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The Fruits of Fractivism: Threats of Violence

fractivists - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
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A violent threat against the PennEast Pipeline project illustrates the fruits of fractivism funded by special interests such as the William Penn Foundation.

The William Penn Foundation funded Delaware Riverkeeper and its sister entities at the Clean Air Council, et al have been encouraging active opposition to the PennEast Pipeline, whipping up anger based on wild speculative claims, and now that fractivism has borne the predictable fruit; a man so wound up he has threatened PennEast workers with violence.

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What the PennEast Pipeline will look like when completed. What distracts more from the view; the pipeline or the pipeline? How has this pipeline negatively impacted this farm? It’s hard to tell. Yet, Lester Kinney was convinced it would destroy his property. Are fractivist hysterics partly responsible?

The basic story is laid out in a press release from PennEast:

A PennEast Pipeline Company crew was approached and allegedly threatened the morning of April 19 by a rifle-bearing man while the crew was stopped to confirm property information about an authorized survey scheduled for April 20.

As the three-team crew was parked on Milford-Warren Glen Road in Holland Township, New Jersey, the man approached the crew and asked if the crew was with PennEast Pipeline.  When the crew members responded affirmatively, the man allegedly held up the rifle, began waving it in the air, shouted in opposition to the Project and vowed that he would prevent it.

Following an investigation in conjunction with the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office, Holland Township Police arrested Lester Kinney Jr.  Kinney has been charged with making terroristic threats and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

“PennEast is committed to safety, which starts with ensuring the well-being of our team members, who simply are doing their jobs on properties where we have landowner permission,” said Peter Terranova, chair of the PennEast board of managers. “We are thankful our team was able to return safely to their families without escalation of the situation.” 

PennEast continues to conduct surveys with landowner permission.  The surveys provide beneficial information that helps to ensure safe construction and operation of the PennEast Pipeline, which will serve local families and businesses.

The story has also been covered in many local newspapers, including this one in the MyCentralJersey.com. What I found most interesting about the story as reported by this outlet, was what their blogging system brought up as related stories for the reader to dig into (red circle added):


Also, do you think maybe this little speech might have had something to do with it?

“We will do what we have to, to stop the PennEast Pipeline project.”

It’s probably safe to assume Maya vanRossum didn’t want people picking up guns in protest and Jeff Tittel of the Sierra Club went so far as to condemn it, so let’s not accuse either of that, but picking up of the guns is what some people worked up into a frenzy by others engaged in irresponsible use of inflammatory rhetoric can yield. These are the fruits of fractivism; fractivism bought and paid for by the types of super-wealthy families safely residing behind gated entrances to their estates (e.g., the Haas family, the Heinz family and the Rockefeller family.) Lester Kinney went too far but, make no mistake, these gentry class radicals want controversy and they want the type of feverish opposition to pipeline projects that can evolve in such unintended ways and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

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2 thoughts on “The Fruits of Fractivism: Threats of Violence

  1. “…has borne the predictable fruit…”

    Well, Tom, this is certainly the pot calling the kettle black.

    While I was standing on the road (I was always scrupulously careful about not trespassing on anyone’s property without having first asked for their permission) as I was taking a picture of a well pad, as I had done on occasions too numerous to count, I was confronted on two of those occasions – one in Bradford County, the other in Susquehanna – with an individual “waving” a gun. The one in Susquehanna was not subtle about it at all, actually: unlike Mr Kinney, this guy aimed his gun (shotgun, rifle? I’m just a dumb former-country-now-city person, they all look the same to me) right at me.

    I am glad I had the foresight in those days – on instances where I was in an unfamiliar area – to first take out my my cell phone and call someone and let them know where I was after I stopped and before I got out of the car, and kept them on the phone until I got back in the car, so that there would be an “audio witness” in case anything ever went wrong.

    As I was doing at that very moment on that early evening.

    Because there’s no telling what a financially desperate man – or a just plain greedy one – will do once he’s riled up, you know.

  2. The Third Law of Alarmists:
    The end justifies the means, any means.
    Corollary 3: Any means includes lying, cheating, and stealing, publicity, legal system,
    Corollary 4: Eco-terrorism is on the table. Simple Example: Spiking Trees.
    Corollary 5: “The sky is always falling”

    So, now I can add “death threats” to Law 3: Corollary 3…

    Global Warming is a Cult – at best.

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