Are You Proud of This, David Haas?

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The Delaware Riverkeeper’s Tracy Carluccio crossed a line of decency with comments about threats to PennEast Pipeline employees. Is David Haas proud of her?

I wrote here last week about opposition to the PennEast Pipeline financed by David Haas and his William Penn Foundation, opposition channeled through the Clean Air Council and the Delaware Riverkeeper, among others. That opposition has helped to stir up hate; hate intense enough to have now led to death threats against PennEast Pipeline employees that are being investigated by the FBI.

Now, to go along with this, we have an outrageous comment from Tracy Carluccio at the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, suggesting the whole thing is a sham intended to distract from the debate over the pipeline. It’s a page right out of the radical manual. One has to wonder if David Haas is proud of paying for this indecency.

Tracy Carluccio - henchman for David Haas, et al

Tracy Carluccio – Deputy Director, Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Here’s what the Citizens Voice reports Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network said about the death threats (emphasis added):

Tracy Carluccio, deputy director of Delaware Riverkeeper Network in Bristol, questioned the validity of the letters.

“It doesn’t seem like a likely story to us. It doesn’t fit in with any of the attitudes of the people who have been involved in the PennEast discussions .” Carluccio said.

She’s also concerned the alleged threats could draw attention away from environmental concerns and concerns about landowner rights that come with a project like the PennEast pipeline.

“I think we need to stick to the issues and all our central concerns about why we are opposed to this pipeline,” she said.

How’s that for callousness? How’s that for demonstration of your radicalism? How’s that for concern over anything other than your own ideological agenda? Those death threats are just a few broken eggs on the way to making a tasty omelette; isn’t that right, Tracy?

Tracy Carluccio’s irresponsible comments can’t be excused as the work of a neophyte. She’s been there a long time, serving under a board of directors chaired by her sister, Debbie Colgan. Those comments reflect the hard-core ideology of a zealot who couldn’t care less about real people. Contrast her remarks with those of other opponents who had the decency to express shock at those developments and condemned the threats. Her response was to blithely dismiss them and say they were a silly distraction from what’s really important – her cause.

William Penn Foundation Board David Haas

William Penn Foundation Board (David Haas 3rd from left in rear)

That’s how the Delaware Riverkeeper Network operates. It’s why I refer to them as the “dirty tricks arm of the William Penn Foundation.” Are David Haas and the rest of his family, who made their fortune in chemicals and now want to shut down everything, proud of Tracy Carluccio? And, what about you, Thomas Haas? And, you, Leonard, Frederick, Janet and William Haas? Is this what you pay for?

And, you, Howard Meyers? You’re on the board, too, and you represented UGI Utilities, Inc. in some of its acquisitions. Is this how you reward your clients for choosing you – by lending your support to a foundation that finances these kinds of indecent comments about death threats to its sister company’s employees?

It’s time the Haas family and its cronies were held responsible for the irresponsibility of those it finances.


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11 thoughts on “Are You Proud of This, David Haas?

  1. “She’s also concerned the alleged threats could draw attention away from environmental concerns and concerns about landowner rights that come with a project like the PennEast pipeline.”

    Hypocrites, I don’t see the outrage from the Creeper about NY’s ban on O&G development and no compensation for landowners!

    I hope the DRBC bans them from sitting on their committees!

  2. Hass Charitable Funds gives the WmPenn Foundation $740 million, WmPenn gives the Riverkeeper $1.2 million and the DRBC $400,000 and gets the Riverkeeper on the committees to the DRBC. DRBC bought and paid for by antie dollars. No science needed!

  3. Talk about cheap tricks and indecency .NGN and the NG industry seem to head the pack quite often .Streets do go both ways you know .

  4. And Bill you have lots of it. Your refusal to see the reality of whats happening is just mind boggling. Go play in your sand box!

    Learn or not, your choice!

    • The real issue is “I have seen what NG industry can do ” that’s why I have my view of it …..Nothing but industrial pollution and profit for the very few on the backs of all close by !….

  5. William Penn Foundation Board (David Haas 3rd from left in rear)

    These pitiful natural gas using millionaires should all get in their gas guzzling SUV’s and go home to their mansions, which, by the way, do not have solar panels. There they can plan their next trip around the world on their very own personal air polluting jet planes.

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