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Zephyr Fast Train Derailed by Country Folks

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Zephyr Teachout was the radical fast train, spewing fractivist smoke at every bend, but she learned there are still a lot of country boys and girls around.

If you’re into railroads, the word “Zephyr” immediately brings to mind the famous Amtrak passenger train of the same name. It runs through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Nevada to reach California. If you’re into politics, you’re thoughts run to Zephyr Teachout, the radical fast train that was going to run right over Governor Corruptocrat. When that didn’t happen, she was the designated belle of the Hudson Valley destined to replace retiring Congressman Chris Gibson by beating John Faso. Except that didn’t happen either. The rest of us can thank the fact there are still a whole lot of country boys and girls around.

When I heard John Faso, a pro-gas guy had wiped the floor with Zephyr Teachout, a flaming fractivist, in a bid to represent the Hudson Valley in Congress, my thoughts turned to this:

You might say the lyrics of this wonderful song, by Randy Travis and the late great George Jones, described what happened to Zephyr:

From the smoke its hard to tell
What’s coming down the line
We heard you were a fast train
Coming out of Caroline.

We wondered what were you were haulin’
When you rode into town
Say it’s good to know
There is still a few ol’ country boys around.

Zephyr Teachout, of course, was as radical as could be on the issue of fracking. Radical publications correctly predicted in October, 2014, that Corruptocrat would come down against fracking after she scared him during the primary that year. Zephyr herself targeted Faso for having supported the Constitution Pipeline, apparently assuming this would resonate with voters in the Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie County portions of the district. It didn’t. It went like this:

Zephyr - faso

Faso won the overall election 55% to 45% with a 26,502 vote margin, but in the Constitution Pipeline counties (Broome, Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie) he won 62% to 38%. Those four counties, in fact, gave Faso 12,108 votes over Zephyr or 46% of his total victory margin. If those votes had gone to Zephyr instead of Faso and he had not been able to eke out 2,846 votes to the good in Dutchess County (where she resides), she would have won. Faso’s well known support of the Constitution Pipeline didn’t hurt him at all. It helped elect him. Here are all the details:


Faso was also helped by a lot of country folks in Rensselaer and other rural counties outside the gas and pipeline regions, of course. Still, what is crystal clear is this; that Zephyr fast train coming out of Brooklyn (where Teachout lived until she decided to run for office in the district) was hauling a radical line of goods that didn’t sell so well when she finally got there. No, there were too many country boys and girls around who were wise to the ways of carpetbaggers. And, the ones who lived along the route of the Constitution Pipeline? They saw right through the stupid fractivist tricks and derailed that fast train, the Brooklyn Zephyr, before it could do any more harm.

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One thought on “Zephyr Fast Train Derailed by Country Folks

  1. Be careful what you ask for. If Teachout had won, she would have been buried for a term or two as a very junior Representative in a majority Republican House, unlikely to accomplish much. Now she is free to use the Working Families Party to push Cuomo further to the left, like she did in her unsuccessful try for governor. Should Cuomo run for President, get indicted, etc., she or Schneiderman is your next governor, because NY Republicans can’t seem to find a candidate that anyone has ever heard of.

    I think that natural gas can be used as a wedge issue that can give both Republicans and Democrats most of what they want, cleaner environment, economic development, lower taxes and cut the ground out from under the anti’s. If you don’t want Teachout, Cuomo, etc. running the show, you have to come up with a political and economic plan that make natural gas palatable to their supporters, not just yours.

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