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The Dragon Ships Are Coming

Methane - Don RoesslerDonald Roessler
Washington County, Pa. Landowner and Gas Lease Holder

Something exciting is happening and it involves dragon ships that will transport Marcellus Shale gas to European markets as an alternative to Russian gas.

Range Resources and INEOS have partnered to export Ethane from Marcellus Shale across the Atlantic Ocean, to European Countries, via ship. At 2:43 in the video following they show the Markwest cracker plant, here in Houston, Pennsylvania (Washington County), where they will be supplying Ethane for this. The Ethane is being shipped via the Mariner East I Pipeline, which recently opened, to the Marcus Hook facility in Philadelphia, where “dragon ships” will be loaded for transport to Europe.

INEOS also partnered with Danish Shipping Company Evergas in 2013 to transport it to the European Countries who need Ethane to keep their chemical plants in operation. This project is employing ten’s of thousands of workers, in several countries to build the ships. some four ships were first ordered, then the order was upped to eight to meet demands.

The first two ships have been completed and have been put into service.

HSVA in Hamburg Germany designed the haul of the ships to meet the special needs involved to transport Ethane. The engine was designed by Wartsila in Spain. It was specially designed to run entirely on Ethane.

This world’s first engine design will reduce emissions and allow more room for cargo. Sinopacific in China was chosen to construct the Dragon ships. They are one of the biggest ship builders in the world. The ships tanks are the largest ever built for this purpose. They will carry a total of 27,000 cubic meters of Ethane.

Each ship requires 5,000 people and takes 2 million man hours to build. The ships needed to be built to meet a deadline for the first delivery in October, 2015. The project took five years in the making and spans three continents.

dragon ships

The first two ships were officially named the JS INEOS Ingenuity and the JS INEOS Insight in a ceremony attended by delegates from around the world. They will be the first to set sail to pick up their cargo here in the US.

As Range Resources motto states, “Drilling Is Just The Beginning.”

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26 thoughts on “The Dragon Ships Are Coming

  1. Hey Donald ….what Happened to all that ‘American Energy independence crap we heard just a short while ago ( the main chant to grab the mineral rights from uninformed people ) !! Just more lies from NG industry to rape our lands for profit and you are part of the cause .No matter what you say !This was the plan from the start ( exporting our resources .)

    • There is more than enough for us AND exports means an American commodity to BOOST OUR ECONOMY instead of always being the IMporter and paying other counties, something we have been poorly lacking and WHY we are dependent on foreign resources. Let them become dependent on US for a chg!

      • Exporting …..increased NG drilling using the industrial unsafe process of High Volume Hydrofracing .This process is allowed only a few hundred feet ( or less ) from people’s homes .It will never be Safe since it is an industrial process and will always have industrial related issues no matter what the industry and pro gas supporters say ….Totally irresponsible to allow a process that has been proven to be hazardous to local people’s health ,environment and quality of life for the pursuit of profit and economical gain ….!

  2. Are you a supporter of Russia exporting natural gas to countries that need it Bill ?? If it’s true that you have a gas lease, as many have stated on here, it’s not our fault you signed a crappy lease. Should we also ban food exports to countries who need it ?? Also you should take note that this ethane will be used for the chemical industry that is suffering over there, and not energy, before you insult me.

    • I don’t give a crap about Russia or any other country that wants to export LNG .I do however care about this country and what I have experienced from NG drillers here near me and in other area .Exporting will increase drilling .Drilling will increase hazards for some people living close to operations ..( this is a fact even though somehow you don’t want to grasp it ) Leases no matter how well constructed will always have issues that will need to be challenged by a lawyer .So any discrepancy in the terms ( which from my experience is common business ) will need legal intervention and this can be extremely costly ,and get No or very little results if any .Food is a Very Bad analogy to LNG exporting derived from HVHF .Food is wholesome NG extraction is far from that in reality !People like you just see the money and try to rationalize their taking of it so they can sleep at night .No character just materialism on their minds .Simply and precise ! Why so compassionate for other countries .This one and the people here are most important ( at least to me ) .

    • Also Donald only some large landowners make out most people ( including some large landowner ) DON’T but experience all the nuisances from the NG drilling operations which are negative to their quality of life and ability to enjoy their property the way they wish ! …..can you say law suit .

