Andrew Mark Cuomo and His Insatiable Appetite for Power

Tom Shepstone
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Andrew Mark Cuomo is the very definition, the model, the ultimate template of the power seeking politician. But, hiding his Machiavellian instincts is tough.

Andrew Mark Cuomo, the Governor of New York is in the midst of a crisis. I’ll bet you didn’t know his middle name, but I use it today because this crisis will leave a mark on him. He’s gotten a lot of plaudits in the media for his supposed take-charge approach as he’s played media across the board, even going on the Sean Hannity radio program. Nonetheless, I can’t help but notice we’re getting a lot of hits on this blog for posts that are highly critical of the man. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of those posts. I’m sensing some New Yorkers, at least, are starting to see through Andrew Mark Cuomo and his Machiavellian tendencies, despite polls.

They ought to see through him. He was on the air this week threatening to use the crisis to take over hospitals in the state, which would mean bringing BMV pain in the neck to every aspect of New York life. This is the nature of Andrew Mark Cuomo, a pol who likes nothing better than a television camera on him at the epicenter of everything, the ultimate demagogue. But, that’s not the worst of him; it’s part of the persona of any New York politician. No, there’s the tyranny, the corruption, the captivity to special interests and the callous disregard for any part of the state that doesn’t fall for the demagoguery. It’s all part of an insatiable desire for power.

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There are at least another 100 posts documenting even more of the rotten Cuomo legacy. It’s easy to second-guess Cuomo on the Wuhan Coronavirus. I hope and pray, in fact, he helps lead New York out of the current crisis. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore what he’s done to the Southern Tier, the endemic corruption, the tendency to tyranny, the sellout to special interests or the extreme demagoguery. They are all indications of an insatiable appetite for power. They define him and so many of the urban politicos who come out of New York and the high-density enclaves in this country. It seems Jefferson had a point:

Andrew Mark Cuomo

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5 thoughts on “Andrew Mark Cuomo and His Insatiable Appetite for Power

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  2. Put a couple horns on him and he bears a striking resemblance to Satan…

    That this leftist tyrant still stands a chance of exporting his failures to the entire nation is the stuff of nightmares.

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