Anti-Drillers Jump the Shark

Anti-drillers - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
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Anti-drillers have completely lost it if a recent article in the Pittsburgh City Paper is any guide. They’ve “jumped the shark.”

anti-drillersWhen anti-drillers cross the line and trespass on private property, and then get called out for it, they squeal like a stuck pig. Sometimes anti-drillers are more than loony, they’re dangerous to themselves and others. Sometimes anti-drillers cross the line and engage in what we would call terrorist acts.

Is it any wonder that drillers and pipeline companies have to keep a sharp eye out for those who would do them–and their employees–harm? Is it much of a stretch that drillers and pipeline companies might pass along information to the authorities if they’re concerned? And how do anti-drillers respond? By claiming they’re being “spied on” and that the state police are colluding with drillers to hush up the so-called protesters.

In other words, it’s A-OK in anti-drilling la la land to engage in all sorts of illegal, anti-social behavior for a “good cause” like shutting down fracking, but it’s never OK for people on the other side to defend themselves and take prudent actions to protect their employees.


Allison Petryk, of Vernon, NJ, and Alex Lotorto, of Milford, PA, locking themselves to entrance gate of the Delaware State Forest to protest Tennessee Gas Pipeline.

So anti-drillers grab a sympathetic news organization, like the Pittsburgh City Paper, to take up their cause. This is the beginning of an article that’s the result of collusion between anti-drillers and the sympathetic (and sycophantic) media:

Anti-fracking activists protesting a natural-gas conference in Philadelphia last fall were being monitored by a private security company that sent a photo of a demonstrator to the Pennsylvania State Police, according to an email obtained by Pittsburgh City Paper.

A few months earlier, at another industry-led conference, state trooper Michael Hutson delivered a presentation on environmental extremism and acts of vandalism across Pennsylvania’s booming Marcellus Shale natural-gas reserves. He showed photographs of several anti-fracking groups in Pennsylvania, including Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective protesters demonstrating at an active well site in Lawrence County, in Western Pennsylvania.

That same Pennsylvania state trooper visited the home of anti-fracking activist Wendy Lee, a Bloomsburg University philosophy professor, to question her about photos she took of a natural-gas compressor station in Lycoming County. Remarkably, the trooper earlier had crossed state lines and traveled to New York to visit Jeremy Alderson, publisher of the No Frack Almanac, at his home outside Ithaca, N.Y., to accuse him of trespassing to obtain photos of the same compressor station.

The photo, presentation and house visits are part of a little-known intelligence-sharing network that brings together law enforcement, including the FBI, Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security, the oil and gas industry, and private security firms. Established in late 2011 or early 2012, the Marcellus Shale Operators’ Crime Committee (MSOCC) is a group of “professionals with a law-enforcement background who are interested in developing working relationships and networking on intelligence issues,” according to an email sent to group members by James Hansel, regional security manager for Anadarko Petroleum.*

The article was written by Adam Federman, contributing editor for the extremist Earth Island Journal, which hasn’t met a fossil fuel it can support. ‘Nuf said.


Read the whole “article,” but keep a barf bag handy just in case you lose your lunch when reading this one-sided conspiracy theory crap. Is there any more evidence needed that the fractivist movement has “jumped the shark” as they say?


The “Fonz” ready to jump the shark.

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5 thoughts on “Anti-Drillers Jump the Shark

  1. Enviormental terrosts are the product of our liberal legal system where employees are injured by activist stupid activities. (spikeing trees) We have seen protests escalate into riots due to the crowd dynamics of these groups. Peaceful protest is one thing but these groups blatantly trespass in the name of their cause and eventually they will be injured in doing so. Who will foot this bill?
    Soon enough you will see someone attach themselves to a pump jack or the like and get injured. They will blame the oil industry.

  2. Ah now you are describing my world Jim– a lalaland full of lunatics! From the people’s puppets fact free singing stories for children to the really loony folks at Sane Energy who basically are the very same people from the people’s puppets, occupy the pipeline and food not fracking, it is crazy time 24/7, 365 days out of the year. In the next couple of weeks these folks are pretty sure that they will singlehandedly bring down FERC (the “rogue” agency as they say) and have time left over of course to go out to Long Island to hock a conspiracy on an LNG delivery project, I mean “spread awareness” as they like to say. These folks are my favorite. They are indignant that the police apparently stopped them from “occupying”, I mean setting up an ecocamp of resistance at Riis beach in Queens. Just never occurred to them that there might be rules that prevent people from like moving into the beach and calling it their own.

    How these people then end up as expert sources in the news on pipeline infrastructure, that I don’t get. I have seen the women at Sane Energy and other groups confuse nearly every single detail about pipeline projects. And that group is now a roving group. When folks wake up to their insanity in one place they just pick up and move on, target another neighborhood, group of people or unwitting politician.

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