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The Fruits of Fractivism: An Update on the Threats

fractivists - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
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Threats against the PennEast Pipeline project continue despite the fruits of this fractivism. Their hysterical opposition has created a dangerous situation.

Our buddy, Jim Willis, from Marcellus Drilling News, keeps his ear very close to the ground. He has an update relating to our “Fruits of Fractivism” story back in April:

“Three surveyors working on the PennEast Pipeline in Holland Township (Hunterdon Township), New Jersey were approached by a man with a rifle. The man asked them if they were there working on the PennEast. When the 3-man crew responded “yes,” the man waved the gun in the air, shouting at them that he would stop the pipeline. It was a clearly a menancing threat to the men who were doing nothing more than a survey. Holland Township Police later arrested Lester Kinney Jr., charging him with “making terroristic threats and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.” Although arrested for his crimes, you need an indictment (from a grand jury) in order to prosecute such a crime. The wheels of justice grind sloooooooooowly. We finally have some good news. A grand jury has indeed indicted Mr. Kinney for his criminal act. He will now either plead guilty, or go to trial.”

Well, good! The news made me wonder, though, if PennEast Pipeline opponents might have changed their tactics since this incident in April. Nah, not at all.


What PennEast Pipeline opponents oppose: birds-eye view of existing pipeline in Southeast Pennsylvania.


Street view of same pipeline. Note expensive home to left and pipeline to right.

Jim included this NJ.com story excerpt in his piece, as he proceeded to speculate Lester Kinney, Jr. might soon be making license plates in some New Jersey prison:

Lester R. Kinney, 48, has been indicted on charges stemming from his arrest in April following an alleged threat against a group of surveyors from the PennEast pipeline company.

In a Grand Jury decision unsealed on Friday, Kinney was indicted in July on second-degree possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose and third-degree terroristic threats. If convicted, he would face five to 10 years in prison on the firearm charge and three to five years on the terroristic threats charge.

Kinney allegedly brandished a gun and threatened three subcontractors conducting a wildlife survey for the PennEast Pipeline.

“People are free to protest and voice their opinions on the pipeline project or any other issue, but it must be conducted in a lawful manner,” Anthony P. Kearns III, Hunderdon County prosecutor, said at the time of Kinney’s arrest.

The contractors were parked on Milford-Warren Glen Road when Kinney allegedly approached them, holding a rifle, it was previously reported. Kinney asked them if they were with the PennEast Pipeline, and when they said yes, he reportedly waived the rifle in the air, shouting in opposition to the project and vowing to stop it, according to a release from PennEast.

Yes, Mr. Kinney appears to have issues, but who whipped him up into such a frenzy, anyway.. I suggested in my earlier post that it was groups such as the Delaware Povertykeeper a/k/a Riverkeeper and/or other similar entities funded by the William Penn Foundation to instigate dissent. I noted the Povertykeeper organization had conducted training a month before for pipeline opponents. Present at that training were activists promising they “not going to stop fighting this pipeline” but were, rather, “ramping up” their efforts and promising to “not let PennEast destroy [their] environment for profit,”

That’s just the beginning of the rhetoric used to gin up opposition to the PennEast Pipeline. There’s a group called Delaware Township Citizens Against the Pipeline that is obviously working closely with the Povertykeeper. Here’s a screenshot from their Alerts page:


Gee, do you suppose encouragement of “angry owners” might have influenced Mr. Kinney?

Then, there is the incorporated group known as “Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline,” which has a “Stop The PennEast Pipeline” website with this resistance message:


Jeff Titell, the Sierra Club’s hit man on the project, makes it clear such resistance is useful to the cause:

“Our united opposition is working: this delay on the PennEast pipeline is a small victory for the environment. Any time you can delay a pipeline, it gives us a better chance to stop it. Now we must keep fighting and working hard to stop the project. 1,500 people have registered as intervenors against PennEast pipeline. In New Jersey, more than 70% of the people on the route have said NO to this pipeline and won’t let PennEast on their land to complete the surveys they need. Since they don’t have enough data on both its impacts to the environment and safety concerns to do a proper analysis, they have not been able to obtain the permits they needed to reach their original timeline,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “They originally said they would have approval in 2016. Then it was 2017. Now it’s later. Who knows, maybe they will never get approval? This pipeline is unneeded and unnecessary and the more it gets delayed it will show that this pipeline should never be built.”

