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Schneiderman Last Accuser Standing in Exxon Witch Trials

Climate Witch Trials - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is the last accuser standing in the RICO-like ExxonMobil witch trials. The NRDC gang must be holding him hostage.

Marcellus Drilling News has previously chronicled an insidious effort spearheaded by the odious New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to criminalize free speech. He and his friends accuse ExxonMobil of “knowing” man-made global warming is “true” but suppressing that knowledge. Disagree with Scheiderman on global warming and he wants to take your money away. He wants to put you in jail. As we’ve pointed out, it’s fascist.

Eric Schneiderman

Eric Schneiderman has convinced other state AGs to join his cackle. (A cackle is a pack of hyenas). It includes the far-left AG of Massachusetts, Maura Healey. It also includes that hapless, bumbling idiot of an AG in the Virgin Islands, Claude Walker. What the cackle didn’t expect is that their prey would turn around and begin hunting them! ExxonMobil has already stopped Healey. Now, add one more victory to Exxon’s tally: the hapless Walker has withdraw his subpoena against the company.

ExxonMobil fended off two of the investigations launched by liberal attorneys general into the oil giant’s alleged campaign to mislead the public on global warming.

U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General (AG) Claude Walker has withdrawn the subpoena he sent Exxon as part of his anti-racketeering investigation, and Massachusetts AG Maura Healey’s office has agreed to temporarily suspend enforcing her subpoena…

Walker also withdrew his subpoena to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a libertarian think tank, in May. Walker demanded CEI turnover records going back 20 years as part of the anti-racketeering probe against Exxon. CEI pushed back and is still pursuing sanctions against Walker for allegedly violating the group’s constitutional rights.

Healey has also hit a snag in her Exxon investigation. Healey has “agreed not to move to enforce the [Civil Investigative Demand] during the pendency of this litigation and the litigation commenced by ExxonMobil on June 15, 2016… other than by filing a cross-motion to compel as described below.”

…Exxon has essentially stopped two of the four attorneys general investigations…

California AG Kamala Harris’s office opened an investigation into Exxon, but the company has yet to receive a subpoena from Harris…

Only New York AG Eric Schneiderman has an unhindered subpoena with Exxon.

Schneiderman was the first state prosecutor to launch an investigation into Exxon based on allegations made by left-wing reporters at InsideClimate News and Columbia University the company “knew” of the dangers of global warming, but funded skeptic groups to mislead the public about climate science.

Those reports, however, were backed by wealthy liberal foundations opposed to fossil fuels — some of those reporters didn’t disclose they were funded by left-wing groups when they got their piece published in the Los Angeles Times.

So, now there is but one. Only Eric Schneiderman continues to hunt ExxonMobil. We can’t wait until he’s cut down to size, too. It’s coming, mark our words.

Walker also withdrew his demand for CEI private records but it is still pushing for sanctions against him:

Today U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker withdrew his Virgin Islands subpoena of the Competitive Enterprise Institute following yesterday’s withdrawal of Walker’s subpoena of ExxonMobil. CEI responded:

“The withdrawal of this subpoena is a victory for all Americans who value the right to support causes they believe in, but Walker broke the law when he subpoenaed CEI, and he must be held to account. We continue to pursue sanctions against Walker because of his flagrant violation of the First Amendment. Justice is still needed so that Americans do not have to fear intimidation when they disagree with government officials.”

Editor’s Note:  I couldn’t agree more with the CEI or with Jim. We must stop these reckless attacks on free speech. They are despicable. They also reflect a corrupt power-at-all costs attitude among politicians of Eric Schneiderman’s ilk.

Eric Schneiderman isn’t relenting yet because the NRDC gang controls him. It also controls the Cuomo administration when it comes to anything to do with fracking in New York. It seeks to halt anything that potentially interferes with its plans to make a wilderness of the Catskills where the gang has retreats and does so well at land scams. ExxonMobil’s XTO unit still has all those valuable acres of prime land in and around Deposit, New York. Schneiderman didn’t harass local officials from there for nothing. He conspired with the NRDC gang to do so concurrently. He led the way for the La Jolla Junta meeting.

Eric Schneiderman - NRDC Gang - Lundy Estate

The Lundy Estate acquired by OSI (part of the NRDC gang) and resold to the state and private buyers for huge sums.

We have been following how all this has evolved for years now. We’ve talked about the land scams (see another example here), the special deals and the nature of the beast.  We also laid out how the NRDC gang engaged in a RICO conspiracy to accuse others of RICO activity. We did so long before many others noticed. Now, everyone is noticing the NRDC gang (Rockefeller) wizard behind the curtain of the fraudulent “Exxon Knew” conspiracy.

Few, though, have picked up on the connection with the NRDC gang’s very special interests in the Catskills. Those interests are directly threatened by ExxonMobil and that’s one of the prime motives behind the conspiracy. Let’s just hope Preet Bharara is at least taking notes. We’ll keep hammering the point in the meantime.

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5 thoughts on “Schneiderman Last Accuser Standing in Exxon Witch Trials

  1. http://www.wsj.com/articles/exxon-touts-carbon-tax-to-oil-industry-1467279004

    Like so many things fractivists and sometimes other environmental activists do the exxon knew campaign seems counterproductive. That there are so many reporters involved as well is also telling.

    In any case exxon and the other think tanks involved in some of this do seem to have the capacity both to defend themselves legally and easily express their position in the news. That is likely not the case for landowners in ny right?

    So I passed on an article from the wall street journal which talks about exxon and their support for a carbon tax. I don’t pass this on to attempt to convince you that exxons support for a carbon tax is something you should support or would support but merely because it is information that is in the news right now.

    What is lost sometimes in exxon knew coverage is that exxon mobile is not on the fence about climate change. They would not agree with Trump’s assertion that it is a hoax thought up by the Chinese. Their position has been climate change is a real issue.

    • I have to disagree with Ms. Orlando; the anti’s got exactly what the wanted no matter how many Attorney Generals back out, even Schneiderman. Exxon looks bad for holding back on climate change info and climate deniers look like chumps for denying climate change 40 years after a major oil company figured it out.

      Natural gas development is not an ideological problem to most people, rather it is an economic and political issue. It doesn’t matter if you believe in climate change or not. It does matter that your conservative idea of ideological purity not get in the way of making gas a solution to people who do believe in it.

  2. Thank you Jim – very good post and a breath of fresh air finally. Down deep, I believe the wheels of justice eventually grind out the bad guys, but the process, which we are in now is tedious and unnerving, it is good that folks like you have a steady hand in covering these events for the rest of us out here in the industry.

  3. I think that Eric ‘Eye Shadow’ Schneiderman is trying to burnish his reputation (more accurately polishing a turd) with the far left enviro-wacko groups to help position his eventual run for governor when Cuomo moves on. Cuomo expects to move on to the national stage, but hopefully will trade pinstripes for prison stripes, and Jackal Schneiderman can’t wait to move up the food chain to Albany, under the thumb of his masters. Instead he needs to be the 4th amigo in the slammer!

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