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Our Natural Gas Infrastructure Is Critical to the Shale Revolution

"Environmentalists" - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Flaster Greenberg PC


The nation’s natural gas infrastructure needs attention if the promise of the shale revolution is to continue to be delivered for the benefit of Americans.

On January 11, 1912, women weavers shut down the Everett Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Earlier that day, they opened their pay envelopes to find their wages cut by 4%. A recently enacted Massachusetts law had reduced the workweek for women and children from 56 hours to 54. Mill owners reacted by cutting the pay of their already lowly-paid workers. The women revolted.

The strike soon engulfed the city. Workers slashed machine belts, threads and cloth. Mill owners hired strike breakers and militiamen. That only ratcheted up the tension. Known in history as the “Bread and Roses Strike”, the bitter work stoppage lasted nine weeks. When it was over, Congressional hearings had galvanized the public against the working conditions allowed by the owners, and the workers gained a 15% pay raise. The political earthquake would be one of the seminal moments of the American labor movement.

A century later, a more literal earthquake in Lawrence, Massachusetts may portend a seminal movement for the natural gas industry.

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The Dysfunctional DRBC Has No Idea What It’s Doing

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


The dysfunctional DRBC hasn’t got a clue. There’s a vacuum of leadership that has let it drift under the control of demagogic politicians and fractivists.

Talk about a dysfunctional mess.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), a governmental organization remote-controlled by Big Green special interests, doesn’t even know how to communicate with another governmental organization; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

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No More Feel Good Solar Games; Let’s Get Moving on Gas

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman makes some poignant observations about the feel good solar games going on in Broome County and other parts of New York. It’s time to get real.

Broome County, like much of New York, has been playing some very stupid solar games, which I wrote about here and here. Those solar games were further exposed when Broome County Executive Jason Garner announced his budget this week. He did a radio interview on the “Bob Joseph Show” on Radio 1290. Garner went on the show to announcing a tax reduction of 1/2 of one percent, but Bob Joseph asked him if the previously projected $140,000 in annual savings was included into the budget. Hah! You can guess the answer.

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Range Resources Explains PA Natural Gas Impact Fees

Natural Gas NOWConnie Mellin
Natural Gas NOW


Range Resources recently posted an informative new video on YouTube explaining the impact fee, Pennsylvania’s tax on natural gas producers.

Range Resources has been drilling Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale since 2014. They drilled their first successful well, called the Renz #1, in Washington County. As an energy producer in Pennsylvania, Range, as well as other producers, pay an annual fee on each and every well they drill, called an impact fee.

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The Politically Orchestrated Junk Science of DRBC Fracking Opponents

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


DRBC fracking opponents have politically orchestrated the release of junk science intended to gin up public pressure on the Commission to vote for a ban.

Earlier this week, the Manhattan-based Damascus Citizens for Sustainability and other DRBC fracking opponents tried to whip up support for some junk science intended to push the Commission toward a fracking ban. They had a press conference yesterday in Trenton preceded by an article in the gentry class house organ StateImpactPA. They extolled a junk science report authored by a Virginia lawyer who has worked for fractivist outfits such as Earthworks and the Environmentally Working Group. Both the report and the reporting are part of a politically orchestrated campaign by these DRBC fracking opponents.

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Solar Panel Waste: Solar Energy Not So Green After All

environmental extremists.

Discarded solar panels are ending up in landfills, instead of being recycled, where toxic solar panel waste is leaking into the ground and water.

Solar photovoltaic panels, whose operating life is 20 to 30 years, lose productivity over time. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimated that there were about 250,000 metric tons of solar panel waste in the world at the end of 2016 and that the figure could reach 78 million metric tons by 2050. Solar panels contain lead, cadmium, and other toxic chemicals that cannot be removed without breaking apart the entire panel.

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Center for Biological Diversity Does Psychological Warfare for Elites

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


The Center for Biological Diversity is doing psychological warfare or Psych-Ops on behalf of Tides Foundation elites against the good people of Ohio.

Our good friend Jackie Stewart at Energy In Depth has done some of her best work with a story yesterday on the Center for Biological Diversity and its Psych-Ops campaign against natural gas development in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. I encourage readers to go there and explore what she’s put together.

A warning, though, is in very much in order. This article will make you angry—very angry—at how a special interest organization masquerading as a charity is able to tie government up in knots with lawsuits and other nefarious tactics. You’ll be enraged at how tax-exempt non-profits do the bidding of wealthy elites and deny economic opportunity to the ordinary working people who make America great. It’s disgusting.

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Recall “Drive Electric Week” and Make Trendy Folks Buy Their Own Cars

natural gas industry

Keep It Grounded In Fact
(American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers)


“Drive Electric Week” is a feel good exercise for those obsessed with environmental virtue signaling and want to take ratepayers and taxpayers for a ride.

Events on the eve of Drive Electric Week scorched the utopian illusion of “a Prius in every garage.”

On Wednesday, Toyota declared a worldwide recall of 1 million hybrid vehicles over the potential fire risk posed by faulty electrical wiring. And given the fire danger already posed by the lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs), which have been known to ignite—and reignite—at incredibly high temperatures, this recall is no joke.


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There’s Still Plenty of Room to Grow Natural Gas and Reduce CO2

natural gas now - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

Two articles yesterday show just how much more room there is for natural gas to replace coal and oil and reduce our CO2 emissions in the process.

A Today In Energy post and a CNBC article, both of which appeared yesterday, show just how much room is left to grow natural gas and continue the shale revolution with benefits redounding to all. Among those benefits are not only the obvious economic ones for rural landowners and urban consumers, but also reduced emissions of CO2 and far more important air pollutants. Coal and oil are both going to give more ground to natural gas as nuclear energy is overtaken by energy efficiency.

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What Trendy Environmentalism Ignores to the Detriment of Mankind

Stephen Heins
Energy Consultant
“The Word Merchant”


Trendy environmentalism seems to be the order of the day in those parts of the US where rich folks tend to congregate, with no attention to the common good.

It’s official.

A Pennsylvania environmental group funded by the Heinz Endowments to create mischief is copying an initiative spawned in Boulder, Colorado, using a discredited study to advance their cause. Trendy environmentalism has become a secular religion, with no regard for facts or the loss of credibility while they proselytize.

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