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The Shrill Voices and Tantrums of the Fractivist Minority

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A NJ Pinelands Commission’s vote to approve a pipeline that would help replace a coal using power plant reveals the shrill voices of the fractivist minority.

Frank Brill’s EnviroPolitics Blog is a good place to go for a refresher on the tactics of the fractivist minority. His post yesterday on a New Jersey Pinelands Commission vote to approve a short 22-mile South Jersey Gas pipeline provides a window into their world of childish temper tantrums. Frank quotes an AP story on the event, noting “The B.L. England power plant, where the pipeline would end, currently burns coal and oil to generate electricity.” The AP story also reports “Pipeline supporters including construction workers, though greatly outnumbered, chanted “USA! USA!” It’s the imagery he captures, though, that speaks to the astounding arrogance and self-righteousness of the fractivist minority.

I don’t need to do a lot more than re-post this AP photo from Frank’s blog to make my point:

fractivist minority

AP photo by Wayne Parry

This picture immediately takes me back to a comment made by a friend as we were driving together to a fractivist event in Narrowsburg, New York a few years ago. As we approached it, I innocently said “There they are” as a grey straggly-haired woman with a dress down to her ankles and a flower in her very hippyish hat crossed the road in front of us. My friend simply replied “Yeah, they’re easy to recognize when they’re in uniform.” It was one of those laugh-out-loud moments capsulizing that with which we were dealing – flaky radicals supported by their trust funds, with lots of time on their hands.

I don’t anything about the person pictured, so it’s probably unfair to characterize her, but the stern in-your-face look and obvious eagerness to be in the photo speak volumes don’t they? Is it virtue signaling at play? Is it just me or would this woman love to push me into a corner and pummel me with her fists? I really don’t know. She could, for all I know, be a sweet grandmother who is simply passionate about the Pinelands, but there’s something about that look, isn’t there?

Then, there is Jeff Tittel, the Sierra Club’s paid shill who admonished the Commission by screaming “Your legacy is disgraceful!.” You can hear his temper tantrum here:

He makes specific threats at 2:35 in the video, which is the standard operating procedure for the fractivist minority. Theirs is a strategy of delay and obstruction where the fractivist minority turns the system inside out and upside down to get their way, calling everyone who disagrees evil. It’s classic deconstructionism as applied to public process.

Worse, it’s financed by the wealthiest of the wealthy, a gentry class of patricians such as Haas family, which made its fortune in chemicals and lives comfortably in secluded communities with no concern for making a living or actually doing anything productive for the environment. If they did care, they’d be supporting this important project to replace coal and oil power generation with natural gas; the factor that’s allowed the US to making stunning leaps forward in reducing air emissions. They don’t because they’re more interested in parks and playgrounds for their own enjoyment. They’re also desperate to shift their legacy from one of being no more than heirs to a chemical fortune to a wholly new one as defenders of Mother Earth.

This is the fractivist minority in all their shame; spoiled children from beginning to end who refuse to do anything but shout others down for the sake of signaling their own virtues while retaining their privileges.

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3 thoughts on “The Shrill Voices and Tantrums of the Fractivist Minority

  1. I hate to stick a pin in your balloon, but some of “their” money comes from a Southwestern Energy lease that “they” happen to be happy with. Why would “they” want competition from places like Wayne County where the jealous wannabe-fracers are.

  2. http://www.pennlive.com/news/2017/02/the_next_standing_rock_inspire.html

    It is not quite but going on 5 years that I have known, interacted with or paid attention in some way to this movement that I would now call the antifracking pipeline resistance movement. It is still astonishing to regularly recognize that the news on the topic of fracking and pipeline resistance consists of both so much misinformation and a very small cast of people. I still cannot see how it is possible that I can recognize so many of the same people and myths and misinformation perpetuated on multiple pipeline projects often in different states and the people who are paid to tell the public what is going on, those in the news businessc cannot. Doesn’t matter if it is Jeff Tittell, the pinelands pipeline which had been resisted and in the news for years now or Atlantic surprise with the clean air council. The world is so small I can often link these people and their groups directly to someone relating to both the Rockaway pipeline project and the port Ambrose export conspiracy theory. That is a problem.

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