The Adelphia Gateway: Making An Old Pipeline Great Again

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The reinvention of an old oil pipeline to serve as the Adelphia Gateway will deliver clean, economical, low-carbon natural gas to the Philadelphia region.

Back in November, Jim Willis reported on “a brand new pipeline project…in the Greater Philadelphia area,” stating that “although the project is new, the pipeline is old–already in the ground.” That project is the Adelphia Gateway and it will repurpose the old pipeline to deliver natural gas to Philadelphia. FERC is now considering the project and it deserves our support, as it will be yet another outlet for Marcellus Shale gas.

Adelphia Gateway

Adelphia Gateway Route

The project was nicely summarized by Andrew Maykuth in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The 84-mile underground pipeline was now delivers either oil or natural gas to two Talen power plants in Northampton County. Adelphia Gateway plans to convert the southern 50-mile portion of the pipeline, which now transports oil in a northern direction, to transport gas southward to customers in Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties…

Adelphia will to continue to supply natural gas on the northern 34-mile section of pipe to Talen Energy’s Martins Creek and Lower Mount Bethel generating stations.

The pipeline was built in the 1970s to deliver oil from Sunoco’s former Marcus Hook refinery to power plants owned by Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. It was partly converted to natural gas in 1996. With the refinery’s closure and oil’s fall from favor as a fuel source for electricity generation, the pipeline becomes the latest piece of energy infrastructure converted to accommodate new gas production from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale fields.

Because the Adelphia Gateway will deliver clean, low-carbon, inexpensive Marcellus Shale to Philly, it will serve to reinvigorate economies one both ends; from the gas fields of the Northern Tier to the suburban regions of Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties. Meanwhile, the gas will continue to flow to two Talen Energy power plants that have helped replace coal and oil-based generation. And, it will all happen via an existing pipeline depicted below courtesy of Google Earth:

Adelphia Gateway

Adelphia Gateway Pipeline

There’s every reason, therefore, for all Pennsylvanians to support the Adelphia Gateway project and there’s an easy way to do it; by going to this website, modifying the sample letter to suit your views and hitting the “Post Comment” button. It’s that easy, so do it now. If you need to know more to personalize your comment, visit the project website here and take in the voluminous information presented.


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  1. after what just happened in Massachusetts, you all had better look long and hard about adding the compressor station so close to existing homes. there are acres and acres of open land just adjacent to that pitiful little plot off of rich hill rd outside of Quakertown PA

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