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UGI Energy Services Generously Give to Pennsylvania Schools

Natural Gas NOWConnie Mellin
Natural Gas NOW


UGI Energy Services has contributed to over 60 Pennsylvania schools in the form of scholarships designed to help give students access to quality education.

For the fourth year in a row, UGI Energy Services has generously contributed to over 60 schools and scholarship organizations in Pennsylvania. This year alone they have contributed $200,000 in scholarships. On top of the already $1,039,500 in contributions provided in the previous three years.

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Let’s Get Cracking on the Ethane Cracker Plant

dimock verdictGeorge Stark
Director, External Affairs at Cabot Oil & Gas


Ethane cracker plants will bring endless economic opportunities to our region and now is the time to get them up and running.

The sooner we get ethane crackers up and running in our region, the sooner our state can increase the benefits it sees from the natural gas liquid supplies we have. In West Virginia, most of the resources being developed from our shale basins from natural gas is being used for heating homes, fueling vehicles and burning on our stoves.

However, we also have an immense supply of natural gas liquids that will be a critical player in efforts to diversify our economy in other industrial sectors, in addition to what the natural gas industry has already managed to accomplish.

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Sorry Fractivists: Fracking Made Susquehanna County Even Better!

Decline Curves - Chris AckerChris Acker
Geological Engineer,
Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania 



Natural gas drilling has been going strong in Susquehanna County for ten years now and the reality is we still have our rural way of life, with improvements!

Rural Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, is my home and I treasure it deeply.  With a population of only 42,000, the county sits atop one of the world’s most prolific natural gas formations – the Marcellus Shale.

Cabot Oil & Gas has invested billions of dollars here to develop this extraordinary resource.  Astoundingly, production from my county alone could supply the entire needs of France.  Cabot has been here over a decade and I am intimately familiar with the effects of the industry.

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Memorandum to DRBC: Don’t Be Dolts!

John J. IntervalJohn J. Interval
Professional Petroleum Geologist.


John J. Interval wants the DRBC permanent fracking ban rejected for the sake of the economy and protection of property owner’s rights.

Protecting private property rights is a bedrock principle of a free society and a key to explaining American prosperity.

That principle is in danger of being subverted. The Delaware River Basin Commission, which consists of the governors of New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, and the federal government, represented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, proposes a permanent ban on fracking for natural gas in the Delaware River watershed without any compensation for landowners who own the rights to gas resources and who stand to lose millions of dollars in royalties. It also translates into less revenue for local governments and school systems.

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Why Mariner East 2 Is Essential to Southeast PA – Part II

CELDF - report on Mora countyTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


The economic benefits of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline for Southeast PA go far beyond the $9 billion of construction impacts. There is much, much more there.

Yesterday, I excerpted parts of a guest post on Marcellus Drilling News from Garland L. Thompson extolling the economics of the Mariner East 2 to Southeast PA. My post also included material from another MDN piece on the role of the Mariner East 2 in maintaining stable propane prices in the Philly region. Earlier in the week, a new study was also released by Econsult Solutions addressing the huge economic benefits of the project with respect to pipeline and associated industrial development. The study was summarized here, but the focus was all on construction benefits. They are but the beginning.

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Why the Mariner East 2 Pipeline Is Essential to Southeast PA

CELDF - report on Mora countyTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


All the hullabaloo over construction of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline (that follows the route of an existing pipeline) obscures the fact Southeast PA needs it.

Our good friend and frequent source, Jim Willis, over at Marcellus Drilling News, provides the sort of inside information you’ll never get from mainstream media or the special-interest shills at StateImpactPA when they report on Mariner East 2. Neither has much interest in reporting on anything but construction issues and hyping them to the max. Meanwhile, Jim has recently published two great articles on the forgotten story of why the Mariner East 2 is so essential to the Southeast PA folks who might seem opposed to it from all the news coverage.

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Fracking 101: An Explanation for Those of You Who Are Fractivists

ConservanciesGeorge P. Ahearn, Phd
Co-founder and Former President and CEO
GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc.


A simple lesson in fracking for those of you who are fractivists and simply don’t understand the process, the safety of the material used or plain reality.

The Process

Hydraulic fracturing (a/k/a fracking) is a process for creating a large number of open pathways in the reservoir rock or shale, which allows the oil and gas stored in the pore structure to easily flow towards a wellbore. In effect, it extends the wellbore from about 7 inches to 20 feet! In shale rock, where the flow paths between these pores is very small (oil and gas will only flow 5-10 inches a year, naturally) the effect is astounding.

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Let the Market Drive Our Energy Revolution, Not Special Interests

energy revolutionDavid Blackmon
Independent Energy Analyst/Consultant

America’s energy revolution is bringing huge economic benefits, but there are still many who oppose it simply to protect their own self interests.

America’s ongoing oil and natural gas revolution is delivering big benefits to our economy, our environment and to our nation’s security. As the world’s top energy producer, America is leveraging this position of strength to grow good-paying jobs and economic opportunity here at home while firming up important trading partnership with key allies abroad. The increasing use of natural gas in power generation is also improving our environment at the same time.

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Let’s Save Upstate New York: Divide the State to Free It

Upstate New YorkColton Hillman
Elmira, New York
Fordham University Student


Upstate New York and the New York City metro area would both benefit by dividing the Empire State but it’s the only way to save Upstate if we’re serious.

While attending school at Fordham University in the largest city in the nation, it can be easy to forget about those living outside of the New York City bubble. New York State is a state of nearly 20 million people, with over 8.5 million right in the five boroughs. Under the bright lights, tall buildings and raw business success, it is hard to imagine that those within New York State’s borders struggle to succeed.

Just up the Hudson River, stretching from Buffalo to Binghamton, Plattsburgh to Poughkeepsie, almost the entirety of the upstate New York economy is in ruins. Of the 53 counties above Westchester and Rockland Counties, 45 have lost population since 2010. Something is wrong. Something needs to be changed. The state must be divided.

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Did Governor Wolf’s Tax on Natural Gas Scare Away Foxconn?

Gas Exports - GordonTomb Reports Gordon Tomb
Senior Fellow, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives



Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, who was considering PA for a new plant, may have had a change of heart due to Governor Wolf’s tax record.

The governor of Wisconsin and industry statistics provide Pennsylvania House Republicans more reasons to resist proposals for a new tax on natural gas producers.

In a report by international consulting firm PwC, Pennsylvania is listed behind only Texas, California and Oklahoma for total employment (322,600 jobs) from the oil and natural gas industry in 2015. Income from the industry was reported as $22.9 billion, more than five percent of the state total. The value added to Pennsylvania’s economy is put at $44.5 billion, according to the report sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute.

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