Anti-Fracking Always Loses to Prosperity

anti-fracking - natural gasDouglas Berkley
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A recent vote in Youngstown, Ohio demonstrates anti-fracking campaigns tend to lose where tangible prosperity is it at stake. Fear then loses its luster.

Youngstown, Ohio recently voted for the third time against a “community bill of rights” that would have banned fracking within city limits.  One would hope that this would be the third and final strike against the anti-fracking community in the region, but to the dismay of many, they vow to continue.

Anti-Fracking Rhetoric Can’t Compete with First-Hand Knowledge 

Anti-fracking in Youngstown not workingThe problem they have, and why they are worried, is that they are working to convince a community that has become knowledgeable on both drilling and fracking, and residents have seen these activities can be done safely and responsibly.  They have seen their town, hard hit by the loss of the steel industry and downturn in coal, rise again with new projects and job opportunities shale has brought to the region.  Residents are seeing, hearing and experiencing these things all firsthand, and they like what they see.

“The Youngstown-Warren metro area has become a national focal point for shale gas activity due to our growing position as a supply chain hub for both the Utica and Marcellus shale plays,” said Tom Humphries, President & CEO of theYoungstown/Warren Regional Chamber. He continued “We have already received over $2.0 billion in investment and have created 1,500 direct jobs from the industry. We are aggressively pursuing opportunities throughout all facets of shale activity.”

Forbes Magazine, July 2, 2012 – “Will Shale Gas Be the Single Solution to America’s Energy Challenges?”

Propaganda and emotion from the anti-fracking community will not win this fight in these communities any longer.  The time has come where facts are winning out over hysteria and false claims.  When residents become informed and experience the industry firsthand, the anti crowd loses.

anti-fracking not selling

Downtown Youngstown

The same old excuses don’t work anymore….it’s not about an “industry propaganda machine” tainting the voters, it’s about their uncle that got a job at the new steel tubing plant, or their brother driving water trucks or the local school buying new computers with the taxes generated by the new business.  In the end, it’s hard to compete against facts and results, which are what the shale boom is delivering to communities across the nation.

Information is the Disinfectant Against Anti-Fracking Campaigns

It is the responsibility of industry workers like you and me, in any role, to help inform your neighbors, friends and relatives about what it is we do and how we operate.  Fracking and drilling are being done responsibly and safely throughout the county, and have has been for years. Is the industry perfect?  No, no industry can be, but those problems and issues can and are always addressed.

Anti-Fracking Youngstown Sheet&tube

Youngstown had a minimal earthquake event and a bad actor dumping fluids, but they saw these issues for what they were, mistakes that can and were corrected, not a widespread problem.  We see the inner workings every day at our jobs…share that knowledge and what you see with others.  Because when we do, and a community becomes educated with the facts, we will win that argument each time and everyone benefits.

May it always be thus.

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Fracking Always Loses to Prosperity

  1. Douglas my greatest argument in my battle to bring fracking to Nova Scotia is that everywhere the practice is used in America the Antis are usually beaten back on Ballots and multiple times it seems. If the Water contamination was real no industry would stand in the weight of Demcoracy in America . What indeed you have in America are Putins useful idiots and as long as they are funded they will not give up . I am sure the results of Fracking spreading have Putin and company looking at the Cheque book and saying “wonder if this is such a good investment ?

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