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Canadian Health Study from Last Year Stands in the Way of a Rolling Stone

Natural Gas NOWConnie Mellin
Natural Gas NOW


A ludicrous “health study” led by fractivists and published in fake news outlet Rolling Stone, is countered by a Canadian health study from last year.

Rolling Stone just published a laughable “health study” conducted by a team of committed fractivists. It’s not a study at all, in fact, but a junk science compendium, as Seth Whitehead at Energy In Depth illustrates, demolishing the whole thing to the point there’s nothing left of it. Read his detailed analysis and see just how bad this most recent effort by Sandra Steingraber and company real is. The only thing he left out is the fact Sandra has heated her own home with natural gas while attacking fracking.

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DRBC Short-Circuits Science and Goes Straight to Politics

Fracking - Uni BlakeUni Blake
Environmental Consultant/Toxicologist,
Scientific Advisor American Petroleum Institute

Uni Blake says the DRBC has put politics before science with its proposal to enact a fracking ban based on equally political New York State health studies.

The following is Uni’s testimony at yesterday’s DRBC hearing:

My name is Uni Blake, and I am a scientific advisor at the American Petroleum Institute with a background in Toxicology, and Public Health.

In the field, risk assessors typically assess health risks in light of the related study uncertainties. They are expected to provide clear and concise answers to complex questions about health, based on existing scientific evidence.

But as the scientific community knows that is rarely how science behaves. However, there are strategies such as a weight of evidence assessment that are used to evaluate evidence that takes into account different lines of information and data.

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If You Value Your Children’s Future, You’ll Support Hydraulic Fracturing

"Environmentalists" - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP


This is one of the most meaningful and most important posts we’ve ever run on the subject of hydraulic fracturing, natural gas development and our security.

Yesterday may have been the most instructive day ever to understand the current international situation involving natural gas.

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Governor Cuomo’s No Pipelines Stance Is Risky for the Entire Nation

"Environmentalists" - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP


Dan Markind explains by importing Russian LNG to New England, rather than building pipelines to deliver domestic natural gas, puts the entire nation at risk.

The curious inconsistency among our national energy policy, national security policy and national environmental policy is coming into sharper focus.  It likely will be amplified by events thousands of miles away in the Middle East.

Start locally.  Last month I wrote about the astounding fact that people in New York and New England are more comfortable paying the Russians to import gas thousands of miles over ships of questionable seaworthiness than they are building pipelines to secure a cheap, reliable energy supply and pay Americans.  This aversion to pipelines is not unique to New York and New England – witness Dakota Access in North Dakota, Keystone in Nebraska and Jordan Cove in Oregon.

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What Two-Faced Trust-Funder Tom Wolf (and Others) Said Then

Josh Fox Fundraiser - Betty Sutliff Reports on the LiesBetty Sutliff
Wayne County Landowner
Member of Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance


Betty Sutliff quotes Gov. Tom Wolf on natural gas development from when he wasn’t acting as a DRBC member and was actually representing Pennsylvanians.

Politicians such as Governor Tom Wolf have a habit of saying the darnedest things, especially where it comes to natural gas development but it seems to matter a lot who they’re addressing.

In this post I am choosing to let the politicians speak for themselves and readers can compare their statements then with what they’re saying now about natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin.

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UDRBC Calls Out the DRBC Fracking Ban As Discrimination and Theft

UDRBCBetty Sutliff
Upper Delaware River Basin


The Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens or UDRBC has called out the DRBC fracking ban as unfair, a theft of property rights, overreach and discrimination.

The proposed ban on natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin by the DRBC is a travesty.  It can be summed up as unfair politics, theft of property rights, overreach with respect to the DRBC Compact, and discrimination across county lines.

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NWPOA Merges with UDRBC to Fight for Citizen Rights

UDRBCUpper Delaware
River Basin Citizens


The Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance or NWPOA has merged with the Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens or UDRBC to fight the DRBC beast for its rights.

A sleeping giant has been awakened. An historic merger recently took place as a huge landowner alliance, the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance, joined forces with the newly formed Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens Association creating a mega alliance in the fight for property owner rights and against the overreach of the Delaware River Basin Commission.

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American Shale Revolution Enhances Women’s Rights

"Environmentalists" - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP


The American Shale Revolution has brought more than energy independence, it also brought hope and empowerment to women around the world.

Ever since Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, one powerful man after another has faced differing types of allegations.  Lewis CK, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Al Franken and many others either lost their careers or had their lives perpetually altered.  Many more are sure to come.

I have no doubt that sexual harassment is as prevalent in the energy industry as anywhere else.  Given the male-dominated historical culture of the industry, how could it be otherwise?  However, one of the industry’s greatest assets is the strength of its women, who are as impressive a group as any I’ve met anywhere.

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London Local Energy Tells Mayor A Fracking Ban Is Silly

LNG - Nick Grealy ReportsNick Grealy
Administrator of NoHotAir/ReImagineGas Blog


Nick Grealy, CEO of London Local Energy, shares a letter he wrote to Mayor Sadiq Khan quashing his reasons to ban fracking in London.

People have asked whether this story concerns me:

Sadiq Khan will in effect ban fracking in London – and warns that extracting shale gas represents a toxic health risk.

In a controversial move, the London mayor will set out in plans to be published this week that councils across the capital should block the exploration, appraisal or production of shale gas via hydraulic fracturing, which sees rocks blasted with water to release the gas.

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Florida Legislators Think Oil and Sunshine Don’t Mix

ConservanciesGeorge P. Ahearn, Phd
Co-founder and Former President and CEO
GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc.


Florida legislators resist the economic oil boom and debate a fracking ban in their state believing that oil and sunshine don’t mix.

A recent commentary in the local press of Southwest Florida, suggested renewable energy is the future, but the author reluctantly resigned himself to the fact oil is the preferred energy source for now.

We may add that “now,” based on the pace of progress made in renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuels, may well be the next century. The oil and gas industry has made great strides in finding, producing, and transporting hydrocarbons which has further extended the life and lowered the cost of these energy sources.

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