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Gov. Wolf: Support PA’s Energy Industry and the Atlantic Sunrise

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Gov. Wolf show us you support PA jobs, affordable natural gas and the energy industry by moving the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline forward.

It’s no secret that elected officials from across America are now prioritizing natural gas infrastructure. Why? Because they recognize the tremendous economic benefits associated with a strong energy industry. As well as the need to ensure a reliable supply of clean, affordable fuel for economic development, making electricity and heating homes. It is now Gov. Tom Wolf’s turn to show he, too, cares about giving a boost to Pennsylvania’s energy industry, creating local jobs and stimulating economic development. How? By supporting the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project.

energy industry

Sections of steel pipe milled for the construction of the proposed Atlantic Sunrise project

Once it is constructed, Atlantic Sunrise will immediately be a critical piece of energy infrastructure, connecting abundant Marcellus Shale natural gas supplies from northeast Pennsylvania to American consumers in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. This is a nearly $3 billion investment that will yield approximately $1.6 billion in additional wages, revenue and new business investments across the 10 Pennsylvania counties it intersects.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the project in early February, but there is more regulatory work to do, including approvals from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Construction of the pipeline is scheduled to begin later this year, pending the receipt of these critical approvals. We don’t want to be another New York!

The state DEP has shown promising support recently for regional energy infrastructure projects, including Sunoco Logistics’ Mariner East 2 project. Approved in February, the Mariner East 2 project includes two new pipelines to transport natural gas liquids from Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania across the state to Sunoco Logistics’ operations at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Delaware County.

It is clear leaders in Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania are finally starting to get the message: The time to unleash the economic power of American energy is here, and the time to build is now! Approval of Atlantic Sunrise would send a powerful message and create and equally powerful incentive for others to invest in America.

Atlantic Sunrise would benefit thousands in Pennsylvania and millions throughout the nation; once complete, the pipeline will deliver enough gas to meet the daily energy needs of more than 7 million American homes and businesses. Take a moment to help make it happen.

You can make a difference by signing this petition to tell Gov. Wolf you support Atlantic Sunrise. Your action will not only be a step toward clean, affordable energy but also create opportunities and jobs our region needs. Let’s get it done, now!

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4 thoughts on “Gov. Wolf: Support PA’s Energy Industry and the Atlantic Sunrise

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  2. Pipelines are the only environmentally safe way to transport oil and gas. We need this type of infastructure and it also create a lot of job opportunities.

  3. Governor Wolf, please don’t stand in the way of economic growth in Pa. And approve the Atlantic Sunrise Project.

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