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Jesse White Dumps on the Poor?

Jesse White - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
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Jesse White, the former PA State Representative driven from office by his own exploits, dumps on the poor to express his contempt for the gas industry. 

The Jesse White story is one so bizarre no one would believe it if it were not true. It’s well known to readers of this blog and not necessary to repeat but the guy keeps delivering, driven by his contempt for a company, Range Resources, and a natural gas industry he once loved; until they rebuffed his request for a free trip to the Superbowl.

Yes, Jesse White is at it again. Ironically, we just wrapped up another Superbowl which, just thinking about, must have triggered something in the mind of the former Pennsylvania State Representative and set him off because here’s what he tweeted last night:

Jesse White

The Dollar Energy Fund, for those who aren’t aware of it, is a  wonderful program. Here’s the background on it:

Dollar Energy Fund is a 501 (c) 3 organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for households experiencing hardships by providing utility assistance and other services that lead to self-sufficiency. For more than 30 years, we’ve served the limited-income community by providing $120 million in utility assistance grants to more than 425,000 low-income families and individuals.

Founded in 1983 in Western Pennsylvania by a coalition of concerned community and business leaders, Dollar Energy Fund, Inc. has grown to become the largest hardship fund in Pennsylvania and one of the largest in the country. The organization expanded beyond Pennsylvania in 2008 with the addition of a Hardship Program in West Virginia. Since then, we’ve extended our reach into Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee and Maryland in 2009; Texas and Louisiana in 2011; Arkansas in 2013; and most recently, California and Kentucky in 2014.

We currently administer Hardship Programs for 32 utility companies. Dollar Energy Fund partners with more than 450 community-based organizations throughout our service territory. These organizations handle application intake for our programs while also connecting those in need with other forms of assistance.

The demand for assistance from our program has grown significantly due to increased costs of everyday living expenses and severe weather conditions. To meet the need, we rely on the generosity of individual donors. Our unique funding model provides a dollar-for-dollar match from our partnering utility companies for every donation we receive. The utility companies also make a separate donation to cover our administrative fees, so 100 percent of all individual donations are used to provide utility assistance grants to limited-income households.

Dollar Energy Fund has helped more than 440,000 limited-income families and individuals.

Inspiring, isn’t it? Well, Jesse White, before he turned against Range Resources, the gas industry in his anger at not receiving favors and before he decided to denigrate the poor helped by the Dollar Energy Fund in his tweet, once thought so, too. Here’s what he said then:

Watch the whole thing if you have time as he lavishes praise on the industry, the Dollar Energy Fund and Range Resources before he turned against the company in a Superbowl super-fit. If you don’t have time, just go to 3:40 and watch from there as Jesse White tells how a $100,000 grant given by Range Resources to the Dollar Energy Fund will go to help alleviate heating costs for low income across Washington County. He notes, too, how it was really a $200,000 grant because of the way the program work, calling it a “windfall” for the people in need in Washington County. He goes on to say what a “great corporate neighbor” Range Resources has been.

Today, though, Jesse White is gleeful over the gas industry’s low prices and the impacts this has had on stock prices, expressing his joy with a gratuitous slap in the face of the Dollar Energy Fund by suggesting Range will now, itself, need help from them. What kind of individual trashes public service organizations to get back at a company that refused to give him a Superbowl fantasy trip? That this man was the hero of so many fractivists before his ignominious fall speaks volumes.

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