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Remove Our Shackles Governor Cuomo!

secedeSandra Davis
Delaware County, New York Resident

The decision to ban fracking by Governor Cuomo has hurt the families in the southern tier who are just trying to make a living. One landowner Sandra Davis questions “Why are we still New Yorkers?”

Good Afternoon I’m Sandra Davis! I am the secretary for the Deposit Gas Group, a member of Landowner Advocates of New York, Women’s Energy Leadership Coalition and recently I joined Divide New York State Caucus as the county leader for Delaware and Otsego County.

I grew up 15 miles from here on a dairy farm in Deposit. I chose to move back to New York 13 years ago to plant my roots and now I am raising my family here. As an American I feel that it is my right and my obligation to defend our property rights, gun rights and as a mother of three boys I feel the need to fight common core.

Governor Cuomo

My family wants to continue to live in Delaware County… but we are an endangered species. Like many young families, we may have to migrate to put food on the table, a roof over our heads, money in the bank and provide an opportunity for our children to thrive. Decisions made by Governor Cuomo, The New York State courts and a legislature dominated by downstate interests, have threatened our future.

I Love New York! This is my Home! But New York is not what it used to be. What has this state given us? Well… About the only thing it gives us are taxes…in fact we have the highest taxes in the country. It has electricity rates that are second only to Hawaii. This Affects Jobs! Who wants to set up shop where overhead is high?

Governor Cuomo

Our gasoline prices are among the top 3 — California leads only because they are crazier than New York. New York is in the top rankings in the cost – of – doing – business because there isn’t a regulation that our downstate neighbors don’t want to impose. Don’t get me wrong, New York City is a great city…with a city mind set. We’re different…but we are ruled by those who don’t live among us. They tread on our rights; they rule over us because their majority interests can rewrite law and crush our rights. We might survive being an afterthought (Sure (insert grumbling here), let’s throw ‘em a casino, some state-aided crony-infested project, that should keep the rubes happy.)

As a landowner I find it intolerable that we cannot develop our resources in a manner that preserves our land, sustains our communities, and allows families like mine to live in dignity. This cannot continue. This is why we need to divide New York in to autonomous regions, or make upstate into the fifty first state, or we need a friendly protector (Pennsylvania, Are You Listening?)

Opportunity has been knocking since 2006. Who has reaped the benefits? Certainly Not New York! Pennsylvania has welcomed it with open arms. Not only is Pennsylvania’s land tax lower they welcome all kinds of businesses. And their residents; ALL of them have benefited from natural gas drilling.

Governor Cuomo

Like our revolutionary ancestors, we love our land. We cannot endure the fact that our livelihood and wellbeing is in the hands of others. We need our shackles removed; we need to be in a new state where our voices are heard. We can lift the barriers that hold us down.

We can give my family and the many young families like mine the opportunity to work and enjoy all that Delaware county and upstate New York has to offer. All we need is freedom and common sense to allow us to develop our land and property by our own efforts. Don’t tread on my rights, Governor Cuomo; don’t put us on a migratory path!  

Speaking as an endangered species, it’s all well and good to SAVE THE WHALES. How about saving young families too? If New York can’t do That, WHY ARE WE STILL NEW YORKERS?

Sandra Davis

Drill Safely Now!

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7 thoughts on “Remove Our Shackles Governor Cuomo!

  1. Well said Sandra, All of his votes are in NYC, so he could care Shi– about us in the Twin tiers, My husband ,and I owned 250 acres of mineral rights,It helped with the taxes. now we cant pay all these high taxes. I really feel sorry for all the small farms up here who are losing them because of the high taxes. With NO HOPE IN SIGHT !!!!!

    • Thank you Vicky! It is a struggle for us as well to pay our land taxes. We wait for our income tax return every year just to pay them and any other debt we accumulate through out the year. There is no getting ahead for us… We just tread water and try not to drown!


  2. She did a good job! You were good too Vic! Inga made some good points too!It,s good to see unity with all coming together!
    A very interesting point made by one of the other speekers might be our best hope of exit from NY!
    It appears we get more tax money back from the state than we up staters pay in?
    Greed is a big motivator . They will be begging us to leave if they all realise that !
    You finally got some good media too! A great job by all!
    All NY or none! Pipes and well permits go together.

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