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Vera Scroggins Plays the Martyr

Vera Scroggins - Rachael Bunzey ReportsRachael Bunzey
Natural Gas NOW


Vera Scroggins is an attention seeking fractivist who operates out of Pennsylvania and is on a mission to keep fracking out of New York. Her neighbors and one gas company have had quite enough. 

And, she’s at it again.  No matter how many times science and facts prove natural gas development is safe, the one and only Vera Scroggins continues to make a spectacle of herself on a regular basis, particularly in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, where she moved to several years ago from New Jersey. She’s not happy unless she’s sticking her thumb in someone’s eye and then crying “he hurt me” and she’s doing it yet again.

Vera Scoggins, the Private Property Tour Guide

The first time I ever saw Vera Scroggins, we were together at a meeting in Dimock Township.  She caused a scene by throwing a typical activist hissy fit because she wasn’t getting her way.  Over the years I have learned the M.O. for most activists is simply this; if at first you don’t get your way, yell louder or get yourself arrested.

During this meeting, a local resident and landowner told me Vera had trespassed on her land.  Scroggins overheard the comment and verbally attacked the landowner, acknowledging she did, in fact, trespass to get video footage of a natural gas site.  This demonstrated another thing I’ve noticed about fractivists; they assume moral superiority and the rights to trample on others’ rights on the theory they’re upright and everyone else is crooked. This condescending attitude wears thin after a while–very thin–and it was the beginning of the end for me as to any respect for this woman.

I have followed around her foolish tours countless times in the past three years.  To my astonishment, she still gets people to attend them.  Regardless, the tours always consist of but two things, fear mongering and trespassing on the peace of her neighbors.  She had been told several times she was not, and still isn’t, allowed on private property or natural gas sites.  Yet, she still continues to drag out-of-towners through the county, stopping in the middle of one-lane back roads, gawking at others’ properties and meandering onto them without permission.

Vera Scroggins Tour

The local landowners are frustrated, not only because she has given their area a bad reputation, but also because she puts them in a position where they feel they need to defend their homes and neighborhood from this public menace, as well as criminals. How? Well, whenever Vera and her friends speculate (from no knowledge) how much money these landowners are making, as Bill Huston has done, for example, they are essentially identifying these landowners as potential marks for break-ins, of which there have been plenty in the area.

Vera routinely victimizes residents in these ways and, apparently, doesn’t care. She has already had one injunction against her to stay away from the Heavenly Angels store and deli in Franklin Forks after pulling this little stunt:

Scroggins was trying to draw a connection between naturally occurring arsenic in the store’s well water (not used for cooking or drinking) and gas drilling. There was no connection, as can be learned here, but that is the sort of thing Vera has been doing routinely. It’s nothing less than appalling and the video shows exactly what the real Vera Scroggins is like and, as Tom noted earlier, it isn’t pretty.

Vera Scroggins, the Demagogue and Play-Actress Martyr

She is a demagogue with zero interest in the facts. There is no evidence the process of hydraulic fracturing has ever, in 60+ years of doing it, polluted any ground water supply anywhere in this country, but Scroggins isn’t into facts, so she is ever increasing her voice. Need proof? Watch this video as she harasses landowners who don’t agree with her.

Fractivists like Scroggins think they are not only morally superior, but invincible and above the law.  They feel like they have more rights than others and have no respect for the privacy of their neighbors.  They cry wolf and “poor me” if they get challenged. They want to be martyrs, because fighting in the name of the environment is their religion and to be martyrs they need to create enemies by falsely suggesting others are against the environment. It’s pathetic.

Monday, Scroggins is due in the Montrose court for a hearing on an injunction obtained by Cabot Oil & Gas to halt her trespassing, something dozens of landowners have wanted to press for three years and counting.   We can assume she will, once again, cry wolf and play the victim, trying to change the subject from her trespassing to something she wants everyone to believe is wrong with natural gas development.

She’ll probably also say she’s prevented from visiting the hospital or shopping or something else along those lines that’s she conjured up to suggest the injunction is anything but an attempt to keep her off production sites and the like. And, she’ll probably refuse compromise because she doesn’t want resolution but, rather, an issue where she can play the martyr. She’s no martyr, though. She’s just another fractivist manipulating things to hide the truth.

We can only hope the judge will see continue to see through this actress’s performance and hold her accountable.  Scroggins needs to be held to the same standards as everyone else.

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19 thoughts on “Vera Scroggins Plays the Martyr

  1. And she’s a lousy videographer also….mostly a waste of time to watch anything she does….except as a lesson in how NOT to do it….

  2. Another hidden problem with people like this is that, by the nature of social media, she became an “expert” voice of the opposition by any journalist doing a google search. In the name of trying to present all sides, the journalist ends up giving a person of little to no knowledge a status they do not merit as a “long time activist” or “fracking opponent.”

  3. Maybe Montrose court will make an example of her ? Well site security is important to everyone! Lets hope the Judge can find a way to make her understand how dangerous it is !

  4. Please do not pick on Vera she is a good woman….. I don’t believe it when you say all those things about her swearing and dancing naked at a vomit party. Everything she says is true and I think she is telling the truth when she says the gas drilling people bought everybody off. If you could put me in contact with her I would like to take her to dinner she is pretty attractive for a woman of 78 years.

  5. Is it true at court today the place was packed with locals holding anti Vera signs? I thought she was the local hero?

    • I’d say it was half locals and half out-of-towners. There were many signs saying “Vera, Get Off Our Land.”

    • Local hero!? would you like her trespassing on your property, sitting outside your house with her camera pointed in you home windows? Google her, find out for yourself.

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  10. A long standing and revered tenet of our country has been that the Ends Never Justify the Means. A tenet is “a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially : one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession”, according to Mirriam Webster’s. The moment we embrace Ends as justifying any Means, then all objective standards will disappear. The rule of law is based on Due Process, which means the ‘means’ by which matters are decided. Due Process has such importance that it is enshrined in the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution. In the US, “how we get there” when it comes to politics, is equally as important as where we are going. On the other hand, it is the devine right of kings that honors Ends over Means. And it is that subjective, “I-know-the-truth-and-you-don’t” attitude without any objective fact verification as a check on power that Americans rebelled against. That rebellion will never end so long as the Vera Scroggins of the world continue to claim a modern version of the Devine Right of Kings. Thank the Deity to which you pray that Vera Scroggins is not the Queen of the U.S.A.

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