(American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers)


Homeland Security considers any attack on critical pipeline infrastructure terrorism; yet ecoterrorists are willing to somehow normalize these acts of violence.

In October 2016, extremists broke into and closed the safety valves on five pipelines.

In May 2017, arsonists broke in and attempted to burn a hole through a working pipeline.

Are these acts of property destruction? Acts of civil disobedience by idiots who failed to understand the potential personal and environmental damage they were risking?

No. They were acts of terrorism. Why? Because they were attacks against critical infrastructure.

critical pipeline infrastructure

Activists attempting to cut chains after trespassing into a valve station for pipelines

The Department of Homeland Security lists 16 sectors of critical infrastructure “whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.”

Pipelines are on the list. Twice, really, since pipelines fall under both Energy and Transportation.

In fact, energy infrastructure is “considered uniquely critical because it provides an ‘enabling function’ across all critical infrastructure sectors.”

Much as “Keep It in the Ground” extremists would like to believe otherwise, all sectors of our nation—from emergency services to manufacturing to agriculture—depend upon oil and natural gas products.

Attempting to incapacitate or destroy the pipelines that transport these critical elements is not a legitimate form of protest or an attention-getting ploy. It is an act of terrorism that could endanger their own lives, the lives of innocent people in surrounding communities, and the environment.

So why are acts of terror like these being lauded by mainstream activists? Why are the perpetrators on speaking tours and invited into homes across the country?

Perhaps these people are simply failing to think through what they are supporting (such as those who hypocritically post #KeepItintheGround from laptops and cell phones made from oil and gas). Or perhaps they have darker motives.

critical pipeline infrastructure

Deep Green Resistance’s underground action calendar which “exists to publicize and normalize the use of militant and underground tactics “

There is a small (but growing) group of ecoterrorists who organize under the “Deep Green Resistance” label and are willing to destroy the industrialized world in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And they want mainstream activists to do just what they’re doing: normalize violence and acts of terror. 

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20 thoughts on “Attacking Critical Pipeline Infrastructure is Terrorism

  1. Once arrested, tried and convicted, I suggest that these individuals be sentenced to live at least 5 or more years amongst groups like the Amish and have to “experience” what pre-industrial revolution was like. Odds are that they will crack like wal”nuts” in a short matter of time. We win by not overcrowding prisons and they have to work for their own food without cable, free education and tje other creature comforts regular folks are denied.

  2. Acts of war – committed by nation states and other powerful entities

    Act of terror – committed by individuals with little power

    Which is not to say that nation states don’t commit acts of “terror”. Witness US activity in Central America, where counterrevolutionaries, paid by the CIA, would burn down villages, etc. I know that because I saw it happen with my own eyes and documented it.

    I don’t condone attacking pipelines, but I understand why it is just as wrong to impose a toxic environment within and around someone’s home without consent. That homeowner might feel that is also an act of war/terrorism.

    At their radical core, acts of war are little different from acts of terror.

    • No. You are wrong. Completely. Pipelines are considered “critical infrastructure”. Deep green resistance has an insane philosophy and flat out states they seek to normalize “militant” attacks on infrastructure. immediately celebrated the coordinated pipeline shutdown stunt.

      No one cares whether you condone breaking into or attacking pipelines. You are anonymous commenter on the internet. and other groups that promoted this activity are not.

      • Toxic chemicals and fumes entering someone’s home against their will.

        Why isn’t that thought of as a form of “breaking in”?

        • Would you like to pretend that pipelines aren’t considered critical infrastructure? Go right ahead. In monopoly​ you are drawing a go straight to jail card. Of course you will be arrested and it will not be for protesting.

          Not sure how some of the groups promoting this crap aren’t aware of that since some of them have been in ferc dockets where some information isn’t made available and guess what? It’s labelled critical infrastructure.

          Making up laws in your mind which is what you are doing with your facile argument about “breaking in” is just gibberish.

  3. So an American Patriot who happens onto an act of terroism will be a national hero if the patriot nuturalizes the threat….

  4. Tom
    Vera is nothing but entertainment. Her only argument is self reflection… think about that for a minute. I told myself awhile back no more personal attacts on anyone but when I showed up in the town of fenton where NG Advantage is now a resident she drew me back into it by following behind me shooting off insults

    • She still has not answered my previous questions about supporting various digester technologies to make wise use of otherwise naturally occuring energy that is unfortunately wasted.

        • The question is also will you support legislation that allows wastewater treatment plants and agricultural digesters to be seen as “energy recovery facilities”? Will you protest the infrastructure necessary to distribute the recovered gas that has been properly processed?

  5. They do not know or accept the consequences of their actions. Then again people pulling a truck up to a manhole taking the cover off and dumping the contents into the collection system going to the sewer plant have about the same problem when affecting the treatment process. Luckily we had the DEP onsite with real time testing equipment that allowed us to save half the plants treatment system. Still we identified where the dumping occurred and who kicked the water trucks off the property that morning, just not the name of the company that operated them. The other half that died, still cost us over $40,000 to haul the contaminated sludge away.

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