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Think About Energy: The Importance Of A Smart Energy Policy

Methane RuleThomas J. Pyle
President of the American Energy Alliance


Thomas Pyle spoke at the Think About Energy briefing about the importance of a smart energy policy so the United States can be energy independent.

I don’t get out to Pennsylvania as much as I’d like, but when I do I always appreciate the warm welcome — and the good food — so thanks for inviting me today.

As was mentioned in the introduction, I proudly serve as the President of the Institute for Energy Research and our advocacy arm, the American Energy Alliance. Our mission is to be a principled and effective voice in the energy policy arena, mainly at the federal level, but increasingly at the state level as well.

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Think About Energy Panel Discusses Vibrancy of Our Natural Gas Future

think about energyRick Hiduk
Managing Editor of EndlessMtnLifestyles.com


Rick Hiduk reports on a rousingly positive discussion that took place at a Think About Energy conference in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania last week.

Three energy experts with varying perspectives on how to best move the natural gas industry forward in Pennsylvania and the nation spoke to a packed house at Stonehedge Country Club in Wyoming County on June 21. The Think About Energy conference was hosted by the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Back Mountain, Greater Wilkes-Barre and Greater Scranton chambers.

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Shale Revolution Hits Ohio; Jobs and Economy Revitalize

Stephen Heins
Energy Consultant
“The Word Merchant”


The State of Ohio is reaping the benefits of the Shale Revolution; new business, jobs and revitalization are returning Ohio to its glory days.

In another sign that The State of Ohio is reinventing itself, the historical (1904) Dayton Arcade in downtown Dayton is undergoing a $90 million renovation, including a 90,000 Sq. Ft. Business Innovation Center by University of Dayton Business School. Continue reading

Gas Industry Gives Students Hands on Access at Vehicular Career Day

Lackawanna CollegeRick Hiduk
Managing Editor of EndlessMtnLifestyles.com


Local fifth and sixth graders were able to get up close, hands on access to trucks, rigs and equipment they may see every day at the Vehicular Career Day.

The Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium (NTEIC) was formed about 25 years ago. Among the unique activities the organization has devised to teach youths about the businesses in the area is Vehicular Career Day, which began about 15 years ago.

The event got a big boost when the gas industry moved to town and continues to grow. More than 400 fifth and sixth-graders from at least five Susquehanna County school districts convened at the Harford Fair Grounds on May 9 to see trucks, rigs and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

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Natural Gas Is A Pillar of the Community Says SCCTC Student

SCCTCJake Peters
Welding student, SCCTC


A Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center (SCCTC) student tells exactly what natural gas has done for him and his peers in making a future for them.

Two decades ago, my hometown was struggling to thrive. There were no high-paying jobs available, and the only way to hava a family-sustaining career was to move away. That all changed with the Marcellus Shale boom. Now, our area is flourishing thanks to an abundance of Pennsylvania-produced natural gas.

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NESE Pipeline Project Means More Jobs for Teamsters

TeamstersRichard Stern
Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund

The Northeast Supply Enhancement or NESE pipeline project means more jobs for highly trained Teamsters, allies in developing our nation’s infrastructure.

(The following is Richard stern’s testimony submitted to FERC on behalf of the Teamsters National Pipeline Labor Management Cooperation Trust representing over 100 contributing Union Pipeline Contractors affiliated with the Pipeline Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters with over 1.25 million members all who support the construction of the NESE pipeline project.)

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A Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC) Blessing

SCCTCAlice M. Davis. Ph.D.
Executive Director, SCCTC


An outstandingly successful and career and technology program in Susquehanna County (SCCTC) receives a blessing from Marcellus Shale development in the area.

Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale was a blessing when it’s natural gas reserves were discovered over a decade ago and we continue to reap its benefits today. From the local economic impact we see here in Susquehanna County to the cleaner air we’re experiencing as natural gas end use continues to overtake traditional fuels. Millions of Americans are benefitting from this resource every day, and the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC) is no different.

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SCCTC Preparing Students for their Future with Bridge Program

Rick Hiduk
Managing Editor of EndlessMtnLifestyles.com


The bridge program at SCCTC allows high school students to earn college credits as they are being trained and certified for their future jobs.

Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center welding students Lucas Marco and Lynda Lawrence have had slightly different experiences in the welding program at Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, but what they have in common speaks of the school’s recipe for success and gives both of them high hopes for the future.

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But, Native Americans and First Nations Oppose Natural Gas Development, Don’t They?

Natural Gas NOWConnie Mellin
Natural Gas NOW


As Canada looks to develop its natural gas reserves, Native Americans and First Nations are showing their support and can see its importance.

Canada is rapidly developing its natural gas reserves, and as it does, Native Americans and First Nations are looking to participate and support it. First Nations have always played a part in the development of natural gas because the government and the oil companies legally have to consult and accommodate the First Nations before proceeding with any work.

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Gas and Pipeline Obstruction Hastens An Upstate Death Spiral

Cuomo's Legacy - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


Andrew Cuomo’s natural gas and pipeline obstruction is hastening the Upstate death spiral as he destroys its potential and deprives the region of any hope.

About three years ago Governor Cuomo told Upstate New York to drop dead.

Upstate wasn’t in good shape anyway, infected with three strains of high taxes (sales, property, and income) and a regulatory clot that kept industry away. However, there was hope, the development of low-cost natural gas that might balance the negatives.

On December 19, 2014, the Governor pulled the plug on that hope. He banned gas drilling in New York. Since then he’s systematically impeded gas pipeline construction, thus choking off the rest of the Northeast from the cheap energy available just south of our border. He does this to service the financiers of the renewable elites and to satisfy his fractivist base. These folks are his bridge to future ambitions.

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