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Tom Wolf; You’re No Friend of the Working Family

Josh Fox Fundraiser - Betty Sutliff Reports on the LiesBetty Sutliff
Wayne County Landowner
Member of Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance


Betty Sutliff writes a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf reminding him of a landowners meeting held with the Governor and how far he’s strayed from what he told them.

September 8, 2017

The Honorable Tom Wolf
Governor of Pennsylvania
225 Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Re:  DRBC Plans to Ban Fracking

Dear Governor Wolf:

On February 2, 2015, I mailed a letter to you regarding statements you made in your inaugural address.  Wanting to hold your feet to the fire, I challenged you to a meeting with the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance executive team and the Wayne County Commissioners.  With Senator Lisa Baker also in attendance, we met with you on June 8th.  A follow up thank you letter, including a summary of the three key points discussed at the meeting, was sent to you on June 11th. The following shows a comparison of excerpts of my initial letter, including quotes from your inaugural address, and the key points in the summary of our meeting.

Initial letter:  In your address, you mentioned the abundant natural resources present in Pennsylvania, and gas was the first item in the list. You said, “To fulfill our potential, we must take full and responsible advantage of these resources.”

Post meeting summary:  We need to explore the benefits a severance tax would provide to all Pennsylvanians, as long as all Pennsylvanians, including those who are located within the DRBC, are guaranteed the right to develop their minerals.

Initial letter:  You said that Pennsylvania “has to offer a level playing field making sure all (emphasis added) businesses, all (emphasis added) Pennsylvanians, have a chance to get ahead” and that “all (emphasis added) of Pennsylvania’s families deserve the same (emphasis added) opportunities.”

Post meeting summary:  Although Wayne County is, as shown by the map of leased land, predominantly in favor of natural gas exploration and production, it has been denied the opportunity that every other county with viable natural gas has been granted.  (Note:  A map of leased land in Wayne County was presented to you that day.  The map indicated that the vast majority of landowners in Wayne County were leased.)

Initial letter:  Yet, here in Wayne County, we have been denied just that. You talked about fairness, but what is fair about denying the families and landowners the right to harvest the natural resource that is below the ground here? Does “all” not include residents of Wayne County because they reside in a different watershed? You talked about good paying jobs and education that prepares students for those jobs. Lackawanna Junior College is preparing students for work in the natural gas industry with nearly 100% placement. However, to access those opportunities, young adults from Wayne County must look to neighboring counties.

Post meeting summary:  The DRBC has not been operating with the same efficiency and effectiveness as the SRBC.  In light of the report from the EPA saying there is no evidence of widespread or systemic contamination of groundwater as a result of hydraulic-fracturing, there is no reason for further delay in passing the regulations.

Initial letter:  Your stated goal is “to put the interests of our hardworking families ahead (emphasis added) of the special interests.”  As you said, let’s be “willing to listen to each other . . . and learn from each other . . . and work together to give all (emphasis added) Pennsylvanians a shot at a great life.”

Initial letter:  You stated, “ . . . when we’ve looked to our leaders for answers, we’ve been disappointed and frustrated to the point where we feel very cynical about our government and our future” and, “Our experience has made us cynical . . .”

In spite of what you, Governor Wolf, said in your inaugural address and at our meeting, it is obvious that you are putting special interest groups ahead of hardworking families in Pennsylvania, denying them a shot at a great life.  Thus, I remain

Cynically yours,

Betty Sutliff, Executive Committee
Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance

Tom Wolf

NWPOA landowners and Wayne County Commissioners at meeting with Gov. Tom Wolf before he apparently decided to sell them down the river after all.

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11 thoughts on “Tom Wolf; You’re No Friend of the Working Family

  1. Betty, “special interests” are not the issue or involved.

    It’s citizens like you and others who live in gas drilled infested areas and who see the degradation of our air and water and lives because of it.

    You want something that can impair the air and water and health of people.

    Can you guarantee that what you do on your property won’t adversely affect your neighbors…?

    The Pa. Constitution guarantees our Right to Clean Air and Clean Water and
    does not say anything about the Right to Make Money off of One’s Land Minerals …

    I appreciate Gov. Wolf’s focus on our health and environment and the DRBC’s focus on this…

  2. Betty- welcome to the political Hell that we upstate NYers are in. Forget about opportunity, justice, or any compensation for the destruction of your minerals value by a handful of elitists.

  3. Betty : a suggestion:

    you and the landowners’ group can consider agreeing to monetarily pay for any damages to landowners near your gas wells for air and water contamination.

    you can tell Gov. Wolf and DRBC that you’re willing to help fund the harms that may occur from gas drilling and fracking on your lands and that may open their minds to let you frack in Wayne County and elsewhere in the Delaware Water Basin.

    since you probably don’t believe that gas drilling and fracking will harm the environment, then this type of agreement may work for you.

    and consider coming on a private tour of mine and meet the families who are harmed and verified by our DEP and see what is happening near and next to their homes and see how wealthy they have become or not. Might be good for you to learn about first hand before you let them drill on your land.

    Vera Scroggins
    Citizens for Clean Water
    Susquehanna County, Pa.
    607 237 9685
    check out these links:



      • Your above link has, similarly to just about anything else associated with your buddy Cabot, no credibility. It’s from 2012 and states, “Our first stop was at Cabot’s compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. Cabot has already started to convert its fleet and plans to convert its drilling operations to CNG next year.” Well I don’t know how many years the planet you’re on takes to orbit the sun, but I do know that I personally witnessed, just a few weeks ago in 2017, one of Cabot’s GDS trucks with “Powered by Natural Gas” emblazoned across the back of it, filling up AT A GASOLINE-ONLY PUMP at the truck stop in Harford.

    • Ms. Orlando, Mr. Levine’s “second” home and about 10 acres are in Wayne County PA. You could look this up in the Wayne County public tax assessment records. This means Mr. Levine is a primary stakeholder in this issue, unlike you, who live in Brooklyn, NYC, no? Of course, your opinions are welcome, as NYC does get it’s water from upstate, and the DRB. As for DCS, if you, or anyone would like to be “filled in” on the group, just go to Main Street in Narrowsburg, NY, where the DCS office has been for a number of years. They will be happy to educate you, if it is possible to educate you. If you would like to take a bus, the Short Line leaves from Port Authority to Monticello. You can then have Tom Shepstone pick you up to drive you over. Best Regards, James Barth

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  5. Bart and the DCS crew got shot down in flames at the UDC meeting when a real scientist with real statistics from Penn State refused to even consider the junk science from Tony the Tiger Ingraffee. When the DCS jeered him they got what they deserved a big put down from those who know the real science. Made your group look foolish and amateurish. Typical for this classless group of activists.

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