Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo’s Shame: The Southern Tier Exodus

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Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo sold out the Southern Tier of New York for the sake of appeasing the NRDC gang. It’s caused a dreadful Southern Tier exodus.

New York’s Southern Tier is experiencing an exodus, Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo having denied the region any hope of economic revival with his fracking ban and war on pipelines; all to please a handful of malcontents and feather his bed with the all-powerful NRDC gang. The Albany Business Review offers up the data in this article.

The article doesn’t offer up much in the way of explanations, softening the impact of the numbers by noticing out-migration isn’t that unusual and that Upstate New York numbers in that regard aren’t that bad. If you read the story carefully, though, you learn this:

Out-migration — people who move from one state to another — is actually higher both downstate and in fast-growing Florida, the state that officially surpassed New York in population four years ago. Those areas, though, have far higher rates of in-migration from other states.

Only seven upstate counties have grown in population since 2010, according to Census estimates.

The story also presents a slideshow allowing readers to “see the 20 upstate counties that lost the largest share of their population to other states between 2011 and 2015.” Here are some that caught my attention:

Southern Tier Exodus

Tompkins County, for you readers from Manhattan, is where Planet Ithaca is located. It’s the pulsating heart of fractivism; the headquarters of the Park Foundation, home to Tony the Tiger Ingraffea and the headquarters of Walter Hang’s Rockefeller outpost where he spends the millions they’ve given him to make mischief.

People are leaving the place in droves, continuing a pattern I noticed several years ago in an EID post titled “Williamsport Explorers beat Ithaca Winers with Walk-Off Home Run.” Tompkins County saw 5.1% of its population exit between 2011 and 2015. That’s over 1% per year. Will Planet Ithaca become a ghost planet before we know it? Well, no, the population is maintained with students and, therein, is the problem, of course. Who needs more mush for brains students?

There was also this county:

Otsego County, for you readers from Manhattan, is home to Cooperstown and “Lake Glimmerglass” of Leatherstocking Tales fame, the Baseball Hall of Fame and some very snobby folks who generally oppose anything they might, under the most remote of circumstances, see or hear. Some wealthy fractivists call it home for this reason. It’s only exporting population at half the rate of Ithaca and environs, but everything Dick Downey has been telling us about school enrollments is obviously true and Corruptocrat’s delay of the Constitution Pipeline is no small part of the equation.

Then, there are these Southern Tier counties:

Southern Tier Exodus

And, here are where these counties from which people are escaping are located; in the Southern Tier where opportunity is just across the border, Andrew Cuomo’s line of demarcation between economic freedom and a corrupt world of special interests, favors and graft:

Southern Tier ExodusSubsequent to the original posting of this article here, Vera Scroggins, decided to try her hand at demographics (see her comment below) but she quickly fell into a trap by confusing migration and population change were the same thing. They are not. Population change is influenced not only by migration but also natural changes and Susquehanna County (which she cites as having worse statistics than the Southern Tier) is an older county bearing few children. One hopes that will change with time.

Meanwhile, we can discern which counties are more appealing at the moment by looking in more detail at the migration patterns of Broome County using the Census Flows Mapper.  Here’s what it shows:

Southern Tier Exodus

Notice Broome County sent more people (net) to Susquehanna County than any of its neighboring counties. Likewise, Susquehanna County pulled in more people from Broome County than any its neighbors:

Southern Tier Exodus

Sorry, Vera, you’re in way over your head. Thanks for the help, though! And, by the way, yes, most students still have mush for brains. They may learn how to think in college but they don’t smart until they had to apply their skills in the real world. Take it from me; I no longer subscribe to a lot of things I thought when I was in college. That’s what happens when people mature. Oh, why bother….

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9 thoughts on “Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo’s Shame: The Southern Tier Exodus

  1. The Usual Fantasy Weave of Tall Tales by Tom….
    Tom even denigrates college students — “mush for brains students”….

    Here’s the Census Details for my lovely County of Susquehanna that is Frack Central-
    and lo and behold, our population has been decreasing
    since 2010 …
    We don’t have White Flight here but Frack Flight…
    Tom left out this info for some reason:

    see this link :

    we saw more than double decrease in population than
    poor Southern Tier..
    5.7 %….

    Population estimates, July 1, 2017, (V2017) NA
    Population estimates, July 1, 2016, (V2016) 40,862
    Population estimates base, April 1, 2010, (V2017) NA
    Population estimates base, April 1, 2010, (V2016) 43,352
    Population, percent change – April 1, 2010 (estimates base) to July 1, 2017, (V2017) NA
    Population, percent change – April 1, 2010 (estimates base) to July 1, 2016, (V2016) -5.7%
    Population, Census, April 1, 2010 43,356

    • Thanks for the help. I have updated the post. Your data is also not necessarily correct, by the way, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself (hint: the estimates are often revised later and they’re not the same as the ACS data, which is more typically used).

    • Drilling has slowed down. So, the drillers have left. The number of people in poverty is higher in Broome County and the average income is higher in Susquahanna.

  2. We have 179.6 acres of land in upstate New York and the taxes are very high.. We are retired and would like to downsizing and move out of New York State. But the problem is that people won’t buy in New York State due to the unfair practices in the governing.. We would stay if we can make money with our land,but it is hard to come out ahead with the cost of living in the state. Supporting the city (New York City)
    and their fancy living hope that they appreciate what we have to give up. This is my opinion and that of many property owners. Thank you for reading this. Lucy & Reid

  3. Rather than looking at population declines in Susquehanna County, I would love to see economic data comparing to the Southern Tier Counties. We do a lot of work there, spending tons of money on sub contractors, supplies, concrete, stone, hotels and restaurants.

    Compare the tax revenues, amount of royalties paid, total energy investments and other predictors. I am sure Susquehanna and surrounding PA counties are much better off than NY.

  4. From the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal:

    (a few pull quotes)

    “As 2018 unfolds and the effects of the Great Recession become hard-learned lessons, an examination of NEPA’s economic sectors presents surprising diversity, as well as a few big guns.

    Gene Barr, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, noted that warehousing and logistics is one area of commerce that has achieved phenomenal success within NEPA. This is fundamentally tied to the region’s strategic location on the east coast, coupled to the availability of effective highway systems.

    The natural gas industry recovering methane from the Marcellus Shale has also achieved great success, despite the threat of increased product taxation. Gas well output has been prolific, while the shale’s supply of “wet gasses” that include propane and ethane represent another gold mine of opportunity for the heating, rubber and plastics industry.

    “This overall development effort within the Marcellus region has been inhibited by permitting problems and the need to construct a better pipeline infrastructure,” said Barr. “But, things are moving in the right direction, and the economic development associated with the gas will only increase.””

    Two other areas of success highlighted by O’Krepkie have become possible because of NEPA’s location and the development of associated technology to capitalize on these realities. This is obvious with the logistics industry, because 96 million customers reside only one day’s truck travel away from NEPA, and within the Marcellus shale which flanks the region’s western border.

    “The location advantage NEPA has with logistics has created a situation where we will run out of land for these big warehousing centers before we run out of companies,” said O’Krepkie. “Meanwhile, with gas recovery billions of dollars are being invested, and the construction of the needed pipeline infrastructure is creating a nice ripple effect.”

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