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Tell the DRBC to Get It Done, NOW, Without Further Delay!

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Natural Gas NOW


It’s time to take action to let the DRBC know just how outrageous their eight years of dawdling in allowing gas drilling to move ahead really is.

Bob Nolan’s guest post this morning makes it clear it’s time to let the DRBC know how Upper Delaware communities and landowners are thoroughly disgusted with the agency’s six years of doing nothing on draft gas drilling regulations. The DRBC also wasted another two years before that in developing a ridiculous set of standards that had everything to do with land use and virtually nothing to do with water use.

Josh Fox is mounting his campaign and we need to do the same. The following is a petition we ask every landowner, every business, every job-seeking resident and every local official to get behind. Your signing of the petition will automatically generate an e-mail to the Secretary of the Commission demanding action.

You imposed an effective moratorium on gas drilling in the Delaware River basin by virtue of decisions made by your Executive Director some eight years ago and on May 5, 2010 meeting you unanimously directed your staff “to develop draft regulations on well pads in the shales for notice and comment rulemaking and postponed the DRBC’s consideration of well pad dockets until regulations are adopted.” You were presented with draft regulations in September, 2011 and have since refused to vote on them so as to avoid offending special interests.

Altogether, you have had eight very long years to establish a policy on this matter and have utterly failed to the great economic detriment of upper basin landowners and communities with natural gas resources. It is a complete abdication of responsibility and we call upon you to immediately resolve this matter in the manner of your sister agency, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, which has regulated water use connected with drilling, with no adverse impact on water quality and no interference in natural gas development so vital to the regional economy.

Do it now!

To the Delaware River Basin Commission


Dear Delaware River Basin Commission Members,

**your signature**

402 signatures

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18 thoughts on “Tell the DRBC to Get It Done, NOW, Without Further Delay!

  1. According to the counter, I was only the 7th person to sign this. If we can’t do better than this, the anti’s and their circus performances at hearing meetings will win with little or no effort.

    The anti’s continue to eat your political lunch and it seems that the readers can’t be bothered to make even this minimal effort to protect their rights. No wonder you’re worse off than you were 5 years ago.

    • Dye- the DRBC and 90% of corrupt NY government is owned by the radical left, their courts and their media. To blame vastly outnumbered landowners in the face of their wanton obstruction of justice is, to put it charitably, unwelcome.

      • Maybe the “vastly outnumbered landowners” could even up the odds if they figured out a way to get people who, live in cities and suburbs, have no interest in your land rights, but could be potential customers to support gas development. Maybe if you stopped thinking that conservatives “own” the gas issue and think in terms of how to make liberal customers want to use it. Maybe you should stop whining about how are “greens” mean to you and take the fight to them. Turn the tables on the anti-gassers and use their own material to ask how, when and where they intend to put all that renewable infrastructure.

        You have to sell the unique benefits of natural gas, and only natural gas, to people who think your politics and climate denial are repugnant. You can do this by telling them the truth about gas and the weaknesses of the renewable goals and time frames. You have to start doing this right now, because they only have to delay you to win and you’ve already wasted precious years.

        • Whining? Your inability to understand the nature of institutionalized corruption is pretty pathetic.

          I demonstrated with the Tioga landowners group several times, went to Albany twice and have had several lengthy opinion pieces highly critical of Cuomo and his policies published in the P&SB. What the hell have you done?

          Unfortunately it was all a waste of time.

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  3. How can we bring President Trump’s attention to this blatant over-reach of government? Can we petition to disband the DRBC?

  4. I am totally disgusted by the lack of action by the Delaware River Commission. I have come to this conclusion: The Delaware River Commission have shown by their lack of adopting meaningful regulations that they are actually testifying to the fact they have no standing in drilling of natural resources. Their sole mission is to regulate the waters of the Delaware River.

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  6. What is happening with the group that is going to court trying to sue the DRBC for inaction and their loss of right to drill themselves on their own property.

    There was an article some time ago about this group, but I can not find the result of their legal action, but I am sure you have info on this subject.

    Could you send me info on this and why are we not organizing to join this legal action.

    DRBC should be sued for our loss of income or something similar.

      • When you say everyone should support it are you talking about landowners and if so how can we support it.

        Has anyone toyed with the idea of a class action representing landowners who have lost the right to have drilling done on their property in compliance with Federal and State EPA regulation. Also the class action could be for loss of income due to their inaction.

        I expect loss of income is hard to determine, since it seems the results of the test wells is not available from Hess.

        I guess the current court case will hopefully decide if the DRBC has the authority to regulate drilling. Charge for water usage ( it is our water not theirs to charge for) etc etc.

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