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New York State’s Natural Gas Hypocrisy

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There is no natural gas hypocrisy like New York natural gas hypocrisy as recent Energy Information Administration data vividly demonstrates.

A few days ago I highlighted Energy Information Administration (EIA) data showing just how extensive the shale revolution has been. This was followed yesterday with data demonstrating the future energy shortage facing New York State. One missing part of the story I didn’t address, though, was the degree to which New York is growing its natural gas use even as it says no to natural gas by denying pipeline approvals and killing fracking. Call it New York State’s growing natural gas hypocrisy.

Here’s how the last five years have stacked up for New York natural gas consumption according to the EIA:

NY natural gas hypocrisy

There has been steady growth in natural gas consumption in the Empire State. It is up 12% since 2011, compared to an estimated 2% increase in population. Residential consumption is up 15% as the following chart illustrates:

natural gas hypocrisy

New York and New Jersey are also becoming ever more reliant upon Pennsylvania’s natural gas. Here are the EIA calculations of where Pennsylvania’s natural gas goes when it crosses the border in the form of intrastate exports (excluding very tiny exports to other states):

natural gas hypocrisyFully 40% of Pennsylvania gas goes into New Jersey and 34% goes to New York. No explanation is needed for why more pipelines (think Constitution, PennEast and Atlantic Sunrise) must be approved. Yet, New York has seen fit to deny a routine permit for the Constitution Pipeline and to kill; fracking “at this time” during fits of political correctness aimed at appeasing the NRDC gang of thieves. Such is the state of natural gas hypocrisy in New York; gas is good to use but bad to produce in their upside down world.

Especially appalling is the fact New York has, heretofore, shown the ability to produce natural gas but the industry is dying due to politics even as the state uses more gas. New York has over 7,600 gas wells and some superb acreage for development. That acreage can’t be developed, though, due to some craven politics at the hands Governor Corruptocrat. So, production is crashing:

natural gas hypocrisy

What all this means, of course, is that New York is, due to Andrew Cuomo’s having sold his soul to the NRDC gang, is becoming more dependent by the day on Pennsylvania, Canada, LNG imports and other sources of natural gas when it could be developing its own. Frankly, as a Pennsylvanian I should like it, of course, but his pipeline obstinacy means it won’t allow us to ship that much more of it to him.

Governor Corruptocrat has, instead, ensured his state will, sooner rather than later, hit a brick wall of higher subsidies, higher prices and less energy when needed. He has not the money to subsidize enough solar or wind farms to make up the difference, to say nothing of the opposition to such ventures. Moreover, subsidizing existing nuclear energy plants (his current plan) has a limited half-life and building new such plants will go nowhere in New York. Such is the energy future of New York where talk is cheap, natural gas hypocrisy is a virtue and common sense is nowhere to be found.

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