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Josh Fox Tries to Stave Off Justice for Upper Delaware Landowners

Bob NolanBob Nolan
Wayne County, Pennsylvania, Landowner



Upper Delaware landowners are fighting back against the injustice of the DRBC sitting on over-the-top gas regulations for years and Josh Fox is flailing. 

Josh Fox, on Friday, put out a call to action to the little swarm of malicious malcontents who follow him to rise up and exercise some mobocracy against the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) at its meeting this Wednesday. He titled his screed “Once Again We Are Under the Threat of Fracking.” He called the Delaware “our beautiful watershed” (even though he operates from Brooklyn out of natural gas heated space). He stated “we simply can’t allow DRBC to frack up our river, our land, air and public health,” and repeatedly raised the specter of threats to his drinking water.

The email was another self-indulgent exercise in crying wolf by the attention starved Fox. It was another reminder of how badly Upper Delaware landowners have been treated at the hands of both this chameleon and the DRBC he holds up as the supposed enemy, even though they’ve been on the same team.

Upper Delaware Landowners

Josh Fox’s natural gas heated headquarters (third floor) in Brooklyn

What has brought all this about is news coming out of various quarters that the DRBC may, after six years of nonfeasance sitting on draft gas drilling regulations, be finally revisiting the issue. Motormouth Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, who is funded by the same William Penn Foundation as the DRBC and nearly every other anti-fracking group in the Northeast, has several moles in the DRBC and has been sounding her screech alarm that a deal is coming. Executive Director Steve Tambini confirmed as much at a recent Upper Delaware Council meeting. Fox had to move into high gear or be left behind on the only issue to have ever elevated his career to anything above the gutter.

There’s a reason for all this sudden movement. It’s a lawsuit, which tells us all the worst things we supposed about the DRBC are true. They were sitting on gas drilling regulations because they could and that’s where their heart was, not to mention their wallet, given the funding they took from the Riverkeeper’s chief funder even as the latter was suing them. They published draft gas drilling regulations in September, 2011 and then used a previous Josh Fox and Riverkeeper exercise of mobocracy to delay a vote until now, inflicting grave injustices on Upper Delaware landowners to appease Josh, Maya and the owner of their own ATM machine, the William Penn Foundation.

Then, a lawsuit was filed by the Wayne Land and Mineral Group challenging the very right of the DRBC to regulate anything that wasn’t a water project. Suddenly, faced with the prospect they could lose revenue sources and authority they thought they had successfully created out of thin air, the DRBC has been forced to do what they had been able to refuse to do. They recognized it doesn’t look good to sit on regs for six years while taking money from the same source that funds opposition to those regs and sits on most their committees. Action that should have occurred for no other reasons than basic decency is finally underway and it may well (and should be) too late. This is why Josh Fox is flailing about making hysterical nonsense and trying fervently to organize another mob.

I’m struck by the arrogance and ignorance of Fox’s assertion that our land has become their land as he works from Brooklyn. It’s not their’s; it belongs to us. We reside here, work here, retire here, raise our families here and pay our damn taxes here….just as our ancestors have for decades or more. He says “for years our beautiful watershed has enjoyed a moratorium.” Really?  What rights does some Johnny come lately, failed filmmaker and his elitist city slicker entourage who discovered our region in the past few years have when my ancestors arrived circa the Civil War?

That’s why the Upper Delaware is bucolic, clean and beautiful, like it’s been since its first trickle; because of us, those of us who live here and those who preceded and begot us, not them and their activist clowns. And, this fact galls them, so many of their ilk living in stinking, rotten concrete jungles without the clean air and water we enjoy and protect every damn day.

Now, they’ve got our little slice of Heaven squarely in their crosshairs and they envision their own private park and playground at our expense and that of our descendants, of course. In their condescending, activist, anti-everything minds, there is nothing that belongs to you, I, us and other Upper Delaware landowners. It’s all their’s, every bit of it, right down to the very core of the earth and to the outer reach of our galaxy. For their agenda to be acceptable and rule the day, there cannot be private property or private property rights. Upper Delaware landowners don’t exist unless they also have addresses in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Upper Delaware Landowners

King John signs the Magna Carta in 1215

Yes, the rights that come from the Creator, rights that are gifted to and constitute the very definition of “freeman,” the rights that are enumerated in the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta and Catholic Canon Law back to the 300’s AD simply don’t exist in the antis’ alternate universe. It’s just not convenient. The antis are the very definition of progressive…the Constitution doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Nevertheless, the one hallmark of every anti on all of the issues, and on natural gas drilling in the Delaware River basin, in particular, is they’re pathetically shallow intellectually. They unwittingly, but willingly, slit their own throat at the behest of uber wealthy folks such as the Rockefellers, the Haas family (William Penn Foundation), the Heinz family and all the nefarious foundations these elites finance and operate. They protest in the streets, pitching a Deep Green Resistance ideology and seek to ban all fossil fuel development worldwide so their wealthy benefactors can accrue power, more wealth and, above all else, private parkland for their enjoyment, without even realizing who is pulling their strings.

