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Widespread Support for Constitution Pipeline

Constitution Pipeline - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


A postcard campaign for the Constitution Pipeline returns over 10,000 replies, showing widespread support for the project, demanding Cuomo approves the pipeline!

Demonstrating overwhelming local support for the proposed Constitution Pipeline, leaders of the Unatego Area Landowner Association (UALA) announced today that they had distributed over 10,000 postcards addressed to Governor Andrew Cuomo demanding that he approve the pipeline and the jobs it will bring to their economically ravaged communities.

constitution pipeline

Over the past eight weeks, members of the landowner group have been busy distributing the postcards urging the Governor to issue of the final permits needed to break ground on the project. The group worked with local land and business owners as well as union members, family and friends.

The campaign was spearheaded by Tom Toomey, Richard Downey, Rod Gould and Marie Lusins, all residents of Otsego County and members of the UALA. The group wanted to provide a simple method for local residents and businesses to show their support of the Constitution Pipeline.

By distributing cards in batches of hundreds, dozens, or even with single cards handed to family and friends, the landowners quickly realized they couldn’t meet the demand.

“As we began handing out cards, supporters asked for more and more,” Downey said. “We definitely found a practical method to show the governor our voice in support of Constitution.”

After initiating the campaign in Otsego County, organizers immediately expanded distribution throughout the Southern Tier. Cards are currently being mailed to the Governor from project supporters in Otsego, Schoharie, Delaware, Chenango, Broome and Tioga Counties, with additional support coming from areas in northeast Pennsylvania.

constitution pipeline

In December 2014, Constitution Pipeline received a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The project is awaiting a 401 Water Quality Certification from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The postcards contain a simple message to the Governor: “Dear Governor Cuomo, I support the Constitution Pipeline. Please issue the 401-Water Permit for our jobs, our families and our community.” The simple message is meant to show the Governor that local residents support the proposed Constitution project and the benefits will bring to the region.   Organizers say the Constitution Pipeline will bring over $14 million in annual tax revenue and the potential for local natural gas distribution to the Southern Tier.

“It’s a huge benefit for communities and every family living in the area,” said Toomey, a landowner in Unadilla, New York.   The campaign is still underway and organizers believe thousands of postcards have been mailed to the Governor thus far. “We will continue our efforts and we certainly hope the Governor hears us,” Downey said.

Editor’s Note: We couldn’t help but notice the antis are now saying they’re doing the same thing with a postcard campaign of their own. Dick’s campaign must be working! Help it along by also calling the Governor’s office at 877-235-6537 and asking him to “Approve the Constitution Pipeline” and do it now!  

Richard Downey is a retired New York City schoolteacher and a member of the Unatego Board of Education and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

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