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  4. Very informative post. Ethane, for those who are uninformed, is the main precursor to all petrochemicals, and judging by the price, it is true “gold.” At the moment, there is only one US export terminal, which is in Houston owned by Mitsubishi and Chevron, but that is going to change rapidly. For the disgruntled royalty owner, this article shows there are many ways for a gas producer to make money, just like an oil producer. Remember, there are about 6,000 primary products from crude oil, and gas will have about the same. Ethane from gas is hard, but doable and this post shows it.

  5. Bill,

    Power is an necessity! This is what the World has come to. All people require it; for heating, cooling, drawing water, producing food, etc. There will always be problems no matter what method is used to produce it. Nothing is 100 percent to our liking. that’s life; you have your opinion and someone else has theirs. It so happens we are blessed with natural reaources and lots of them; let’s use them all; Solar, Wind, Natural gas, etc. Not just for us but the whole world that needs it! A little inconvenience with noise, traffic makes life alot easier to take when the temps go well below zero and the heat of summer soars above 100 F; does’nt it? Remember it’s there for our use otherwise it would never been available. Be greatful we have resources to satisfy our needs and the proper way to utilize them……….

    • NG extraction using HVHF process is heavy industrial and will never be Safe …..when you live next toit you get the point ( like me ) ….I’m all for energy ,but not when it makes me and my neighbors sick ,and changes our quality of life !Should never be allowed next to our homes !

        • Look Tom I got plenty of video ,pictures and more showing operations here .As far as testing I also have air tests,and water tests data done by certified labs and ,drilling co’s and PA DEP ….My point is industrial operations should not be allowed as close to our homes .They always have some sort of issues ( unless you live in a dream world ) and anyone who claims issues don’t exist are either uninformed or just ignoring all the related nuisances brought on by the extraction.You think you are well informed but are quite lacking in the actual reality of what takes place.Me I lived it for well over 5 yrs and have kept plenty of records and made plenty of complains that are on record with sources that really count (like PA DEP ,drillers,PUC and more .

      • The Penn State study has several flaws and is inconclusive and they say so. All it did was look at zip codes and hospital records. It didn’t study the actual people themselves or their lifestyles for things such as do they smoke or drink. They even admit that more study needs to done.

        Silica sand has been a known health threat for a very long time. It is used in several industries, as they state, not just fracking. It is also used in the solar industry to make panels and the wind turbine industry to make the concrete for their base. It is an issue that can be and is being addressed. They make recommendations on how to address it.

        According to someone who works in the industry, your video is more than likely steam from the flowback process. When the water comes back up it is very hot and will steam when it is cold enough outside. You don’t have proof that is a sand cloud.

        • Donald ….BS no steam ( I was there It was dust and not the first time it was videoed by me )… there are plenty more reports about health issues .In your own words “Silica sand has been a known health threat for a very long time ” …and is a serious issue in NG drilling .Was not addressed from 2009 to present and many were affected (and now have problems ) and I doubt it will change in the future !Your rebuttals don’t hold water ,just plain bias !Any one who thinks an industrial operation can be done safely next to people’s homes is either uninformed or has a reason to be bias ( for profit ) and rationalizes what he has done …….JUST like you do !!!!!

          • What were the readings on your air particle monitor that proves it was silica dust Bill ??

  6. Donald just keep rationalizing the money you got from leasing your land .It will make you very happy I’m sure .Oh by the way I got suma canister testing on some pads that show chemicals in the air ( 5 on one pad alone ) all by a certified lab ….and some by the PA DEP and the driller …as far as the silica dust if you been around drilling you know it is common to have silica dust and many are just like the video I took back in 2012 …..!!!

    • Are you one of the Citizens Scientists running around collecting air samples ?? Do you have any formal education in science and air quality like the rest of them don’t ??

      • Samples are send to a certified lab .Suma canisters are one of the most sensitive methods of collection. I have plenty of experience in measuring data…..just apply what I ‘ve done in the past to my collection ….Face it you raped the land and possibly caused nuisances to your neighbors in the name of profit ! Sleep on that !It will make you feel fine ……..

        • There wasn’t any drilling on my property. None of my neighbors complained about it. I sleep very well at night.

          • So why do you kiss the industry’s ass ? You can’t change the fact that drilling for NG is a industrial process being done next to people’s homes due to politicians sucking up to the NG industry and the money they bring .Yet neglecting their duty to the citizens living in drilling areas .

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