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President Trump: Please Save Us from Massachusetts!

Patrick Leary - Massachusetts energyPatrick Leary
New Hampshire Engineer (BSEE) and System Engineer


Guest blogger Patrick Leary begs President Trump to step in and save the rest of New England from the state of demagoguery that is Massachusetts today.

Our friend and loyal reader from New Hamsphire, Patrick Leary, an engineer accustomed to dealing with energy issues and dispensing common sense on the subject, has shared some words of wisdom with President Trump. The subject? The high cost of the demagoguery that comes out of the mouths of Massachusetts politicians. Here’s his letter to Trump. Enjoy!

President Trump
The Whitehouse
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C., USA

RE: Political Opportunity in the Northeast

Dear President Trump,

For the last 8 years the national political structure and ISO New England (a Federal Agency) have allowed the Commonwealth of Massachusetts free rein in the Northeast concerning all matters related to Energy.  The politicians of Massachusetts found this an opportune time to close nuclear, coal and oil fired electricity plants without replacement.  The promise of windmills off the Cape Cod remains a dream, or a well thought out lie.

Next up are closure of the Brayton Point (Coal) Power Plant and the Pilgrim (Nuclear) Power Plant, again, without replacement.  When these plants close – the energy picture in New England in January will be as shown in the following figure.  Note that without the contributions of New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Canada, Massachusetts would go dark.


The best way to remedy this totally out of balance electricity situation is to fire the leadership of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the leadership of ISO New England.  The FERC needs to get about the job of bringing clean natural gas supplies (pipelines) into Massachusetts, and ISO New England needs to ensure that future electricity generation machines are placed mainly in Massachusetts and somewhat in Vermont. 

Please note Rhode Island has the natural gas fired machinery to generate plenty. Unfortunately, it is allocated to – you guessed it – Massachusetts in the winter to be closer to the “load center.”  Massachusetts and Vermont talk a great game of green as long as the burden of doing so remains in other states and even Countries.  

I think at this point you get the idea.  But, there is more.  Senator Markey (Mealy Mouth Markey) and Senator Warren (Pocahontas Nanny State Warren) have been dreaming up ways to close the Seabrook (Nuclear) Power Station located in New Hampshire for a while now.  So, in addition to forcing a political environment where New Hampshire generates electricity for Massachusetts, they want to force New Hampshire to put industrial scale wind machines all over our scenic lands to do so – because we all know they don’t have the political will to put these monsters in Massachusetts.

Please help!  Thanks.


Patrick J. Leary ‘EE 75
A Trump/Pence Supporter


Mountaintop removal in Nw Hampshire courtesy of Massachusetts demagogues who want no energy production in their backyards.

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2 thoughts on “President Trump: Please Save Us from Massachusetts!

  1. Maybe the Donald will get his import taxes through and force them to burn domestic NG ?
    It could be a real win fall for Pa.
    Just imagine all them tanks of Pa lp heading up there ?

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