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We Have the Numbers, So Approve the Constitution Pipeline!

Constitution Pipeline - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


Though politics shouldn’t be the criteria, support for the Constitution Pipeline has now been amply demonstrated and it’s time Cuomo approved this project!

“Where are your numbers?”

This was a question Andrew Cuomo asked a Joint Landowners  Coalition (JLCNY) representative in 2011.  Cuomo knew then the antis’ claims were bogus, that upstate development depended on cheap energy, and NYC was switching to gas to meet EPA air quality standards.

It didn’t matter.

He also knew he couldn’t go anywhere (even Los Angeles) without the antis harassing him.  He knew the local and state hearings were packed with emotional fear and “experts” with an agenda.  He knew his party’s “environmental” base was energized and not particularly fond of  him.

Constitution Pipeline

Food and Water Watch protest that greet Andrew Cuomo when he arrived in Los Angeles to raise Hollywood money for re-election campaign. Read the whole incredibly arrogant and condescending story by clicking on photo.

He caved.

He’s card-carrying anti now, ready to pass the litmus test of withholding the 401 water permits for the Constitution Pipeline.  The pipeline company has gone to the Federal government with a request to fell trees that are not covered by the DEC regulations.  This issue will probably go to court and it could be another year of delay.  That’s another year that the Upstate New York’s economy continues to decline, while we sit at the foot of Mr. Cuomo, waiting for scraps.

We DO have the numbers and we ARE growing.  That’s what our postcard campaign proved.  We are just short of 13,000 cards distributed.  This wasn’t some slick campaign directed by some environmental foundation with a staff and “walking around” money.  This was started by four ticked-off people who then asked you to give the postcards to your friends and co-workers.

Thank you for your effort.  We’re still in this fight for our families, our communities, and our future.

The JLCNY is also sponsoring a rally in support of the Constitution Pipeline.  It’s at the River Club in Afton, 1 Maple Street, on Saturday, Jan. 23 at 1 :00 0’clock.  Food and information will be served.  I hope to see you there. Let’s get this thing done! New York can’t wait!

Constitution Pipeline

Editor’s Note:  As we noted in an earlier post, Dick’s campaign must be working because the antis are trying to claim it and copy it. Dick and his friends have done yeoman’s work here and they’ve done it on their own. Help them along calling the Governor’s office at 877-235-6537 and asking him to “Approve the Constitution Pipeline” and do it now!  

Need some motivation? Well, click on the protest photo above and read the story of the Hollywood protest of Cuomo’s arrival. It includes this gem:

Our group included several LA environmentalists, as well as a woman named Diane. She has a personal stake in this issue because she owns several thousand acres of farmland in upstate New York that is surrounded by prime fracking land.

I don’t know who “Diane” is or if that’s even her real name, but the fact she apparently own “several thousand acres of farmland in Upstate New York” narrows it down quite a bit, doesn’t it? There are damned few farmers in Upstate New York with thousands of acres of farmland and those who do own that kind of land aren’t wasting time in Hollywood joining in dinky protests.

It tells me this is yet another example of the wealthy trust-funder who has amassed land in the Catskills or Hudson Valley (think Rockefeller or someone similar as they do, in fact, own thousands of acres of upstate farmland) with lots of both guilt and time on their hands. That’s who funds fractivism and makes it so hard to get anything done for the benefit of people actually trying to make a living upstate. Fight back by helping Dick, making some calls and attending the rally. 

Richard Downey is a retired New York City schoolteacher and a member of the Unatego Board of Education and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

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