Another CELDF Stupid Stunt Squelched

Climate Witch Trials - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


The CELDF has lost another battle in Meigs County, Ohio but losing repeatedly is part of the anarchist strategy, a fact too few appreciate.

Marcellus Drilling News, back in May, told you agitators from the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania based radical group called CELDF (for Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) was at it again. They had gone fishing for dupes in Meigs County, Ohio (among other locations) to sign a petition to get a so-called Community Bill of Rights initiative on the ballot. The fishing was good and the fish just got fried.


Miegs County, Ohio Bridge of Honor, the structure that connects the Town of Mason to Pomeroy

This “Community Bill of Rights” like so many others in Ohio was sold as a “frack ban” as you’ll see below. We’re sorry to report the CELDF found enough stupid people in Meigs to sign. However, county leaders in Meigs, and other locations, have had enough of the CELDF and their troublemaking. The Meigs County Board of Elections has ruled the ballot initiative invalid. The crazies are, of course, threatening to sue. Here’s how the Athens Messenger reported it (emphasis added):

A home rule charter submitted for placement on the November ballot has been ruled invalid by the Meigs County Board of Elections. If the decision stands, it means the issue will not be on the ballot.

The 4-0 vote by the board was taken during a meeting Thursday afternoon.

As required by state law, the board has notified the Meigs County Commissioners of its decision. In a letter to the commissioners, the elections board stated that the proposed charter does not meet the threshold requirements of Ohio Revised Code 302.02 because it seeks to create an alternative form of government without the requirement of having an elected or appointed county executive.

“It’s a false argument, they’re all being coached by the secretary of state,” said Greg Howard, a member of the Meigs County Home Rule Committee that submitted the charter petition to the elections board.

According to Howard, the charter would be formed under the authority of the Ohio Constitution and does not seek to form an alternative government under Section 302 — which the proposed charter states.

The charter would prohibit the use the county’s water for high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for extraction of shale gas and oil, and prohibit the disposal of fracking waste in the county…

This was the second vote by the elections board on the charter. On July 8, two board members voted to declare the charter invalid and two abstained, which prompted the board to ask Secretary of State Jon Husted for guidance.

In a letter Wednesday to the board, Husted said the board makes its decisions by a majority vote, and sent the matter back to the board to make a decision. Husted also wrote that state law requires the board to determine if the charter petition meets the requirements of law, and pointed the board to 302.02 and its requirement that an alternative form of county government must have a county executive.

Editor’s Note: It’s great to see the CELDF handed its hat on any day of the week. There’s much more going here, though. Notice how the discussion revolves around town things; banning hydraulic fracturing and creating an alternative form of local government. Neither is relevant.

Hydraulic fracturing isn’t of the least concern to the CELDF. It’s motivation is social revolution. It has merely used fracking as a convenient cause to which to hitch the very same “community rights” ordinance it has promoted in Maine to deal with bottled water and in Washington State to give rights to the Spokane River. The latter resulted in the Washington State Supreme Court unanimously throwing it out. The court declared “municipalities cannot strip constitutional rights from entities and cannot undo decisions of the United States Supreme Court.”

The Court’s declaration is obvious to anyone who has actually read the standard “community right” language the CELDF uses everywhere. Their ordinance language is a joke and it’s been sustained nowhere that it’s been challenged. It loses every time. That’s the point. The CELDF mission isn’t to stop fracking or institute new forms of local government. They even admitted in this case they had no intention of forming a new alternative form of local government. The Ohio Department of State knows this as well. They merely reached for a convenient excuse to dismiss the nonsense. That’s unfortunate in a way because it allows the CELDF to continue to suggest the whole thing is about fracking or something and not social revolution.


Karl Marx and Tom Linzey – Two personalities merged into one

Most of the folks who signed the CELDF petition no doubt thought it was about fracking, but it wasn’t. They were, as Jim notes, duped into supporting what the CELDF and the Ohio Secretary of State both know is a measure of zero constitutionality that was going nowhere. So, why does the CELDF keep promoting these losing “community rights” ordinances that would “strip constitutional rights from entities and cannot undo decisions of the United States Supreme Court,” knowing they’ll lose? Because the objective is to create chaos and anarchy in hopes civil society will collapse and the spoiled brat socialists like Tom Linzey (CELDF founder) who have never had real jobs can then step in and take over. 

Tom Linzey knew he would lose in Meigs because he had already lost. He expects to lose, lose again and lose some more. He doesn’t care. His goal is to foment anarchy in hopes it will build and overwhelm the system. He wins, in his mind, by simply consuming the time of voters, local officials, state agencies and the courts forced to deal with his nonsense. He wins by getting 835 Meigs County voters to buy his BS and raise a ruckus, throwing things into disarray. He only wants the ruckus to continue and combine with other protests via completely unconnected matters to create a crisis of governance – a breach into which he and like-minded trust-funder brats of radical ilk can step. He’s a little Karl Marx (watch this video if you have any doubts). The only way to deal with him is to call him out, not pretend this is about fracking or anything else but the revolution he wants.

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