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Governor Wolf: Stop Trying to Strangle Our Natural Gas Industry

severance tax - Doug Berkley ReportsDouglas Berkley
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Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler

Why is Governor Wolf so determined to add costs to the one industry that lifted PA during tough economic times and is poised to deliver such growth?

Governor Wolf, once again, you are threatening to strangle the one industry that demonstrates the ability to grow jobs, manufacturing and general prosperity for our Commonwealth. You seem not to care at all that, prior to the shale revolution, we had not seen comparable prosperity for decades.

Unfortunately, pricing pressure and cost cuts have resulted in many layoffs and a downturn for this prosperity producing industry. Adding your promised and ill-advised energy taxes now during this period would be a very poor decision. Jobseekers and local communities who rely on these workers to keep their coffers full would suffer.  Your proposed energy tax, if enacted, would ignite a chain reaction. It is one that will hurt workers, gas companies, service companies, local communities and onward. It’s a loser all the way down.

governor wolf

This industry is paying its fair share; it has paid over $1 billion in local impact fees to date!  The impact fee is providing the same benefit as any tax, it doesn’t matter what they call it. And, it’s keeping the funds local where they belong.

I love working in the shale fields, having found my true passion. It’s wonderful having a fair paying, fulfilling industry job! I love seeing many of my neighbors and community members joining the shale job ranks.  Those ranks, contrary to some who falsely argue the opposite, are, in fact, typically filled by local workers like me. More of these jobs are possible for those who want them. Now that Shell is building their cracker plant here, for instance, we have a great opportunity to deliver a renewed era of prosperity.  It makes no sense to me to taxing this one industry to make up for all our state education budget shortfalls and other programs. It makes no sense whatsoever.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Wolf: Stop Trying to Strangle Our Natural Gas Industry

  1. This guy turned out to be quite a disappointment and he is using as much, or more hydro fracked natural gas to heat and cook in his home as any one else in Pennsylvania. What a phony! The sooner we get rid of him, the better.

  2. One reason might be because it has created multiple issues for those living in drilling areas .This has been proven and is on record in PA and elsewhere !

    • Has the industry created the ‘multiple issues for those living in drilling areas’ or have anti-fossil fuel activists created fears of those issues amongst the people living in drilling areas?

      Fear is a damaging to both the emotional and physical well-being of individuals…when will we see regulations to prevent the creation of fear to further political agendas?

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