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Tom Marino Calls Out Cuomo on Constitution Pipeline

Constitution Pipeline - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
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PA Congressman Tom Marino, who represents Susquehanna County where the Constitution Pipeline begins, calls out Cuomo on his permit denial.

The Constitution Pipeline begins in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, though most of it is in New York. Susquehanna County is in Congressman Tom Marino’s 10th Congressional District. Marino did an interview with me several months ago and is unabashedly pro-gas. He proved it again this week with a strong statement effectively calling out New York’s bully Governor Andrew Cuomo for his cowardly act in denying the Constitution Pipeline a Section 401 Water Quality Certification necessary for final FERC approval. He followed it up with a great interview on Fred Dicker’s program.

Constitution pipeline

Congressman To Marino

Here is Tom Marino’s excellent statement:

“The Constitution Pipeline is a common sense proposal that will create thousands of good paying jobs for hardworking Americans. Once again, politicians have allowed their own personal agendas to cloud their judgment. This show of political might will only cost the United States jobs and further halt economic growth. Even worse, blocking the pipeline increases reliance on foreign sources of natural gas rather than utilizing the abundant supply we have here at home. This is an incredible loss for the Commonwealth.”

Marino’s reference to personal political agendas, of course, is about Cuomo and his cowering before the NRDC gang and friends. He gave the NRDC gang three years to turn what should have been a routine bureaucratic decision by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) into a political issue, just as he did with fracking, meanwhile appointing two successive members of the gang to the position of DEC Commissioner where they could keep the thumb on career employees.

Marino also went into more detail on the Fred Dicker Show this week to lay out the problem and call out the Cuomo administration. You can hear the interview here (beginning at 26:30):


I wonder what the folks in the Governor’s office will think as they read the transcript they pay their staff to make of this one, especially to his reference to the New York and Pennsylvania border as the Berlin Wall. Responding to Dicker’s comments about Cuomo being captured by “radical greenies,” Marino notes Cuomo is leading New York back into the 20th Century by putting the patronization of these radicals ahead of the public interest. He also talks about the gas wells near his own home, the safety record of the industry and the importance of inexpensive natural gas to urban consumers. Listen in!

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8 thoughts on “Tom Marino Calls Out Cuomo on Constitution Pipeline

  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/erikcito/26217334813/in/album-72157667977704735/

    Dicker is really doing some crackerjack investigative reporting there! Kidding of course.

    What do you make of people involved with creating a conspiracy theory on export with the port Ambrose project, some who likely have testified falsely under oath at NYC council hearings and much more showing up at a prosecutors office to drop off paperwork as photojournalist Erik McGregor seems to have captured this with his camera?

  2. http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/248918/opponents-of-cpv-plant-in-orange-county-call-for-deep-and-wide-probe/

    Interestingly the times Union which often promotes the antifracking pipeline resistance and other infrackstructure movement had a “reporter” covering pramilla malick and James Cromwell’s latest stunt.

    Somehow I doubt dicker is actually going to do any real investigating or reporting. Doesn’t seem to be what he does at all.

    • I’ve listened to him for a few years via the talk1300.com website; where you can catch him via live stream. You can also listen to his reports via podcast, accessible from the same site. The live, on-air show and stream is at 10:00 weekdays, and he mentioned that it will be returning live over the air in the evening.

      While he may not be the usual sort of investigative reporter we could use, he is VERY pro development of natural gas, both fracking and pipelines, and has excoriated Cuomo for his decisions against natural gas. His twitter feed is also quite snarky; any time there’s a positive article on fracking he re-tweets it with the heading “Attention Dr. Zucker’s Children”. (twitter.com/fud31)

      I bet that if somebody wanted to go on air with him he’d be amenable to that – he’s had farmers assemblymen, state senators, etc. on covering a wide range of political issues. Just a matter of finding a well-versed,well-spoken person to try.

  3. Fred Dicker is a political commentator, and a damn good one. He’s been around Albany for decades and is one of the few people calling out the scum in NY’s capital for what they are. He’s a bit too conservative on some social issues for my taste but otherwise tells it like it is.

    It’s not his job to pound the pavement. He’s one of the few allies upstate has.

  4. Tom Marino just another corporate puppet for PA .At least NY cares about it’s citizens and environment and doesn’t sell out to industry like PA did and still does….PA ( PROFIT ALWAYS )

    • You have nailed it. It is about profits. and its not about
      climate change or the environment. It is about profits, because the capitalistic system runs on profits, the
      radical activists are using techniques of Saul Alinsky as written in his RULES FOR THE RADICAL back in the 1960’s. Its about replacing capitalism with socialism.
      The deception is very transparent.

  5. When the New York City elites and the Massachusetts ultra-liberals find out their natural gas supplies limited and prices skyrocketing they can call
    Gov. Cuomo and thank him for his foresight.
    John Kameen

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