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Poetic Justice: Manure Spreading Fractivist Gets Splattered?

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It is such delightful fun when celebrity fractivist types, like Emma Thompson, who wear their smugness on their sleeves, get the comeuppances they deserve.

Emma Thompson, the British actress featured in Sense and Sensibilities, is one of those smug and supremely annoying celebrities who believe they cannot prove their worth merely by virtue of the talent God gave them, but must, instead, gild the lily by using their star power to call attention to this or that politically correct cause. It has the side benefit of attracting attention to themselves, of course, which is a powerful incentive to engage in such non-paying theatrics. There are potential downsides, though, as Thompson learned earlier this week when she and some fractivist friends had to contend with an angry farmer who turned his manure spreader in their direction as they illegally conducted a protest stunt in his fields. It was a beautiful thing.

fractivist Emma-Thompson-m_2826757a

Emma Thompson breaking an injunction to trespass and conduct a bake-off in protest of fracking on someone else’s property as captured by The Sun

Thompson is an insufferable example of the celebrity fractivist but, then again, it’s hard to find one who isn’t insufferable, isn’t it?  She and her sister decided to conduct an anti-fracking “bake-off” on Lancashire, England farmland leased to Cuadrilla, a UK gas exploration company. The farmland has been the site of previous unauthorized fractivist protests and a court injunction is now in place to prevent such trespassing.

Emma Thompson and her sister decided that was the perfect place to pull off their little stunt as it would provide an opportunity to defy the law and demonstrate just how far they were above it in their self-righteousness. They climbed over the gate to the farmland with cameras clicking and rolling, to erect a tent, conduct a bake-off and attract a crowd of empathetic media types who would faithfully record their civil disobedience, report it as something akin to heroism and perpetuate the myth of public opposition and social justice served.

It didn’t go so well, though.

When the naturally annoyed farmer saw the star of Sense and Sensibility had neither, he used the best tool at his disposal; the farm liquid manure spreader:

Sadly, the Daily Mail reports Emma Thompson herself wasn’t slimed with the manure slurry (too bad) but there was, obviously, a very smelly damper put on the whole event. The alert farmers among our readers will also recognize this was no ordinary manure spreader; it was a liquid manure spreader, which means it’s used to spread manure that’s been stored in a slurry tank or pond and cured a bit, if you know what I mean. The spreader is a Major LGP 2400 model manufactured by the Major Equipment Intl Ltd, which holds up to 2,400 gallons of liquified bovine excrement.

Our farm hero neatly whipped his LGP 2400 around the assembled fractivist celebrities several times, spraying the smelly stuff everywhere to the horror of the self-righteous, above-the-law celebrities and their sycophants, delivering just the right measure of poetic justice. This is precisely the kind of justice needed on this side of the big pond from time to time. Faced with serial attention seekers locking themselves to your gates? Well, get your farmer landowner to back up his manure spreader to the scene and let it rip. Is some granny protestor trespassing on your fields or inviting groups of Manhattanites to tours of your property? Get an LGP 2400 slurry tanker or something similar of your own, put the John Deere in high gear and buzz ’em.

Imagine the howling. Imagine the fun!

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14 thoughts on “Poetic Justice: Manure Spreading Fractivist Gets Splattered?

  1. The article features a number of things that go hand in hand, BS flying (although the manure probably came not just from bulls), fractivists, a protest or civil disobedience art happening or press event and coverage by a reporter.

  2. Just what all trespassing scum need – although, to nitpick, those of us who would include your eminent-domaining buddies in that category question whether you’ve spent as much time around farms as you purport to have, considering how you apparently don’t even know that using LOW gear would provide a more thorough encaking of one’s opponent.

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  4. I thank Emma and Sophie and all the others who are willing to take a stand and expose this Industry;
    The farmer could have asked them to leave and call the police; instead, he took action and made his own law;
    and the Police did come and did not arrest anyone.
    here is an article showing more details:
    and someone’s comments about the wrongful actions of the farmer:

    The Police should have intervened, you can’t assault someone for trespass, you can ask them to leave, if they don’t you can call or in this case ask the police who may or may not decide to do something, given the injunction they probably would but if you attack them other than in self-defence then it’s an arrestable offence

    Section 68(1) CJPOA formerly provided that a person commits the offence of aggravated trespass if he trespasses on land in the open air and, in relation to any lawful activity which persons are engaging in or are about to engage in on that or adjoining land in the open air, does there anything which is intended by him to have the effect:
    a) of intimidating those persons or any of them so as to deter them or any of them from engaging in that activity,
    b) of obstructing that activity, or
    c) of disrupting that activity.
    Section 69(1) enables the senior police officer present at the scene to order persons to leave the land if he or she reasonably believe they are committing, have committed or intend to commit the offence of aggravated trespass. A person disobeying such a direction or returning to the land as a trespasser within 3 months commits an offence contrary to s 69(3)

    so the farmer could tell the police that the trespassers were obstructing his muck spreading what he can’t do is intimidate & threaten, making them fear for their safety by spraying stuff on them or threatening to do so:
    from: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/apr/28/emma-thompson-bake-off-spoof-protest-fracking#comment-73349461

    and Tom, you can be more accurate in your titling of your article: Emma did not get “splattered”….

    • If you antis know the law so well then why do you always push them to the limits or beyond? As far as this farmer goes, he should have every right to protect his property which he makes his living off. Any farmer knows that fertilizer is needed if your crop has been trampled down. What better way to know where it is needed most than to spread it while the unwanted “tramplers” are still marking the spot. If you don’t like being the”fertilizer marker” then ask before you trespass next time.

    • Vera,

      I have some farmland that will be crossed by the Constitution Line which I support. Why don’t you and your ilk try to come to my land to protest the pipeline. I’ll be saving a great big stinking load of shit for just for you. And after you’re caked (and I won’t miss!) I’ll ask you to leave. You see, you’re forgetting one thing. Even though there is a pipeline right of way, the land is still mine to use, farm, and post against trespassers. Only Constitution can be on the ROW, and only the ROW, and only for their pipeline related purposes. All others, especially you, stay off of my land! And don’t worry, I’ll save a second load for any high minded celebrities like Ruffalo or Loco Ono you think lend credibility to your worthless BS!

  5. Vera, I’m sure you know all the laws related to assault on defiant trespassers, but the farmer didn’t do that (at least as described in the above article), instead he just spread manure on his fields. The article did not say that he assaulted anyone, but one can assume that the manure that he spread assaulted their delicate noses, especially since they were up in the air so far.

  6. Wow Vera posting something on NGN from beyond the grave! Surely you have died from all that “contamination” you have suffered with for… what, almost a decade? Lol. Doesn’t your boyfriend work for a law firm that makes its money suing farmers for spreading pig manure? I smell a new opportunity for you!

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