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Where Are Jesse White’s Admirers Now?

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It seems so long ago. Jesse White was a fractivist hero until he started playing teenage girl on social media. Then he lost his seat and his law license…

It was September 11, 2012, when the publisher of the Keep Tap Water Safe blog published a post entitled “Jesse White 4 Prez.” It was a laundry list of examples of how Jesse White, then Representative from Pennsylvania’s 46th House Legislative District, had “advocated for the people.” It wasn’t long, less than a year, in fact, before the same blogger was forced by pangs of conscience to admit it all had been a big mistake. Jesse White, the imitator of other fake, real and deceased persons on social media, was just another unethical politician. Now, with the latest episode in the life of Jesse White, it’s even more clear, but where have all Jesse’s admirers gone?

Jesse White was, of course, thrown out of office after it became apparent he was the individual faking support of his radical positions through various aliases on Facebook and other social media. He even pretended to be other real people on the Energy in Depth Marcellus page I was then managing. He made comments from the same IP address under multiple names, in fact. Bloggers such as those at Keep Tap Water Safe didn’t want to believe it. They jumped on Jesse White’s (a/k/a Victoria Adams) description of me as an “industry whore” before realizing they had been conned.

Jesse White fund-raising page where he effectively gives himself an award for environmental leadership.

Jesse White fund-raising page where he effectively gives himself an award for environmental leadership.

Jesse apologized, but it was too late and when election time came he was easily defeated, delivering some justice for all those he maligned. His former friends in the fractivist community quietly drifted away, never to be heard from again. It was hardly a surprise, true believer ideological types being among the first to throw their friends to the lions. Had they any intellectual honesty, they would have seen through Jesse White from the beginning. But, they chose not to do so until it became undeniably clear there was no defending him and then acted as if he never existed.

Meanwhile, Jesse White apparently didn’t change. Word came this past week from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that his license to practice law has been suspended. Ironically, because he was pro-abortion rights and anti-smoking, they endorsed his re-election bid after the revelations of his impersonations:

Jesse Jeffrey White, 38, of Cecil, was sued last year by his mother for impersonating her to obtain a credit card and racking up nearly $28,000 in debt.

According to a release from the court’s Disciplinary Board, Mr. White, who has an office in McDonald, “has been placed on emergency temporary suspension in this Commonwealth after it has been found that his continued practice of law is causing immediate and substantial public or private harm.”

The suspension is effective April 14 and will remain in effect until further order of the court.

Mr. White, a Democrat, represented portions of Allegheny, Beaver and Washington counties for four terms beginning in 2007. He lost to Republican newcomer Jason Ortitay in 2014 after controversies including accusations of burning one of his own his own campaign signs, impersonating other people online, and writing anonymous and false posts attacking constituents.

The state Supreme Court review came about after Mr. White’s mother, Sharlene Watazychyn of Waynesburg, said he had forged her signature on checks to obtain credit-card cash advances of $3,500, $4,500 and $3,000. Other charges included a wedding in Las Vegas and Penguins season tickets.

Is there anything surprising about this? Well, not if you followed Jesse White’s previous efforts to get Super Bowl tickets out of Range Resources and his subsequent turning on them after he was turned down. But, there’s more, from KDKA:

Former state representative Jesse White is once again in trouble with the law.

His license to practice law has now been suspended by the state Supreme Court.

Years back, KDKA exposed White for posing under false identities on the internet to attack political opponents.

Since leaving the legislature, White has been a practicing attorney – until now.

The state Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended his law license on a temporary emergency basis, finding evidence that he misappropriated more than $100,000 in money entrusted to him by a half a dozen legal clients.

The Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Review Board found that in the last half of 2016, those clients entrusted White with some $118,000, but that all but $12,000 of that money was drawn down by White for purposes unrelated to his representing them.

In response, attorneys for White said he has advised the Disciplinary Board that he was seeking help for a “pathological gambling addiction,” and that the transfers were “all related to the gambling addiction.”

It was all a matter of time, it appears. But, where is Josh Fox today? He was singing Jesse White’s praises in November, 2012.

And, where is Mark Ruffalo who signed onto Jesse White’s bogus accusations?

And, where are the Delaware Riverkeeper, Clean Water Action, the Sierra Club and PennEnvironment, who quoted Jesse White approvingly?

Where is StateImpactPA, the Haas and Heinz family shills, who gave White the space to claim the campaign against him had been one of “character assassination” (rich coming from a guy who attacked others using fake names) following several other stories broadcasting White’s claims against Range Resources.

Where is his buddy, Attorney John Smith, the fractivist trial lawyer who used him so?

Where is Vera Scroggins who thanked him for being “the most-outspoken legislator in our State to expose the abuses of the Gas Industry”?

Jesse’s friends have all gone with the wind, it seems. He’s been purged and the fractivists have moved on, his name never to be uttered again.

Jesse White

John Smith and Jesse White, back in the day when Jesse thought the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was smiling on him. No more.

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3 thoughts on “Where Are Jesse White’s Admirers Now?

  1. Like, like, likety-like, although you’re a little bit late to the party and are missing a lot of OTHER juicy stuff such as what _I_ tried to educate him about before he blocked me like a coward.

  2. It certainly would be something to see all the politicians photographed with or linked to the antifracking pipeline resistance movement in some way, wouldn’t it? Remember when over 50 elected Democrats in ny wrote this crazy letter to Cuomo which only showcased how under the influence of this irrational movement these politicians were? That was about two years ago now. Still the press sleeps. Wowser!


  3. According to court documents the issue with his mother isn’t mentioned. He has a gambling addiction which he blames on his “powerful political enemies” and others. I never heard of anyone blaming their gambling addiction on others like this. He apparently lost almost $100,000 which is a huge sum of money. Sounds like he may end up getting some jail or prison time.

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