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Missing Facts About the Dakota Access Pipeline

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Is there no limit to the distortion that goes into public debate about projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline and oil and gas infrastructure? No.

Jessica Sena’s post provided some much needed background about the Dakota Access Pipeline and it generated a very interesting letter to me from a North Dakotan who is extremely frustrated with the distortion, the one-sided empathetic media coverage and the political correctness that seems to accompany every oil and gas infrastructure project these days.

Dakota Access Pipeline

The letter sets out three – count ’em – major discrepancies with the way most of today’s “journo-fail” reporters have covered the story:

I am a frequent reader of your NaturalGasNow site.  I work in the industry.  I am from North Dakota, but have been working in the NY/PA area since September of 2000…

The Dakota Access Pipeline debacle completely disgusts me…..especially what the Obama Administration did.

As usual, most articles I read online do not point out several important details.  Not only is the pipeline not on the reservation’s land, it parallels an existing natural gas pipeline already built there in the ’80’s.

And, there is an above ground power line crossing the river at this very location.  The tribe’s claim of disturbing sacred land does not hold water since there has already been two construction projects going through this area in the past.

Speaking of water and the tribe’s concern of a threat to their drinking water, the water intake for the reservation is currently approximately 25 miles south of the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing in Fort Yates, ND.  However, unrelated to the Dakota Access Pipeline activity, the Fort Yates water intake is scheduled to be shut down by the end of this year and moved to Mobridge, SD.  The new source of the water on for the reservation on the ND side will be 70 miles away from the Dakota Access Pipeline river crossing!

This whole mess is disgusting with a bad precedent set if the Obama Administration stops this.

Thank you for letting me vent, but I wanted to point out a few details.  Keep up the good work!

Combine these missing facts with the hyperbole, political correctness and sell-serving celebrity posturing and we have the debacle of which our reader speaks. It is, indeed, nothing less than disgusting, but we also have to access who’s behind it all. A little research indicates one of the entities leading the charge is a group called Indigenous Environmental Network. Unsurprisingly, it has received funding from the usual fractivist funding suspects. They include the Earth Island Institute (funded, in turn, by the Rockefellers), the Tides Foundation, the Rose Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (funded by Tides and the Rockefeller Family Fund, among others).

The Indigenous Environmental Network is also part of something called the Sustainable World Coalition – a “project of Earth Island Institute” and a radical de-growth movement if there ever was one. It offers this appeal to possible supporters:

More importantly, you might finally be inspired to tackle the consumption disease—affluenza—at its core and create a simpler life, thereby inspiring others around you to do the same.

This is, of course, the sort of self-righteous pap that comes from the mouths of the super-affluent second, third, and fourth generation trust-funders who have no plans to give up anything. Other groups involved include not only the Earth Island Institute, but also the odious Food & Water Watch, 350.org, the NRDC, the Sierra Club, PIRGs, EarthJustice, the Environmental Working Group and like-minded shills for America’s non-productive gentry class. The CELDF is also involved, indicating just how radical the whole enterprise truly is. As we noted a while back:

Earth Island Institute, Inc. is funded by the Park Foundation, the Energy Foundation, the Goldman Environmental Foundation and its affiliates, all of whom we’ve written about here before, plus several other of the usual wealthy special-interest suspects who fund the NRDC and the like.

The usual suspects also include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which has given Earth Island Institute some $670,000 over the last several years to sponsor “its Energy Action project which organizes and mobilizes 18-35 year olds around reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

So, it’s not hard to see what’s going on with the real behind-thepscenes opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s simply another ginned-up phony protest movement designed to co-opt attention addicted celebrities, Native American Tribes and anyone else they can use into their campaign to “strategically parkify” rural America.

Dakota Access PipelineIt all takes me back to a book that’s been on my shelves since 1973 (see photo to right). It’s entitled The Use of Land: A Citizens’ Policy Guide to Urban Growth, “A Task Force Report Sponsored by The Rockefeller Brothers Fund.” The book reveals so very much about why the gentry class is so determined to sponsor such phony activities as the Dakota Access Pipeline opposition, but nothing does it quite so well as these two separate, but very much connected, quotes:

“A changed attitude toward land—a separation of ownership of the land itself from ownership of urbanization rights—is essential.”

“This shift would not alter the aggregate quantity of private land values; it would simply redistribute them in a spatial sense.”

The gentry class funds opposition to oil and gas infrastructure, fracking and the like because it goes against what they desperately want—very low land values in that party of the country they want to acquire as a playground and very high values for the city properties they already own. It’s not about the climate, the environment or Native Americans. It’s all about the money and power, which is why Warren Buffet also invests in Tides and other groups to fund opposition to Dakota pipelines that would compete with his Burlington Northern railroad to haul oil. It’s because of these people that groups such as the Indigenous Environmental Network even exist and why the debate over the Dakota Pipeline is such a fiasco–a debacle as our reader properly describes it.

UPDATE: Read Part II here. 

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15 thoughts on “Missing Facts About the Dakota Access Pipeline

  1. Let’s not forget that the natives protesting this project had plenty of opportunities to address their concerns through the permitting process and didn’t.

    • It does no good to protest during the permitting process. The Federal Government, the courts, and oil and gas companies are in bed together in this illegal process. i now have an outstanding ecomment to the FERC protesting unfair compensation for underground natural gas storage on my property. the FERC has told me personaly they refuse to answer my ecomment.

  2. There has to come a time when people come forward on behalf of the environment. The number of pipeline failures in the last few years is staggering and the damage is irreversible. The article is mostly smoke and mirrors pretending that the protests are conducted by the gentry who have no other desire than to draw attention. Tell that to the family who was decimated recently in New Mexico. They were camping, enjoying nature, when a fireball from a natural gas pipeline blew through their camp and incinerated ten people. The list is very long of pipelines bursting and fouling farmland, water sources, and more. Instead of trying to obfuscate reality, oil companies need figure out a safe way to transport their products and stop destroying our natural resources.

  3. http://www.forbes.com/sites/richardepstein/2016/09/14/why-the-doj-order-to-shut-down-construction-on-the-dapl-pipeline-is-legally-indefensible/#3dec7aae1b42

    I am only a third of the way through this lengthy opinion and importantly the author has stated something true. There is no reading of the recent court decision involving the tribe and the army corps of engineers and the decision is 52 pages and full of statements of fact that in any way demonstrates that the army corps of engineers was remiss in their efforts to consult the tribe.

    As is often the case with pipelines the details are in documents, paper trails and dockets and as anyone reading recent news on this project can see once they have read that court decision is that an accurate account of facts are not supplied by sources reporters (not all but enough) use when covering pipeline controversies. This is not limited to Dakota pipe but has been ongoing for years.

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  6. Tom, if that’s how you really feel, lets take it to your home instead. I’m going to start drilling for resources on the edge of your property tomorrow and will not follow any regulations or laws as I pollute your property into a wasteland that is no longer able to inhabit living organisms. By the way, your property was originally Native American property that was stolen. You live on stolen property and have no right to live there. Get lost frackhole!

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  9. If we really drill down…..do any of us really own our land or is it leased thru property taxes?

    It is Gods land. And those that choose to destroy Gods land, will answer to God. The Nations have been imperialized by Americans. And now the Ameficans are being imperialized by the new world order ministered by Rockefellers alike.

    It’s a circle my friends. It’s been going on for years.

    God bless the courage of the Native Nations. May their voices never been silenced. May their prayers be heard by God and Gods will be done.

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