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It’s Time to Speed Up Pipeline Approvals!

pipeline approvalsDouglas Berkley
Noise Solutions, Technical Sales & Solutions
Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler

It’s time we insisted on faster pipeline approvals from FERC and state agencies. The benefits are too great to be sacrificed to fractivist delay tactics.

My company, Noise Solutions, helps soundproof compressor buildings on pipelines. I’ve learned, accordingly, just how important these facilities are, not only to me but others. They are simply critical for delivering urban energy and rural jobs. They’re also being built to the highest of environmental and safety standards. It’s time we ended the unconscionable delays in pipeline approvals and speeded up the process.

Sunoco’s Mariner East 2  and UGI’s PennEast pipeline projects are examples of key pieces of energy infrastructure needed immediately. They’re necessary to transport low-cost, abundant supplies of natural gas and gas liquids from the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions to hungry energy markets along the East Coast and beyond.

pipeline approvals

Pipelines have crossed this state and our country for a century and are the safest way to transport many kinds of fuel.  They have a 99.999% safety rating.  This is fact.  We’re also looking at jobs, good paying jobs.  We can also expect upwards of 1,000 combined permanent jobs and thousands of jobs during the construction of both projects.  One would be hard-pressed to name another industry creating jobs in our region at this rate.

It’s time for reasonable residents to support the speedy construction of these projects. Let’s move our ample supply of shale energy to the coasts and beyond, where it is sorely needed to lower fuel costs to residents paying higher rates than necessary.  Serious environmentalists realize we can all benefit from clean-burning, affordable natural gas until other sources of energy might one day power our daily lives.

I applaud, for this reason, the way FERC is now handling hearings to shut down fractivist attempts to turn them into show trials. FERC also need to get stricter in limiting intervenors and simply speedings things up. Finally, we also need to stop letting extraneous agencies into the process of securing pipeline approvals. Enough delay already. Move ahead with these pipeline approvals. They’re needed now!


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