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Wild-Eyed Eric Schneiderman Takes Russian Oil Money?

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It’s hard to imagine a more despicable demagogic pol than Eric Schneiderman, New York’s wild-eyed Attorney General and NRDC shill. But, Russian oil money?

Eric Schneiderman may be the nastiest, most under-handed politician in America. He promotes and does the dirty work of the NRDC gang. He harasses tiny communities with the nerve to favor natural gas development. He’s a relentlessly ambitious demagogue along the lines of the infamous Huey Long. His very appearance—wild-eyed in very respect—hints at what to expect. He routinely jumps the gun, rushes in to lead politically correct causes and changes his story line when things don’t pan out as he hoped. He refuses to honor Freedom of Information requests. He alternately postures, deceives and then hides. He’s a thoroughly bad guy. And, now it appears he’s been taking Russian oil money all the while he’s been attacking fracking in New York.

Wild-Eyed Eric Schneiderman

Wild-Eyed Eric Schneiderman

The Daily Caller has the story and here are the key excerpts regarding Eric Schneiderman and his conflicted position vis-a-vis the Russkies:

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has accepted more than $60,000 in small donations from Leonard Blavatnik, a Ukrainian-born energy billionaire with ties to Russian oligarchs, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation examination of the Democrat’s financial disclosure reports.

Blavatnik plowed $25,000 into Schneiderman’s political war chest in January of 2017 – his generous contribution was one of the largest individual donations given to the New York Democrat this year. Blavatnik had previously donated $38,000 to the anti-Trump lawman from 2011 to 2014…

Eric Schneiderman

Leonard Blavatnik (Forbes photo)

Blavatnik has been involved in Russia’s oil industry for several years. One of his primary financial ventures, AAR, sold a 50 percent stake in energy company TNK, one of Russia’s largest oil companies, where Blavatnik served on the board of directors.

Russian oil company Rosneft eventually completed a $55 billion acquisition of TNK-BP. The U.S. leveled sanctions in 2014 on Rosneft’s wealthy CEO, Igor Sechin, along with several other energy developers in Russia, because of Putin’s decision to militarily intervene in Ukraine’s political system. The sanctions inevitably caused the country’s currency to collapse…

Conservative legal groups have criticized in the past the Democrat’s unwillingness to disclose email communications between the AG office and wealthy environmentalist donors, such as Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, and billionaire activist Tom Steyer – many of whom have publicly supported going after both Trump and energy companies.

His office uses Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) “law enforcement” exemption to justify blocking the requests, and claims his communication with the donors is part of the Exxon investigation. Schneiderman’s bellicose actions against the president and the White House’s climate agenda have won him plaudits from well-heeled donors.

Liberal billionaire George Soros and his family, for instance, have donated$251,000 to Schneiderman’s political campaigns since 2006…

Soros…has funded groups jumping on the bandwagon against oil producer ExxonMobil, an energy company that Schneiderman has flooded under a sea of lawsuits. The AG initially pursued investigations against Exxon in 2015 for supposedly misleading the public and shareholders about the dangers climate change caused the company’s bottom line.

Members of the Rockefeller family have also given $10,040 to Schneiderman since 2004, most of it coming from Larry Rockefeller, a prominent environmental lawyer, who’s given Schneiderman $7,500 since 2014.

How about that? Eric Schneiderman isn’t just an over-eager stooge for the NRDC gang; he’s also in the pocket of Russian oil oligarchs opposed to fracking in New York. This guy should be prosecuted himself!


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9 thoughts on “Wild-Eyed Eric Schneiderman Takes Russian Oil Money?

  1. If cuomo ever goes down schneiderman is right there to step in. The Big Money left owns this corrupt one-party state. Secession is the only solution but that will never happen.

    • The problem is neither Cuomo or Schneiderman, but that NY Republicans can’t find a candidate less bland than Astorino or less offensive than Paladino. The “Big Money” right (Koch, Mercer, Mellon, Scarife, DeVos) could make it rain money if you could find any candidate at the state level that could win. They sure opened up in Sam Brownback in Kansas and Scott Walker and Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.

      • I think not.

        Astorino won almost every upstate county despite no $ and little name recognition. Refer to the 2014 election map- which also proves my secession assertion.

        The NY senate is largely RINOs under flanagan and the Dems could get an Irish Setter elected with the overwhelming urban vote.

  2. He is terrible. So painful to watch him, Cuomo, deBlazio trying to out-liberal each other. And none of them can do anything without issuing press releases to pat themselves on the back.

    • The Republicans who stayed home in the last election could have elected Astorino if they had all voted. A fair number of Democrats didn’t bother to vote either, figuring the election would be a walkover. If a third of your party can’t be bothered to vote for your candidate, or at least against the opposition, then Republicans should re-examine their platform.

  3. Dakota Access Pipeline Developer Sues Greenpeace Over ‘Eco-Terrorist’ Campaign
    just saw this headline — was not sure where to send it

  4. Here is a more direct Russian connection. In 2013, Rex Tillerson, then head of ExxonMobil, received the Russian Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin for signing shale oil deals in Siberia with Rosneft. The deal was ruined by the Obama administration sanctions against Russia for the Ukrainian invasion. Of course, today Tillerson is Trump’s Secretary of State.

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