It’s dirty tricks all the way for these people and instigating public opposition of the crudest sort is the result. Such tactics inevitably get taken farther and farther by the true believers. Some then rationalize violence. This is what appears to have happened with Lester Kinney, although the case isn’t over yet. It wasn’t the first time. These are the fruits of fractivism.


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16 thoughts on “The Fruits of Fractivism: An Update on the Threats

  1. No; it’s not the fruits of frac”K”tivism. It’s the fruits of PROPERTY RIGHTS PRINCIPLES, after the jack-booted government thug “protecting” your eminent-domaining buddies on the Holleran/Zeffer farm back in March did his unprovoked waving his AR-15 at a bunch of us.

    • And the Jackbooted tactics of the odious thuggery of one Andrew Cuomo, supported by the shills and bleaters who deprived ME of MY property rights in NY are any better?

      • Or of JLCNY, which screwed its own reservoir-area brethren out of their property rights by joining DEC in being afraid to frac the NYC watershed?

  2. Wow. “Tom Frost” comments seem slightly unhinged. Specifically the “jack booted government thug protecting your eminent domain buddies ” part of his rant.


    Today I had an individual and one would have to assume
    this is a fractivist going by the name of “Save Marple Greenspace”, which apparently is a real environmental organization, harassing me and making false allegations about me repeatedly online in the comment section of state impact pa. This kind of thing happens often. Harassment and false accusations by fractivists.

    • Go back in your boss Mr. Shepstone’s archives and re-read his sensible directive against spewing links that we have to waste time clicking onto, before you pipe up again, Ms. Orlando. “Save Marple Greenspace” – hmmm; I’ve never heard of the bum, and that’s all we need to know about your skill in even bothering to make your links relevant to your ad hominems on your opponents – although, my first impression about “Save Marple Greenspace” since you did direct me to him, is that he certainly hit the nail on the head in his description of YOU: “Just wind her up in the morning, and she will go all day!”

      • Just for the record; Karen doesn’t work for me, Tom. Indeed, we’ve never met or spoken. She’s simply a very independent-minded observer and commenter who happens to support natural gas.

      • I see mr Shepstone has already answered you Mr West but I will too. You can take your unhinged lunacy and your own unsubstantiated claims and ad hominem attacks on me and shove them right up the orifice it seems you speak out of.

        It’s interesting that you thought the person harassing me and making false allegations about me online yesterday was a male. Women do this too.

        Since mr Shepstone doesn’t employ me a directive to me about links doesn’t impress me. You are free to comment in your unhinged manner just as I am free to comment with links that you won’t bother to read.

        Since the post written by Mr shepstone was about tactics and mentioned unlawful ones at that perhaps you can fill me in on internet defamation and whether it’s legal or not. I guess you are registering that I was talking about being harassed and slandered online by fractivists.

        • HAHAHA – “ad hominem attacks on me”. Where did you learn to use that phrase? It’s a major one of the exact phrases that I cooked up and had a lot of fun with too, back when I was a NOVICE troll.

          Get a life.

          • Interesting. I didn’t know there were troll levels. What level are you at now? Do you enjoy the hobby? There have been some recent news stories about trolls.

      • https://disqus.com/by/hope_forpeace/

        I think it is more than not being able to handle the truth or name calling. People like Hope Forpeace for example perhaps does this to intimidate me or harass etc. Hope ForPeace apparently thinks she is actually entitled to say anything she likes period about anyone online and because she is doing so on a public thread that she can’t be sued for libel or defamation or anything at all.

        It’s basically harassment of a kind. Not everyone who has done this kind of thing online to me uses their name like Hope Forpeace has done.

        • I had an issue a couple years ago with one using fake names and calling me a shill and a troll. It turned out to be my Pa. State Representative. He even went as far as too tell people not to buy my produce from my farm online because I support gas drilling. After we were able to gather the evidence that it was him and the news got out he ended up losing his position at election time.

  3. Over in Watkins Glen, the silly ‘Gas Free Senecans’ have got some people so convinced they will be blown off the face of the earth if LPG-Storage occurs, that one B&B owner has sworn to move out of town rather than be annihilated. Such is the fruits of anti-fractivism here.

    And now they make-believe that ‘fracked’ gas is somehow worse than ‘normal’ gas. Proving they are ignorant of the fact that vertical gas wells have been being ‘fracked’ for a long time now. So all ‘normal’ gas is indeed now ‘fracked’ gas.

    And people want it more than ever because it is such a useful and cheap source of thermal energy.

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