Abundant, affordable access to energy is arguably the single most important factor to help elevate the Third World out of abject poverty. Natural gas is doing the same in places such Susquehanna County, while also cleaning the air. The antis would deny hope to these poor people and to us without batting an eye. “Keep it in the ground” they scream as their puppet masters, envisioning billion of dollars in profits, gobble up hydrocarbon rights, mining and drilling operations in Russia, China and Third World nations at the expense of domestic energy, jobs, tax revenue and the citizenry. Or, they’re scamming billions of dollars in tax subsidies from the government to finance pie in the sky, “green” technologies that would never fly in a truly competitive market.

Just take a minute to consider what “leaving it in the ground” has cost us in Wayne County over the last decade; the lost revenue alone, both private and public, is staggering but consider the ancillary benefits. Then, imagine how the baseline that could’ve and should’ve been ours would have compounded over the next decade, the next 50 years and beyond. It’s a totally unnecessary and unjust gut shot at the hands of a few unelected, unaccountable, ideological, compromised bureaucrats. We’ll never fully recover what we’ve already lost while the same DRBC Commissioners who also serve on the SRBC have given that region real hope and progress and denied us the same. It’s criminal. Make no mistake, we have suffered irreparable harm at the hands of this anti movement and the DRBC both funded by the same puppet masters among the Haas, Heniz and Rockefeller families.

The fact is there’s a helluva lot more than meets the eye. We are an epicenter in the debate over the future of energy policy, property rights, regulatory reform and bureaucratic overreach in this nation, whether we like it or not. The DRBC website says there will be no public comment session at Wednesday’s hearing. Nevertheless, it appears the antis hope to show up in large numbers and take over or shout down the proceedings. We all know the routine. They’re attempting to set up carpooling from New York City and Fox’s call to action includes an invite to a sign making event at his gas-heated International WOW headquarters in Brooklyn the day before the hearing.

Upper Delaware Landowners

Josh Fox and Maya doing mobocracy at DRBC meeting in November, 2011

It’s more of what we saw with DAPL; where outsiders such as Josh went for a spell to signal their virtues to the rest of us and whip up some lying propaganda for their “movement,” while leaving the Sioux an ecological nightmare. It’s the same miserable actors and celebrities we see working to denying us our rights here in Wayne County, and the money flows from the same usual suspects, too.

This is why I’m thrilled with what the Wayne Land and Mineral Group has accomplished in forcing the DRBC to finally exercise some responsibility and do something, but let me also be honest. I don’t expect the DRBC to be reasonable. I predict they’ll try to do another public hearing process and hope enough Josh Fox types show up to force them back into seclusion where they can claim they’re studying the issues (with money from the Riverkeeper’s benefactor of course).

Upper Delaware Landowners

The neighborhood where David Haas, of the William Penn Foundation, the Delaware Riverkeeper’s and DRBC’s benefactor, lives in a home estimated at $1.1 million value

If they should pass regulations, I further expect they will continue to be so over-the-top as to preclude natural gas development. The fact is they can’t be trusted and they should never be involved. Let them regulate water withdrawals, wastewater disposal and the other water projects but keep them off the well pads. That’s what the lawsuit says and it is our best hope. It’s time to put the DRBC evil genie back in the bottle with Josh Fox and his malcontents.

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5 thoughts on “Josh Fox Tries to Stave Off Justice for Upper Delaware Landowners

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  2. This summation didn’t miss any of their tricks. You only forgot to mention the use of Hollywood “mock intellectual-types” with thick-rimmed glasses in their anti-campaigns and paid protestors.

  3. Although the DRBC exec dir Steve Tambini was asked to verify the info from the PADEP newsletter he refused. It was later verified by the NPS at the meeting!

    The DRBC and PADEP are going over changes in the DRBC regulations!

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