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Stop Sending Fracked Gas to NY, Says PA Senator Gene Yaw

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Pennsylvania State Senator Gene Yaw is contemplating filing a bill to stop any fracked gas from PA from being transported to NY. 

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may have started a peeing match he’ll end up losing, by denying permission to build the Constitution Pipeline. At a midstream (i.e. pipeline) conference held yesterday in Pennsylvania, one of the speakers, Pennsylvania Sen. Gene Yaw from Lycoming County, said half-jokingly (and half seriously) that he’s contemplating introducing a bill that would prohibit PA’s fracked gas from flowing through pipelines into New York State. Such a thing, if it ever happened, would crush New York economically. It would (deservedly) bring the Empire State to its collective knees.

fracked gas

Pennsylvania State Sen. Gene Yaw

Of course such a thing isn’t going to happen, but still, just joking about it sends a very loud message to the man-child running the Empire State: You’re on notice buddy, if you don’t allow pipelines to get built, there will be consequences. Click here to reading the whole story but some key excerpts follow (emphasis added):

“I am actually contemplating filing a bill which would prohibit the transportation into New York of any gas that’s produced by fracking,” said state Sen. Gene Yaw, a Lycoming County Republican who leads his chamber’s energy committee. New York has banned high-volume hydraulic fracturing and its environmental regulators have blocked a major natural gas pipeline originating in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Mr. Yaw said later that he is not completely serious about the idea, because he does not want to be seen as wasting the legislature’s time, but his riposte got the heartiest applause of the day.

Speakers at the conference repeatedly described opposition to pipeline projects as delaying development of infrastructure that the industry views as vital to creating new markets for natural gas and its related liquids, which will in turn spur higher prices and new drilling.

Patrick Henderson, director of regulatory affairs for the Marcellus Shale Coalition, a trade group in North Fayette, said the delay in infrastructure development is contributing to the large price disparity that is putting Pennsylvania gas producers at a disadvantage. The settlement price of gas on the New York Mercantile Exchange in October is $2.95, he said. But, in Pennsylvania, the average price is 87 cents this month.

The price disparity, he said, “has never been greater than it is at this very moment.”

Three cheers for Gene Yaw!

Editor’s Note: Gene Yaw is a class act. I’ve spent time with him and his heart is with the working man. A self-described “motor-head,” he takes huge pride in the work of Penn College. He has encouraged it to respond to the shale revolution by creating the type of eduction needed for young Pennsylvanians to find jobs in the industry. He is, too, a leader, as you might expect. He gets things done.

Gene Yaw also knows how to frame an issue, as he has done here. Pennsylvania is producing the natural gas New York is consuming at an ever more rapid rate, yet New York is effectively capping the amount of gas it will take from Pennsylvania by restricting pipeline development. It does so for political, not economical reasons, of course, and hurts both Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers in the process; the former with lower prices and the latter with higher prices. Yaw’s comment, however unserious it might be, serves to get this point out.

Three cheers for Gene Yaw from here as well! He’s helping to hoist Cuomo, Governor Corruptocrat, “with his own petard.” What could better?

fracked gas

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7 thoughts on “Stop Sending Fracked Gas to NY, Says PA Senator Gene Yaw

  1. How about natural gas suppliers charging a significant surcharge for any state that has outlawed natural gas drilling in their own state, and do it a.s.a.p.

  2. Entertaining. I don’t think it would be possible to actually move a bill banning fractivists for obvious reasons but I could see someone joking about wanting to introduce one.

    What is the latest on the constituion lawsuits? The press seems pretty uninterested or only mildly interested in this much like they werent too interested in getting answers from the dec about the reason why there was such a long delay on a decision on the permit in the first place.

    • Probably no more than Comrade Cuomo’s blocking a federally approved pipeline. If bringing gas from PA through NY to benefit markets in New England isn’t interstate commerce, I don’t know what is.

  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/16/business/energy-environment/magnates-twin-goals-fighting-climate-change-and-electing-donald-trump.html

    Off topic but somewhat interesting story in nytimes about a Trump loving, Republican climate change enthusiast. Yup the nytimes. Seems like a character but here is the thing… politics aside, he likes natural gas as he is interested in environmental issues climate change included.

    Just thought I would share. Hopefully if some people read they will not fall off their chairs in surprise and bump their heads.

  4. How about Yaw working on a bill which would insure that landowners get paid their 12.5% minimum royalties? Yaw needs to be voted out of office.

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