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The Fractivist Mindset: Arrogant and Condescending

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The recent election, whatever way one may have voted, really brought out the reality of the fractivist mindset; arrogant and condescending.

Readers of this blog have sent me links to two different tweets by perhaps the most prominent fractivists out there; Bill McKibben and Josh Fox. They reveal the incredible arrogance and condescension of those of the fractivist mindset. There is, in fact, very little more that needs to be said once you’ve seen them.

Here is creepy Bill McKibben’s tweet:

fractivist mindset

Bill McKibben, of course, is the Rockefeller team bat boy so this is a reflection of just how badly they have been burned by the loss of what they expected would be an opportunity to dictate policy to a Clinton administration just as they have with the Governor Corruptocrat administration in New York. We can only speculate as to whether they would have actually had such influence, but there’s no doubt they sought it. McKibben’s hate for an America where his wealthy benefactors don’t expect to have such power reveals all about the real interests of the Rockefeller family and they’re not American interests. Rather, they’re special private family interests. The rest of us are merely gnats to them to be swatted away or ignored.

Then, there is Josh Fox’s tweet (actually two quick tweets in a row):

fractivist mindset

Yes, Josh Fox supposes he might have saved the Hillary campaign with an anti-fracking message. She was just too stupid to pay attention to him. If she had just listened to him and adopted the fractivist mindset, then those Northeastern Pennsylvanians from Bradford, Lycoming and Susquehanna Counties who voted 70% for Trump might have voted for her instead. If you believe that you’re living in a bubble of your own creation that’s about to burst, or maybe it already has. I suspect future Democrat nominees for President will stay as far away from Josh Fox and Bill McKibben types as they can possibly get and they should.

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5 thoughts on “The Fractivist Mindset: Arrogant and Condescending

  1. Republican president-elect Donald Trump has been considering nominating Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm as energy secretary But Hamm has been quoted as saying that Trump “did not understand” questions about local fracking bans that were asked by a Colorado reporter.

    Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm said that the then-presidential candidate Donald Trump did not fully understand questions posed earlier this month about local fracking bans. Hamm, has advised Trump on energy matters, told the Wall Street Journal [he] “did not understand that concept at the time in my opinion.” Hamm told the paper that he believes Trump now understands the issue and that the candidate does not support local fracking bans or moratorium.

    Based on further study Mr. Trump’s energy policies now include:

    Unleashing America’s $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves.

    Supporting open onshore and offshore leasing of federal lands, eliminating moratorium on coal leasing and open shale energy deposits.

    Encourage the use of natural gas and other American energy resources. He believes these actions will cut emissions as well as bring energy prices down.

    Richard W. Goodwin West Palm Beach FL 11/10/16

  2. Josh Fox seems to have some mental issues. His short lived stardom has gone to his head and he thinks he is some fracking expert. Maybe if he was they would listen to him. Instead he gets arrested in DC and laughed out of a BBC Radio interview. Nobody takes him serious or listens to his fairy tales.

  3. It is interesting isn’t it? Trump is the president elect and obviously the election was quite close. Clinton actually got more votes than anyone this long election season and yet she isn’t the president elect. Whatever your feelings about her she certainly handled what had to be a hard loss with grace and like an adult. .

    Unlike these two folks tweeting who dont seem to be accepting the election results like the adults they have long been (neither is a young adult) and who basically only supported Clinton because their preferred candidate lost to her.

    If you asked me their movement along with the Sanders revolution likely hurt Clinton’s chances but that is of course just my assessment.

    Perhaps at some point people will actually see the antifracking movement and these two “leaders” of it for what they are at this point and they may not have started out this way….irrational and intolerant. Not a good combo.

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