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Gasland Part II Is a Flaming Farce (and Fraud)

FrackmanFurmanVictor Furman
Chenango County, NY, Landowner
Shale Gas Activist


Gasland Part II is a farce, even a fraud, and both it and the original movie focus around lies about natural gas flaming in unusual places, one where the cause had earlier been determined to have nothing to do with gas drilling and the other being an outright fraud.

Earlier this week, HBO premiered Gasland Part II. A few months ago I was one of about 20 farmers and landowners who traveled to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and was refused entrance to the original premiere, after driving some 290 miles one-way and now I understand Josh Fox’s motive for not wanting people from farming country to see this movie. He was justified in thinking we would make a stink at the Q&A portion of his premier.

Josh has taken simple facts and twisted them with his narrative skills and background music to make the viewer believe he has uncovered some large government conspiracy of crooked politicians, industries and bottomless banking accounts.  Once again there was the flaming faucet, but this time it was a flaming Texas hose held by litigant Steve Lipsky. This time Fox pushed the flaming farce, or should I say fraud, too far.  Read what Fox left out of his movie below:

A judge has concluded that a Parker County resident, owner of a methane-contaminated water well, created a “deceptive video” that was “calculated to alarm the public into believing the water was burning.”State District Judge Trey Loftin said well owner Steve Lipsky collaborated with Alisa Rich, an environmental consultant.


Loftin made his remarks in an order, signed Thursday, denying a motion by Lipsky and Rich to dismiss Range Resources’ multimillion-dollar counterclaim against them.

So it is throughout the whole movie, as Josh Fox employs tactics in Gasland Part II that bear no new information but stories, and misleading facts that are meant to deceive the viewers; viewers who will most likely believe the contents of this third rate mocumentary without investigating the accusations made.

Josh Fox also, in this classless movie, associates the gas drilling industry’s commercials with the tobacco industry, stating that 50 years ago a firm was hired to tell the public smoking would not harm your health.  The number one rule in promoting propaganda is to find an evil entity and relate it somehow to whatever it is you are trying to slander.  Josh Fox is nothing if not a propagandist of the worst sort and he does it with money from the Park Foundation, those wealthy NIMBYs from Ithaca who pay for everything anti-gas.

Gasland Part II would not be complete, of course, without the infamous “Brown Jug Of Water” that fooled a nation. Once again, it made an appearance but, once again, I ask why that brown jug was not offered up for testing by anti-drilling activists so our leaders in Albany could confirm the allegation of pollution that was offered to them as sworn testimony.

Once again, as in Gasland, Gasland Part II features the former Mayor of DISH, Texas (population of 201, about the same size as my extended family) whose adopted children were alleged inflicted with nosebleeds due to “something in the air.” The Gasland Part II scene shows Mayor Calvin Tillman in his car overlooking the homestead he said was too dangerous for his own family to live in, forcing him to move. So what happened to the home?  Well, he sold it it to another individual… shouldn’t he have… wouldn’t he have condemned the property if it was too dangerous to live on?  No such questions are ever posed, of course.

Calvin made a big deal about forcing the new buyer to watch Gasland before he’d sell to them, and if you read the news reports they implied he made a big sacrifice to move his family.  He didn’t.

I did a little checking of my own at the Denton County Appraisal District’s on-line site and found he sold the property for $190,000 in 2011 in the trough of the real estate recession after purchasing the property for $175,636 in 2005 when the market was still appreciating nationwide.  He then turned around and purchased a foreclosed property in a nearby town for $125,000, one of the few in the neighborhood with a pool, that had sold for $169,900 in 2006 and is appraised at $161,204 today.  That Dish real estate investment paid off handsomely!  Weep not for the Tillman family.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.53.38 PM

The New Tillman Home in Aubrey, Texas (Denton County)

Then there was the author of the Howarth Study whose own peers refused to back the study.

A new study from the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Lab casts even more doubt on the Cornell study. A presentation of the study comes to the following conclusion: “Average natural gas base load power generation has life cycle GHG emissions 53% lower than average coal base load power generation” (p. 36). All forms of natural gas scored significantly lower on GHG emissions than coal-powered generation.

And, what about the infamous 20-year time for global warming potential (GWP), which Dr. Howarth deemed “critical” for making a proper environmental impact assessment? NETL concludes: “Average natural gas base load power generation has life cycle GHG emissions 42% lower than average coal base load power generation on a 20-year time horizon” (p. 37). Once again, all forms of natural gas score lower than coal, even on the 20-year time frame.

There is no doubt in my mind that Gasland Part II will re-invigorate some of the more radical parts of the anti-gas movement here in New York and, just like Gasland, it will do so with misinformation, false accusations and pseudo-science.  We can only hope the Governor of New York has staff who will investigate Josh Fox’s accusations half as much as I did and be enlightened.

And, maybe the governor will share with us landowners, and the 34 other states and multiple countries who are already drilling, what he meant when he was quoted in the press last week as saying “natural gas is the bridge fuel, but that fracking!”  Governor, if you know something that no one else knows then share it… Otherwise, let’s get on with the drilling here in New York and quit with the political posturing.  Don’t entertain this flaming face, this flaming fraud called Gasland Part II. It’s a sign of weakness that will cost you the presidency if you drag it on any longer (if you ever had a chance).

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6 thoughts on “Gasland Part II Is a Flaming Farce (and Fraud)

    • Thank You john… You don’t have to dig deep to expose the stench out of Josh Fox’s bull pen. I think we land owners out to have a meeting and come up with a class action lawsuit for the damages this propaganda filmaker has done on both sides of the fence. The anti side fell for his voo doo video’s and are too deep into his crap to climb up out of it and take the scientific facts to the bank of reasoning because they are embarresed that they were taken for an intellectual brain fracking. The pro side has been waiting for 5 years to exercize their constitutional rights over their land, and because of Josh Fox’s lies and trickery have lost 5 years of time and money while he got rich over lies and more lies stating he as a documentarian.

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