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Fellow Shale Advocates: Please Act to Support PennEast

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Natural Gas NOW


The PennEast Pipeline needs all shale advocates to help support this important piece of infrastructure that will help reduce our natural gas and electricity costs.

I received an email this morning from United Shale Advocates asking for support of the PennEast pipeline by signing a letter to Secretary Bose at FERC. It deserves to be shared and so I am. The PennEast will provide so many economic benefits to hardworking families and businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

shale advocates

As geopolitical tensions mount, the time is now for America to shore up its energy future. Pennsylvania-produced natural gas can both lower our energy bills and give us energy freedom from countries that do not have our best interest at heart.

PennEast Pipeline is not only a step in the right direction, but will improve our environment and the economy. Click here to register your support with the Federal Regulatory Commissions (FERC) and our lawmakers for a project that would:

  • Save local energy consumers hundreds of millions in annual savings through access to affordable and abundant energy resources;
  • Inject more than $1.6 billion into our economy, through construction material and labor costs;
  • Create more than 12,000 jobs, the vast majority in construction; and
  • Per FERC, would most likely “contribute to a cumulative improvement in regional air quality.”

shale advocates

The PennEast Pipeline can be completed without any significant impacts to the environment and will deliver reliable, low cost energy. Our power sectors are using nature gas for its power generation and FERC has determined that the demand cannot be met by any existing pipelines or other proposed pipelines. For these reasons support for the PennEast is vital and I am asking you too also show your support for American Energy Security and PennEast Pipeline by signing this letter to FERC.

Thank you for your support of PennEast Pipeline!

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9 thoughts on “Fellow Shale Advocates: Please Act to Support PennEast

    • Nice language. NOT. Do you think you could make your case without crude, insulting language?

      BTW. when I’ve found anti anything letters, they do not allow me to edit them to make them pro. So that’s OK and this is not?

        • Useful idiot is a well-known political term and has been around for a very long time. You know what term I meant. And if you google it, the only reference I could find is to a failed anti-gas movie from 6 years ago.

  1. I am amazed to see that you are still supporting your lost cause natural gas pipelines. Hopefully the ground swell of opposition to the PennEast pipeline (for good reasons) will also write letters of opposition to secretary Bose. Thanks for giving me the idea today. Our fear and demon tactics, as your rag called them, were successful in stopping NED. I look forward to the day when PennEast suffers the same fate. Until then, I remain confident that the lies, omissions, and misinformation spread by the project’s supporters will ultimately be clear to all.

    • I’m sure that the folks in New England who cannot upgrade their gas service, and those who would like to have inexpensive natural gas would love to know your name and address to properly thank you. I’ve seen more lies from the anti side than even from Hillary Clinton, and that’s saying something.

    • https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2016/04/20/kinder-morgan-shelves-billion-new-england-pipeline-project/iEafnAP2P41o0B9tmM0lEI/story.html

      According to even news accounts which are flattering to those in opposition, the company that wanted to build NED dis not pull their project because of tactics but lack of commitment from big customers.

      What are the lies, omissions and misinformation from supporters anyway? Isn’t there actually a federal docket on the Penn East pipeline with a draft eis released that people both pro and con are invited to comment on right now? I mean obviously one can just write in support or against the project as well but at this point in enviro review the FERC is asking for comment on the draft eis.

  2. Mr. Shepstone
    I have sent in the letter, electronically notified about a dozen like minded advocates who will do the same, and fully expect this pipeline will be constructed in a timely fashion.

    Our fellow posters above, along with their comrades-in-arms, are facing a looming catastrophe with the coming winter in the New England area.

    The precariousness of their power supply, greatly exacerbated by acknowledged natgas shortfalls, should be a poster child type example of how good intentions can go awry.

    This pipeline WILL be built, and we will all benefit with its implementation.

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